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Hot Fuzz (2007) 10th Anniversary

Back in October of 2014, I made a quick review for Shaun of the Dead(2004) and tied it in for it’s 10th Anniversary. So now, I wanted to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Hot Fuzz(2007), the second installment in Edgar Wright’s Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy. The movie was released on February 14, 2007, but the North American release was on April 20th, so that’s why I’m posting this today. Nicholas Angel is a by-the-book police sergeant who is transferred from the city to the countryside town of Sanford. While most things seem quiet and neat, Angel becomes suspicious of the town’s punctuality, Neighborhood Watch, and his new precinct. With the help of Police Constable Danny Butterman, they both uncover the sinister plot of Sanford’s picturesque reputation.

This actually won’t be a review because this movie has already gotten so much praise, that I feel I wouldn’t really be saying anything new about. But I will say that the film is one of the greatest homages to the action genre. In most buddy cop movies, a lot of the comedy comes from the relationship of the two characters and really nothing else. Everything else you see is pretty bland and paint by numbers. Even in The Other Guys(2010) and 21 Jump Street(2012), two buddy cop movies I really love, the case they’re working on isn’t in the forefront and everything regarding it is rushed and underdeveloped. Hot Fuzz makes sure to tie the two elements together, so the mystery that they’re trying to solve is genuinely interesting. That is why it’s such a great genre movie, its able to parody itself with a purpose, not just reference other action movies for the fun of it. In fact the comedy mostly comes from the visuals, like subtle references that’ll escape you on a first watch. You can have a field day trying to find every little Easter egg and visual gag. It’s no wonder why it’s everyone’s favorite of the Cornetto Trilogy.

-Jose Barr (4-20-2017)

FUN Facts

Filmed in Director Edgar Wright’s hometown

While filming, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were actually mistaken for real police offers a number of times

impress me; continued

SUMMARIZED: A storm causes loss of power. Pete cannot handle his thoughts and the way he feels drawn to Astrid, so he leaves the room. Astrid can’t sleep. There are little moments here. If you blink. Yes, I put Pete on a reign, finally. Anyway, more banter between Pete and Astrid. Sort of takes a flirtier undertone.

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Hot Fuzz (2007)
Dir: Edgar Wright
DOP: Jess Hall
“Well I wouldn’t argue that it wasn’t a no-holds-barred, adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride. But there is no way you can perpetrate that amount of carnage and mayhem and not incur a considerable amount of paperwork.”

Top 5 Couples/Ships Per GH Women

Over a year ago, I made a post about my three favorite couples of the women of General Hospital.  I am amending it to five (if possible), adding in honorable mentions, and only for women who have been on within the last year.  Feel free to reply/reblog and tell me yours.

Sam: Jason (Steve Burton), “Jason”/Drew (Billy Miller), Lucky, Patrick, Jax, Honorable Mention: Silas (was good for a rebound relationship, I liked the Sam/Silas/Danny/Rafe family unit)

Carly: Jax, Sonny, Todd, Johnny, Lorenzo Alcazar, Honorable Mention: Jason (while it started as ONS/romantic, their relationship is better and stronger as best friends)

Alexis: Ned, Julian, Ric, Mac, Jax, Honorable Mention(s): Cameron Lewis (cute, but never had a chance to develop) and David Bensch (cute/awkward moments, rebound relationship)

Ava: Silas, Nikolas, Griffin, Morgan, Paul, Honorable Mention: Scott (I would rate it higher than Paul if they would actually date/become lovers because I love their scheming, friends of sorts, lawyer/client relationship)

Elizabeth: Lucky, AJ, Ric, Nikolas, “Jason”/Drew, Honorable Mention(s): Griffin (good chemistry, friendship & working relationship) and Matt (cute, had potential)

Lulu: Dante, Johnny, Dillon, Logan, Honorable Mention: Milo (his adorable long-lasting crush on her)

Maxie: Nathan, Spinelli, Matt, Coop, Jesse, Honorable Mention: Johhny (love their friendship, had chemistry)

Kiki: Dillon, Michael, Morgan

Anna: Robert, David Hayward (All My Children), Duke, Andre, Kyle Sloane, Honorable Mention: Valentin (interesting backstory and antagonistic chemistry)

Nina: Valentine, Silas, Franco, Ric, Honorable Mention: Curtis (good chemistry, he cares about her enough to tell her the truth, unlike any of her love interests)

Kristina: Trey, Ethan, Johnny, Valerie, Aaron, Honorable Mention: Parker (want to like Kristina’s first female LI, but hate the power dynamics & Parker’s manipulation of Kristina)

Molly: TJ, Rafe

Valerie: Curtis, Dillon, Kristina, Dante

Hayden: Finn, Nikolas, ”Jason”/Drew, Honorable Mention: Curtis (best friends, great chemistry)

Robin: Patrick, Stone, Jason, Honorable Mention: Jagger (kiss/flirtation in General Hospital: Night Shift Season 2)

Jordan: Shawn, Andre, Curtis

Bobbie: Tony, Scott, Noah, Jerry, Stefan

Felicia: Mac, Frisco

Olivia Falconeri: Sonny, Johnny, Ned, Steve, Julian

Josslyn: Oscar, Cameron, Spencer

Emma: Spencer, Cameron

Monica: Alan, Judge David Walters

Tracy: Luke, Joe Jr., Paul

Laura: Luke, Kevin, Scott, Stefan

Diane: Max

Nelle: Michael

Lucy: Kevin, Scott, Duke, Alan

Epiphany: Milo, Toussaint

Liesl: Cesar Faison, Victor Cassadine 


Prompt: Reader gets all shy and flustered around Steve when he tries to kiss her. 

