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Mcflyeon’s Top Male models and body builders

Attila Toth

Attila Toth

Bryant Wood

Zander Hodgson 

Calum Von Moger 

Matt Newman 


Danny Kaganovich 

Connor Rudelhoff 

Connor Strongman

Dylan Mckenna, David Laid and Qwin Vitale 

Quinn Biddle 

Nick Sandell 

Austin Scoggin 

Michael Dean 

Daniel Peyer

Chase Ketron

Josh Burkard

Tanner Chidester 

Stephan Michaels 

Alex Valley 

Trevor Van Uden 

Ryan Sage 

Jeff Seid 

Brandon Flihan

Brett Maverick Lange

Elliot Robinson 

Derek Duszynski 

Alex Sewall

Dmitry Averyanov

Ryan Casey 

Brian Lewis 

Matthew Noszka

Byron Chandler

Ross Cook

Charlie Kennedy

Danny Walker 

Cameron McElroy

Cody Deal 

Honourable Mentions: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Murphy, Joseph Sayers, Hugo Matthew, Luke Holbrook, Zack Horton

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Bands and what they're screaming about

A Day To Remember: I hate my town and my friends
Of Mice & Men: I hate my family and/or deep shit
Bring Me The Horizon: I’m either really angry or really fucking sad. Or both.
Pierce The Veil: I love/miss my girlfriend and I’m gonna be really poetic about it while screaming
Asking Alexandria: We are angry and want BLOOD
My Chemical Romance: Hahahha I’m so fucked up hahahahHAHAHAHA


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things connors attacked by throughout primeval

a Mosasaur, a Pteranodon, a Future Predator, a Precambrian Worm, a Pristichampsus, Danny Quinn, a Giganotosaurus, Future Fungus, Terror Birds, stun grenades, Spinosaurus, aLabyrinthodont, Hyaenodon, Giant Burrowing Insects, a Swimming Raptor, a Kaprosuchus

found this on the primeval wikia thing and the fact that danny was listed made me laugh more than i really had to XD


Bands Respond To President Donald Trump

Even More Random Primeval Headcanons

The were meant to be for everyone but Becker took priority apparently. How rude of him.

- Becker’s the guy that opens everything with his teeth. As of yet, he’s not discovered anything that he cannot open with his teeth. 

- One of his front baby teeth was chipped as a child because he attempted to open a door with his teeth.
He did succeed, the handle just took half a central incisor with it.

- On that note, if you give him a drink that comes in a 250ml carton with a straw, he’ll use the straw to pierce the foil, then he’ll throw the straw away and drink directly from the hole.
God knows why.

- Becker’s biggest fear is needles. He’s a total wuss when it comes to anything involving needles or injections. No-one mocks him for it, they don’t dare.

- Connor once attempted to teleport across the ARC using only Blue Gatorade and an audio cable.
It didn’t work.

- If they go to a fast-food restaurant, Connor will tear the paper off one end of the straw, place the open end in his mouth and blow as hard as he can. The paper straw covering usually goes hurtling across the table into the face of whoever’s sitting opposite him,.

- Becker plays with his food. Literally plays with his food. Once, Jess left him alone for 5 minutes and came back to find he’d made a tank, a reinforced army truck, a stegosaurus and small models of every ARC employee out of his roast dinner. 

- If you ever want to get Becker to do something for you, normally just threaten to expose his first name. If you want something really desperately, sidle up and whisper “Security Stuff,” in his ear. 
However, this taunt should only be used as a last resort and if all else fails because he will more likely than not sock you in the face for saying it.

- Danny’s really good at piano. 
He’s like some Motzart genius guy.
He loves to play The Sandmans Lullaby, and it surprises everyone when he starts playing classical music.

 - Before he got lost in time, he started learning Beethovens 5th Symphony, but never finished it.

- When Becker went to clear the stuff out of his house after the anomaly in the warehouse closed and he knew they weren’t coming back, the book was still open to the page, there was half a croissant on top of the piano, and his phone had two missed calls and a text from his little sister wishing him a happy birthday. 

- Becker develops a sudden talent for piano, and vows to learn Beethovens 5th Symphony because Danny never got too.

- Little does Becker know, every time he plays it, Danny is sat millions of years in the past quietly humming it to himself.

- Sometimes the one thing Danny misses most is his piano.
He dreams of sitting on his plush red velvet stool at the ivory keys and finally finish learning the thing he loves most in the world.

- He never gets too.

Danny being a pianist is another headcanon I will take to the grave. I may even do a whole set of headcanons based on Danny’s pianist skills.

