danny quinn

Mcflyeon’s Top Male models and body builders

Attila Toth

Attila Toth

Bryant Wood

Zander Hodgson 

Calum Von Moger 

Matt Newman 


Danny Kaganovich 

Connor Rudelhoff 

Connor Strongman

Dylan Mckenna, David Laid and Qwin Vitale 

Quinn Biddle 

Nick Sandell 

Austin Scoggin 

Michael Dean 

Daniel Peyer

Chase Ketron

Josh Burkard

Tanner Chidester 

Stephan Michaels 

Alex Valley 

Trevor Van Uden 

Ryan Sage 

Jeff Seid 

Brandon Flihan

Brett Maverick Lange

Elliot Robinson 

Derek Duszynski 

Alex Sewall

Dmitry Averyanov

Ryan Casey 

Brian Lewis 

Matthew Noszka

Byron Chandler

Ross Cook

Charlie Kennedy

Danny Walker 

Cameron McElroy

Cody Deal 

Honourable Mentions: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Murphy, Joseph Sayers, Hugo Matthew, Luke Holbrook, Zack Horton

More guys:



Bands and what they're screaming about

A Day To Remember: I hate my town and my friends
Of Mice & Men: I hate my family and/or deep shit
Bring Me The Horizon: I’m either really angry or really fucking sad. Or both.
Pierce The Veil: I love/miss my girlfriend and I’m gonna be really poetic about it while screaming
Asking Alexandria: We are angry and want BLOOD
My Chemical Romance: Hahahha I’m so fucked up hahahahHAHAHAHA

things connors attacked by throughout primeval

a Mosasaur, a Pteranodon, a Future Predator, a Precambrian Worm, a Pristichampsus, Danny Quinn, a Giganotosaurus, Future Fungus, Terror Birds, stun grenades, Spinosaurus, aLabyrinthodont, Hyaenodon, Giant Burrowing Insects, a Swimming Raptor, a Kaprosuchus

found this on the primeval wikia thing and the fact that danny was listed made me laugh more than i really had to XD


Random gifs from Andy And PR and a gif of me. Ignore that but I kinda thought it was cute

( I also can’t explain what’s happening in the Remington Leith gif)

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anonymous asked:

Mind if I help out fluff anon?? Danny becomes frenemies with some of the villains that the JL have to face, (for example; ivy, Harley, Mr. Freeze, etc.) mostly because that's how he has beat a bunch of his usual ghost villains. He can kind of relate to them, and in turn they go pretty easy on him when they fight him. Especially when they can tell he's having a terrible day. Please feel free to add on to this.

I feel like if I try to add anything I’ll ruin this perfect writing.