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Random thought came to mind when I saw your post in the egobang tag, what if Arin like tried to prove to Dan he could totally climb the tree and he ends up getting stuck and Dan's laughin his butt off and he has to help him get down? Idk man, pff

(Thank you for this prompt, anon! I really enjoyed writing it. I just hope it’s alright. I made this as a kind of Teen!Grumps kind of thing.)

Two boys stand in the middle of the yard, staring up at a tree. They both laugh at each other. The tall, lanky, curly-haired boy, Dan punches his friend gently in the shoulder; the short, straight-haired boy, Arin frowns and laughs again.

“Bet you can’t do it,” Dan teases, laughing.

“Fuck you. I totally can. I said I would,” the younger retorts, stepping towards the tree. He hesitates, looking up the tree’s trunk to the branches covering the sun. Dan’s laugh comes from behind him, and he turns to look at him, flipping him off. “Dick,” he turns back to the tree. Arin grabs the thickest, lowest branch, pulling himself up and using his feet to a get a better hold in order to pull himself up even further. Sitting on the branch, his eyes scan for the next one and he places a hand on the tree. He stands and reaches for the next branch, pulling himself up that one. Looking down, he sees Dan smiling and waving at him from the ground.

‘The ground isn’t even that far down.’ Arin thinks, smirking. ‘I can go higher.’ He lets out a laugh, determined to prove to Dan he can make it up this fucking tree. Standing, he pulls himself onto the next branch. Then the next and the next, until he almost reaches the top. He looks down at Dan, whose mouth is agape from seeing Arin climb so quickly.

“Alright! You made it!” Dan yells, laughing. “Nice job. Now come down here.”

Arin sighs and shifts to lower himself onto the lower branch. His foot misses and he scrambles back up onto the branch. Looking down at Dan, he yells, “I can’t! I’m stuck.”

Dan laughs, shaking his head as he stares up at his stuck friend. The sight of his distressed friend makes him laugh harder. “Ar, do you need help down?” He sees his friend nod and steps toward the tree. He climbs up the same path he watched Arin climb and reaches him in no time at all. Dan sits next to Arin, grinning. “It’s beautiful up here,” he looks around, seeing the whole neighborhood illuminated in the sunset.

Arin nods. “Yeah. Can we get down now?”

Dan looks to Arin, smirking. “Scared?”

“No. I just want to get down from here.”

“Sure. Okay,” he pauses before speaking again. “Can I- Can I try something?”

Arin raises an eyebrow. “What?”

Dan smirks again, moving closer to his friend. He wraps his arms around the younger boy, leaning in and placing his lips on Arin’s. Arin’s breath catches slightly and he places a hand on the branch, balancing himself. They share a soft kiss before Dan pulls away, resting his forehead on Arin’s.

“Now let’s get down from here, Ar,” Arin nods, smiling. Dan slides onto the lower branch with ease. The younger slides down almost falling again, but Dan catches him, chuckling. “Careful,” he smiles and continues helping Arin down the rest of the way. As they reach the ground, Dan laughs reveling about having to help Arin down.

“Oh, fuck you,” Arin groans, knowing what Dan’s laughing about.

“You wish, Ar.”

“Shut up.”

Dan grins, laughing again.


Just because I’m still can’t believe this actually happened