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Two years go Clara tried to break up with Danny but nearly lost her mind instead

Something that is not often addressed with Doctor Who is that the concept of polyamory - the ability to be in love with more than one person at the same time - runs through many of its stories and characters. Series 8 was proof of this as we saw Clara in love with both the Doctor and Danny Pink at the same time. It had become a full-fledged love triangle in “Mummy on the Orient Express” as she began lying to both men in an attempt to keep both of them. And it came to a tragic climax in “Dark Water,” which aired two years ago today, as we see her reaction when Danny is killed, which leads to her betraying the Doctor.

The scene shown above has no precedent in Doctor Who - a companion losing control and trying to blackmail the Doctor into changing time (compare to “Father’s Day” - did we see Rose threatening to destroy the Doctor’s life so she could save her dad? No.) Fast forward a year and you’ll see the Doctor becoming the one to lose his mind from losing someone he loved. Parallels.

This is a bit of a long entry, so a break here out of courtesy for people viewing this on their dashboards before I explain why I believe Clara was going to end her relationship with Danny as this episode began.

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  Time has looked upon your faces

                                                 and time never forgets    ”

                                                                                                            Oswald. C

                                                                                                         Pink. R. D

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