Arin’s Thirsty - YogurtWithSprinkles

Yogurt’s back! Awww damn, Arin needs to sip more piss. Or create more remix opportunities. Either way, I’m glad to see Yogurt back with a Grump track.


this was from the audio at the way end of episode 22 of Sonic Adventure DX because I’ve been binge-watching the series

I’ve been watching Dan and Arin play Zelda II and I love it because A: Dan is playing whereas Arin usually does most of the playing during these kinds of games. B: Dan actually knows more about the game and it’s adorable to hear him talk about it passionately. C: He seems kind of self-conscious that his play-through will be boring or people won’t like it. Even when Arin makes a joke about people not wanting to watch him wandering around Dan immediately sounded legitimately worried and sad, so much so that Arin quickly reassured him that he was just joking. The point is that Dan is a precious cinnamon roll and this series is great.