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The first day at camp in TLH

Piper: Oh, please. Drew? Girls like her are a dime a dozen.

Jason and Leo: *pull out coins*

Jason: How much change you got?

Piper: Haha, very funny. Just remember you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Leo: Well, only one way to find out. Go on, Jason. Go to that library and check out that book.

Jason: I-I can’t. I get weak-kneed when I talk to cute girls

Piper: Oh, and you have absolutely no problem talking to me?

A Perfect Circle


My reflection
Wraps and pulls me under
healing waters to be
Bathed in Brena

Guides me
Safely in
Worlds I’ve never been to
Heal me
Heal me
My dear Brena

So vulnerable
But it’s alright

Heal me
Heal me
My dear Brena

Show me lonely and
Show me openings
To lead me closer to you
My dear Brena

(Feeling so) vulnerable
But it’s alright

Opening to… heal…
Opening to… heal…
Heal.. Heal.. Heal…

Heal me

“Lance Thunder reporting live from downtown Amity Park! It seems that two entities are brawling above the city skyline, one recognized as our hero, Danny Phantom. More to come in a few, Amy.”

Happy birthday @moreroads!! :D since i’m delayed on the animation, take this as an apology ^^’ hope today was a beautiful and amazing day bro

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fan fic: Baby Driver

This is for @holyporsche, who shared her UTTERLY ADORABLE HUMAN AU MCQUEEN BABY HEADCANON with me. I wanted to see if I could write the version of it where the cars are cars, and this is what I came up with! It ended up a tad more melancholy than I’d initially imagined, but I hope the cute balances it out. <3

Summary: Cruz–and the rest of the racing world–haven’t seen Lightning McQueen in five years, 183 races, and a lot of questions gone unanswered. Then one day, he shows up with a tiny plus one.

Cruz, these days, is a legend. It takes about three seconds for someone to find her and tell her she’s got visitors: McQueen and a plus one.

A tiny plus one.

The tiny plus one doesn’t have a name yet, hasn’t chosen one; for now, she’s just Baby. She’s still nursing an automatic transmission and is just now learning how to school it out of neutral. But when Cruz charges toward her, Baby mirrors the motion.

They collide with a soft plastic clink, kissing nose to nose.

“200!” chirps Baby because no McQueen has ever learned to count 1, 2, 3, have they?

Baby sings 200, 400, 500, and Cruz shoots an impish, conspiratorial glance at Lightning.

And Cruz would never, ever tell him this, but she kinda misses the Fabulous blue. She’s not used to seeing him in his new get-up, clean of sponsors and candied red, like it’s the 60s all over again. He’s not the 95 anymore.

Vitoline’s racing the 95 this season: It’s someone new and probably pleasant whom she hasn’t yet met. She’ll admit she hasn’t tried that hard; it’s been years now, but to Cruz, the 95 will always be Lightning. 

The association might be even harder for Cruz to let go of than Lightning’s acting like it is for him–but then, she’ll probably never know how he actually feels about all this. Lightning McQueen hasn’t touched tires to a Piston Cup track in half a decade. Not even to spectate.

Cruz hasn’t seen him face-to-face since the end of her rookie year.

“How was Rio?” Cruz asks, because she did, at least, get that postcard last month.

Lightning makes a face, as though he’s the baby and not, well, Baby. “She liked the water. A lot. She liked going very deep in the water.”

“California girl, huh?”

“We live in Arizona!” Lightning objects. “But every time Sally picks our vacation, we always end up–”

“She has her mother’s mouth,” says Cruz, and his expression softens.

Cruz seizes the opportunity. “Which means she’s gonna roast you once she learns more words.”

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anonymous asked:

Danny and Cruz headcanons?

For some reason I just love this ship even though I know like nothing about Danny at the moment.

  • Their relationship started out as a casual friendship where they’d poke fun at each other on the track.
  • They started hanging out after races, talking, and going to parties together
  • Danny definitely fell for her first. She was oblivious to his feelings for a long time. She just liked being around him because he was fun!
  • Danny thinks she’s got the most adorable personality. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, and yet she’s so good at insulting people.
  • Cruz finally figured out how Danny felt on Valentine’s Day the year after they started to hang out. He’d came through town and left a card and a bouquet of flowers in her trailer for her to find. She was shocked, but after thinking about it, it all made sense. She discovered feelings for him she didn’t know she had.
  • Cruz really likes Danny because he’s really chill compared to her mannerisms. They balance each other out. He always has something interesting to talk about, and she loves it. She’ll never be bored of him.
  • Their relationship is full of fun. Looking in from the outside, it looks like all they do is joke around and play pranks on each other. In private they’re actually very affectionate.
  • They like to gang up on Jackson on the track, distracting him and throwing him off his game (all in good fun - he doesn’t think it’s fun).
  • They love to go to theme parks together. They’ll ride all the rides and buy the stupid looking pictures taken during the rides.
  • Sometimes they both arrive to a race ridiculously early to sneak around the grounds and find new, secluded places to make out. As youngins do. Thus far they’ve not been caught.

I’m doing a thing

I’m working on something and I need to know what everyone thinks human Lightning would wear besides his 95 jacket. I’d appreciate as much input as I can get on the matter.

Actually, if you have any ideas on what any of the Cars characters would wear, please tell me!

Send an ask or submit a doodle or comment or message me, I’d really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!

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