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What if Danny Fenton was just 14 when his parents built a strange machine, designed to view a world unseen. When it didn't quite work, his folks, they just quite. Then Danny took a look inside of it and decided that it probably wasn't going to do anything anyway and left it alone, never receiving his ghost powers.

Then life would continue as normal. Danny would go to high school, be an unpopular nerd with his dorky friends, spend weekends watching movies and going to theme parks, study for tests so he can get good grades and get into NASA, and otherwise have a fairly uneventful life until Jack and Maddie’s college reunion. Two parents would leave and at most one would return.

Okay last one for the night.

At one point or another, Danielle gets hurt while Superman’s around. Bank robbery, mugging, whatever, she gets hurt before Superman can stop it. When it’s all settled, Superman tries to get her to the hospital. She objects, but he insists she needs to get looked at. They go back and forth a couple of times, and Superman is about to pick her up and take her to a hospital whether she wants to go or not, and Elle just starts sobbing. It’s not from pain or frustration, but from fear. Usually people reserve that kind of crying for before he shows up.

Finally, Superman gets at eye level with her, trying to figure out why Elle is so panicked. She’s babbling about experiments and him finding her and dissection. That’s the moment when Superman realizes his daughter isn’t human, but her injuries are bad and she needs a doctor now.

He doesn’t really have a choice in taking her to the hospital, but he promises to stay by her side the entire time, as long as she needs him. She still fights in the emergency room, screaming and crying and trying to get away but too weak to transform. The doctors try to tie her wrists to the gurney and operate there, but she tears through the leather. Superman has to hold her down long enough to get anesthetic, and now he’s close to tears too because his little girl is in pain and scared and he’s part of the cause.

The doctors manage to convince Superman to at least put scrubs and gloves on over the suit, but he will not leave her side. He tells them an obviously fake name for her, and one by one, her doctors realize they’re treating Superman’s daughter (even though they think she’s his biologically, not through adoption).

The entire floor is cleared in fifteen minutes, and Superman stays by Elle’s side even after the doctors have finished operating and gotten her into a room in the pediatric ICU. He hasn’t been this angry and sad and scared in a long time. He hasn’t felt this helpless in a long time. At one point, a nurse comes in to check Elle’s vital signs, and Superman bursts into tears when they come up low. It’s the first time anyone’s seen Superman cry.

Naturally, it leaks to the press that Superman has a daughter and she’s in the hospital, and Lois and Richard know it’s Elle but can’t get in to see her, which makes the whole situation even worse. It takes three hours for Clark to finally call them and tell them that Elle will live, but it was touch-and-go for a while.

Elle wakes up crying again, afraid and in pain, but at least she’s got her Pa there with her.

its a really weird and infuriating feeling to know that, it’s mostly because of the creator that the idea of Danny Phantom wasn’t able to reach the full story potential it deserved. it’s so ironic to say that the very person who conceived this wonderful idea for a series is also what prevented it from being executed in a great way, but it’s true and.. thinking about this makes me angry

because. usually with every single other cartoon or series in general it’s the exact opposite, you need the original creator to make the thing good, but not in this case (at least in terms of story/writing). plus most of the things that made people love DP were written by Steve Marmel anyways. 

And, it just adds another layer of salt knowing if Danny Phantom ever returned as a new series, it would be best for the characters to be handed over to other writers instead of letting the creator be in charge (otherwise it’ll likely be pushed towards a fairly oddparents route), which goes in contrary with every other situation where a show is rebooted. 

A (Somewhat) In Depth Analysis On Why (And How) Danny Phantom Should Go Ghost Again

Part One - Three Possibilities

There are three possibilities as to what is going on with all the hype surrounding the return of Danny Phantom, and these can be simplified as the “good,” the “bad,” and the “ugly.”

The good option, which I personally believe is the least likely, is that Nickelodeon HAS greenlit a fourth season, and we just don’t know about it yet because it’s so early in production. If this is the case then we probably won’t see any news or promos until at least 2018, seeing as how the hype train really got its start around August 24, 2016, when Butch uploaded a video called “Danny Phantom 10 Years Later” and the green light would have happened not long after that. Again, this seems extremely unlikely, but if it’s true, then Butch has been doing a good job building up hype while keeping it a secret.

The bad option, which will be the main focus of this post (and also isn’t so bad), is that as much as Butch wants to bring the show back, Nickelodeon isn’t so keen on the idea, and that’s why he’s turned to the fandom to build up hype, and THEN maybe Nick will listen.

The ugly option is… Well, it’s ugly. I hate that this is even a possibility, but as I’ve stated before, the good option is the least likely, making this one a decent possibility. Maybe there are no plans to #goghostagain at all, and the hype is all just a ploy to rake in the views and attention. Maybe it’s all just one big promotion for Bunsen Is A Beast (which by the way I think is a sub-par show, but I’ll get to that later). It’s disappointing to think about, but if it is the case, then here’s what I have to say: Butch, you are better than this. If you aren’t serious about this, then don’t go around trying to get people excited for something that doesn’t exist. Please and thank you.