About time

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Request: Can I have a primeval Imagine of Danny you can take it wherever you want can it have at least a little bit of fluff tho? Also I absolutely love your blog keep doing what you’re doing it’s amazing

Thank you so much for that! <3
For Anon
Words: 1,951
Danny Quinn x Reader

“Stop glaring at him.” Becker instructed you from his where he was sat cleaning his guns.
You turned to glare at him, “Seriously, how did you know that I was glaring at him, you weren’t even looking my way. Have you got access to Lester’s spy cams?” You asked and looked suspiciously over your shoulder looking for cameras.

Becker gave you a chuckle but he didn’t look up from his gun, “I don’t need cameras; I think I know you well enough now. Just remember, you didn’t like me when I first arrived.”
“I still don’t like you.” You teased and he smirked down at his gun.

You went back to glaring at Danny Quinn through the window of the lab you and Becker were in. it wasn’t that you didn’t like him, Becker had gotten that wrong, your current problem was that you did like him. A lot. If his insistent flirting with you was anything to go by then he was interested in you too. But it was so hard to be sure, so you settled for frustrated glares sent his way.
You’d fallen into an easy friendship of dirty jokes and flirting after getting over your initial dislike of him from when he had arrested both you and Connor.

Since then he’d made several jokes about getting you back into handcuffs that had made your cheeks burn.

As if sensing that he was being watched Danny turned and caught your eye, he gave you a cheeky wink which made you blush and turn away from him to talk to Becker. You didn’t see him glance between you and Becker before furrowing his brow and turning to Connor.

You were all granted a few hours peace before the anomaly alarm sounded and you all rushed out in the vans. Abby shoved Becker into a van with Connor and Danny before she jumped in the other van beside you. You raised a brow at her, “Can I help you?”
“I have something to tell you.” She smirked and you sorted your seat belts.
“Well come on, spit it out.” You were intrigued.
She gave you a coy look and you were wondering if you would regret asking her but you and Abby had been incredibly close since you’d both been pulled into the world of anomaly chasing.

“You know how you have that massive, secret crush on Danny?” She asked with a lot more innocence than you knew that she had.
You glanced at the two security guys in the front of the van, “Not so secret now, thanks Abs.”
“They won’t tell anyone or I’ll set Becker on them.” Abby smirked before she continued, “Anyway, my news it that your beloved Mr Quinn was asking Connor if there was something going on between you and Becker.”
Your eyebrows shot up, “Me and Becker? No, that doesn’t even sound right. How do you even know this?”
Abby shrugged, “Connor tells me everything.”
Connor may have been another good friend of yours but he did tend to follow Abby around like a love struck child. You bit your lip, “So why was Danny asking?”

“Do you mean: Is Danny insanely jealous?” Abby asked and you felt yourself blush.
She continued, “Because from what Connor was saying, it certainly sounds like Danny’s jealous. Though Connor being Connor, he didn’t quite understand it.”

You mused on the information until you got the anomaly in the middle of an abandoned building estate. The other van was already there when you and Abby arrived, you hoped over to where Becker had set up a laptop and was giving people designated zones to check.
“How’re we doing?” You asked him.
“Alright, I’ve got you with me, so behave yourself.” Becker snapped as he passed you a small tranq gun.
You narrowed your eyes at his tone, “What’s a matter with you?”
Becker sighed, “Sorry, Quinn’s just being an ass. I thought he’d gotten over his problem with me.”

You were about to answer when Danny stepped up behind you. He gave you both a once over before saying, “C’mon solider boy we don’t have all day.”
Becker scowled but you intervened, “You’re exactly right Danny, we so why don’t you get moving.”
Danny scowled for a moment before nodded and stalking off to join Abby and Connor.

You followed Becker through the building that you’d been given to check, from what Connor had been able to tell you that, hopefully, you were looking for a herbivore, it would be nice to not get eaten.
“So,” Becker started as he advanced with his gun raised, “Abby told me about your thing for Quinn.” You blushed and Becker continued, “Then Connor blabbed that Danny’s practically obsessed with you. So when are you two going to do something about it?”
“He said what?!” You practically yelped in answer but you didn’t get to continue your conversation as a velociraptor came around the corner at the end of the hallway, its claws clinking on the floor. You both froze as it turned its head towards you.

It hissed and Becker reacted instantly, he shot at it knocking it backwards. But another appeared behind it and more hissing followed, this time you shot both rounds of tranq ammunition in your gun but missed.
“Run!” Becker hissed at you and you were both sprinting down the hall away from the dinosaurs on your heels. Becker was barking orders into his ear piece, calling for backup. You turned right as you came to a junction, you were sprinting still and internally thanking Becker for dragging you to the gym with him all the time.
You heard Becker in your earpiece, ~ Y/N where are you? Has anyone seen Y/N?! ~

You dared to look behind you, it was true, somehow you’d been separated from Becker but fortunately you’d been separated from the dinosaur as well.
You lost her?! Where?! Danny shouted in your earpiece.
You slowed to a stop and let yourself breath and look around at your surroundings before replying, “I’m fine, I just got turned around. I’m not sure where I am exactly; it looks like a factory floor.”