Warnings: None. Well spoilers if you haven’t seen the film Pearl Harbour because that’s the film the reader watches with Steve, just because. So if you don’t want to see spoilers for that, then I guess don’t read. 

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Enjoy! I’ll try and make this as cute as I can. 

Can I kiss you?

You loved spending some time alone with Steve. Mostly because you were so madly in love with him. Of course you have never admitted these feelings just in case it ruins the relationship you currently have with him. He was just so sweet, caring and sensitive towards you. It was so hard not to love him. 

Sitting beside him on the sofa while everyone else was doing their own thing, deciding which film to watch. Steve really loved war films (for obvious reasons) and you suggested a classic to him; Pearl Harbor. The main reason you wanted to watch it is because of Josh Hartnett playing your favourite character of the film, Danny Walker. He is the heartthrob of the film and he is incredibly handsome. Steve agreed with the choice, trusting your good judgement. Although it’s a lengthy film it is- in your opinion- a really good film. 

Steve made himself comfortable, shuffling closer, arm placed behind you. That’s when you shared the blanket with him to make things extra cosy. This was something you both enjoyed doing with each other. It was also a good way for Steve to catch up on movies he missed. A good way to unwind, especially with you by his side. That was one of the main reasons he enjoyed it so much. He loved you, but he just didn’t know how to tell you or when. Not feeling confident that you felt the same way about him. 


It had reached the part of the film you dreaded most; the part where Danny dies. Rafe was cradling Danny in his arms as he told him how cold he was feeling and how he wasn’t going to make it. The thing that gets to you most is when Rafe tells Danny he can’t die because he’s going to be a father. The tears were pouring out of your eyes and you whimpered. Steve pulled you closer to him, this was pretty hard hitting. Even a tear rolled down his cheek, reminding him of his best friend Bucky… How he let him down. Wishing he could have done more to save him. That’s what made his heart ache in his chest so much. Relating because he knows what it is like to lose a dear friend. 

Then it came to the part where the surviving American soldiers bring back Danny’s body home. Seeing the coffin made you cry even more. It didn’t take a lot for you to cry at movies, but because Danny was your favourite character in the whole film. It hurt you hard. That’s when you decided to take a quick look at Steve to see his reaction. And in that moment, you saw him brush away tears from his eyes. The film was now over.

“That sure was emotional.” he turned to face you with glossy eyes. 

“It is, I’m sorry if it was too much. I know you’ve experienced some pretty tough things. I totally admire you for it. You’re amazing Steve. Don’t you forget that.” you smiled at him, even though the tears continued to roll down your cheeks. Putting a hand on top of his, letting him know you’re there for him. And have the highest respect. 

Just then Steve moved his face closer to yours as if he were about to kiss you. This got you all flustered all of a sudden and out of nerves you covered your mouth with your hand quickly. Stopping his lips from touching yours. Steve seemed rather surprised at your reaction, and his eyes widened. Did you not want to kiss him? It kind of knocked his confidence a little, because to him it meant you didn’t have the same feelings. Which of course you did, but he didn’t know that. 

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I did that… It’s just I get so nervous around you, like shy nervous. I panicked…” you stammered trying to explain yourself, your cheeks were bright red. Steve realised this and felt less bad about the whole thing. He used to be that way around women he liked for the longest time. Only just starting to have some confidence in himself. 

“That’s alright. Can I kiss you now?” Steve raised an eyebrow with a smile on his face, willing to try again. This time he would ask instead of taking you by surprise. Since that didn’t go so well the first time. 

“Yes. I’d like that.” nodding in agreement you bring your face closer to his. 

Steve pressed his soft lips against yours gently, easing you into the kiss slowly. It was everything you expected it to be; loving and passionate. He put one of his hands on the back of your neck, gaining more control over the kiss. The other was placed on your waist. This sure was a strange turn of events. Moments ago you were breaking your hearts at Pearl Harbor and now you were kissing. Seems like anything can happen. You have been waiting for this moment for so long, it felt so surreal. Too good to be true. Wondering when you were going to wake up. 

“I love you y/n.” Steve confessed as he pulled away from the kiss. Hearing those words made your heart flutter inside your chest. 

“I love you too.” you replied, meaning every word, before moving in for a second kiss.