danny phantome cosplay

…my friends wanna do a Danny Phantom cosplay group next year. I looked up Valerie’s design just for a refresher because i haven’t seen it in forever. SO GUESS WHO CAN LEGIT COSPLAY HER OUT HER DAMN CLOSET XD i dont even need a wig man.


It’s Danny Phantom cosplay photo story! Hope you like it.

As Danny Phantom: Kouji Alone(me)  koujialone.deviantart.com
As Evil Doctor: Tachi
Ph: Ovsyan  instagram.com/pollypwnz/  vk.com/ovsyan_ph
Thanks Kai for help and Joe for the slime!


Here’s the cosplay I’ve done this year! Happy blackout guys!

Here’s my cosplay page if you’d like to follow: http://instagram.com/otakuskumcosplay

you know what would be cool?

If identical twins went to a con together as Danny phantom one in human form the other in ghost form then the ghost one would hide somewhere and the human one would stand outside and if someone asked for a pic he’d just be like one sec then go where the ghost one is yell I’m going ghost and the other one comes out.