The room and the old machinery where run down and covered in a thick layer of dust that made you want to cough. Claws clicking drew your attention again and you swallowed hard at the velociraptor studying you across the room. The other door into the room flew open as Danny barged in, the movement was enough to distract the dinosaur just long enough for you to rush forwards and push an old machine bench into the velociraptor, ramming it out of the room.

You snatched Danny’s hand and dragged him up the metal stair case at the side of the factory that lead up into the old office. Between you, working in sync without needing to speak, you swept everything off of the old office desk and pushed it up against the door. You both waited for a moment, chests heaving, listening out for the dinosaur.
It had left you alone for now.

Danny breathed out a sigh of relief but you glared at him.
“Were you trying to get yourself killed?” You asked.
“I was actually on my way to come and save you.” He argued back with a grin.
“This isn’t funny Danny!” You told him but you felt your lips pulling into a smile.
“Then why are you smiling?” He teased.
“Shut up.” You told him and gently pushed his chest which made him smirk.

Danny did you find her? Connor asked through your earpiece.
Danny answered, Yeah don’t worry, she’s with me. We’re barricaded in an office, neither of us have any ammo left. To punctuate his point he threw down his gun on the empty sofa in the corner of the office.

In that case stay where you are and we’ll let you know when it’s safe. Becker ordered.

You sighed and dropped yourself down next to Danny’s gun on the sofa. Great, if you didn’t know better you would say that the rest of the team had conspired against you to trap you both together. But you knew that weapon less; you and Danny would be no match for a velociraptor.
Danny leant back on the desk and pouted playfully, “What’s a matter, Y/N? Don’t you wanna spend time with me?”
“It’s precisely the last thing that I want to do.” You told him.
He held his hand to his chest in mock hurt, “Ouch, is this still because I arrested you?”
“That does play a factor in it.” You teased.

He shook his head and came to sit next to you on the sofa, Danny rested his arm on the back of the sofa and sat sideways so that he could face you. You moved so that you could sit sideways and face him as well, you narrowed your eyes at his mischievous expression.
“When are you going to let me take you out?” He asked and your eyebrows shot up in surprise. You hadn’t expected him to say that.

“Well since you take me to such lovely places,” you gestured with your hand around the decrepit room, “Probably never.”
His smirk didn’t falter, “What if I take you somewhere nicer than this?”
“Like where?” You asked.
Danny dug in his pockets and pulled out a folded leaflet and held it out to you, you gave him a suspicious look before taking it from him. It was a leaflet for the natural history museum.
“They’re doing a special exhibit this weekend on the nurturing habits of dinosaurs; they’ve got guest speakers, fossils on loan, the whole shebang.” He explained as you looked over the leaflet, “I cleared some free time with Lester so we could go. I thought of you as soon as I saw it advertised.”

Your stomach flipped at the gesture and then once again when you finally glanced up and saw Danny’s nervous, waiting expression. You’d never seen him unsure and that must have been what urged you to throw yourself forwards, practically in his lap and kiss him.

His usual confidence was back instantly, his hands finding your sides to pull you closer to him as you kissed.
Remembering yourself, you pulled away from him, “Sorry, maybe we should save this for another time.”
He gave you another quick, soft kiss, before winking, “Like this weekend?”
“Like this weekend.” You agreed.

Once you got the all clear from Becker the pair of you headed down back to the vans where Connor was finishing up closing the anomaly. Abby turned when she heard you both approaching and on seeing the closeness of you both she elbowed Becker in the arm so that he would turn to watch you both as well.
“About time.” Becker said.
“Hey, you told us to hide out.” You countered.
“That’s not what he’s talking about.” Abby told you and gave you a playful wink and blew you both a kiss.
Your face flushed instantly and Danny wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you to him so that he could kiss the side of your head while you playfully tried to push him away.
Connor stepped up between Abby and Becker and watch Danny trying to kiss you, “Okay, what did I miss?” He asked.
You all laughed at him.

You Are Beautiful 💕 Stay Strong ☺

Fall Out Boy gave me a sense of belonging in this fucked society

My Chemical Romance gave me a sense of loneliness but happiness

Panic! At The Disco gave me a way to open up and be me in a silly way

Twenty Øne piløts gave me a deep longing to be happy and express myself in more ways than one

Asking Alexandria have me a way to make something mean and confident out of a failed relationship

Bring Me The Horizon told me that you can trust and love someone bit it will always come back and stab you, but you’ll be able to get up and walk the pain off

Black Veil Brides told me to be myself in the most comfortable way possible

Pierce The Veil gives me a safe haven when life just isn’t going as planned and everything is collapsing around me

Sleeping with Sirens tells me to fuck the troubles in my life and be strong because i am powerful

Bands makes me feel like I know things aren’t going to be okay, but i can make them okay