Part Two - Forget The Hype

I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if nothing ever came out of all this hype, but since we’ve come this far we might as well take the extra step to convince Nickelodeon this is a good idea. Of course, there’s not a whole lot the fans can do to sway the opinions of the executives, and at this rate we’re DEFINITELY not going anywhere. Most of what I’ve seen has been “I love this show so you should bring it back” with no other reasoning. It’s all based on pathos with little to no logos or ethos, and that’s what I’m hoping to make up for with this analysis. There are plenty of reasons for Danny Phantom to get a fourth season, it’s just a matter of letting them be heard through the multitude of YouTube videos saying “Look, Butch said this one thing this one time!! Season 4 confirmed!!!! I am so HYYYPE!!!1!!!!1!”

Part Three - The Passage Of Time

Like many good shows, it ended too early. Apparently the ratings were a bit too low for Nick’s liking, so they told Butch to find a way to end it. (I don’t have a very good source, so if you can find one with real numbers and add it in, that would be great.) This is a common trend. Good shows don’t get the advertising and promotion they deserve because the network wants to spend more time on their cash cows like SpongeBob and Teen Titans Go, and then the good shows get cancelled because, “Well no one was watching it, so it’s not worth keeping, right?” Then, as the years go by, more and more people find the show and say “Why was it cancelled? It’s so good!” The good news here is that if an old show comes back with a much larger and stronger fanbase, it will do really well! Unfortunately there is one problem with the way the fans will probably watch it, and that is the internet. After watching the original episodes online, that’s the way they’re probably going to expect to continue watching them. This was a HUGE problem with The Legend Of Korra! (Again, source needed) So I guess this is more of a message to the fans than the executives: Watch the show on the TV, or AT LEAST set it to record!

Another problem that The Legend Of Korra had (it’s really only a problem in the eyes of the execs) is that the audience was mostly adults and older teens. You know, the people who either 1) Where the same people who originally watched The Last Airbender and are now a bit older, 2) Were old enough to use the internet in a way that allowed them to find ATLA in the first place, or 3) Are the type of people who enjoy more in-depth, plot-driven, mature-themed shows. I think that the third option is what networks like Nick, CN, and Disney are most afraid of when it comes to choosing which shows to pick up and air. These channels are supposed to be for kids, right? Well, first of all, these networks are wrong to think that kids can’t enjoy more complex shows than SpongeBob or that the most important thing in determining a show’s worth is how much money it brings in, but I digress. Instead, I’d like to talk about how Nickelodeon SHOULDN’T worry about having a repeat of TLOK if they were to continue Danny Phantom.

Part Four - Plot And Audience

Unlike the Avatar series, which were extremely plot-driven and weren’t afraid to get a bit dark, Danny Phantom is a lot more episodic in nature. Now, if it were too episodic, then I probably wouldn’t be arguing for it to come back. I mean, I love My Life As A Teenage Robot, but there’s no real reason for it to come back other than the usual “This is one of my favorite childhood shows! Why did it have to end?” You see, Danny Phantom had a nice balance of episodic plot vs overall plot that made for a great show for kids and teens alike. If it were to come back using the original formula, it would probably do really well with the “intended” audience of preteens. Hardcore fans (the ones who have been begging for a fourth season ever since it ended) might have mixed reactions, though. It all depends on the direction the show goes.

Again, the original formula will work, but what exactly should the plot be? Should there be a time skip or not? These are all questions that I’ll talk a little bit more about later, but ultimately can not answer. The biggest question that I CAN answer, though, is should it cater more towards the new preteens audience or the older, hardcore fans? The answer is a resounding “HARDCORE FANS!!!” We KNOW there are plenty of things that were planned that didn’t make it in, and we want to see them happen in a way that satisfies our nostalgia and our (slightly) older tastes. I personally think that even though the episodic nature works from a business standpoint, this continuation should have just a little bit more of an overarching plot. Just a little bit.

Part Five - Butch’s Other Shows

I don’t want to dwell on this topic too long, but it’s important enough that it’s worth mentioning.

Fairly Odd Parents: To put it bluntly, it’s dying. We could talk about how Sparky and Chloe are terrible characters, but there’s no point because the whole show has been moved to NickToons. It’s the channel where Nickelodeon shows go to die, and as unfortunate as it is that FOP has been drawn out to the point that the original fans don’t like it anymore, soon enough it will get low enough ratings that it will finally be cancelled. Rip

TUFF Puppy: I didn’t really watch this show, but from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s not that great. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it just doesn’t have a whole lot going for it that makes it worthwhile to talk about. It ended in 2015, so whatever.

Bunsen Is A Beast: This is another show that I haven’t seen a whole lot of, and I don’t really want to. I feel that even though it has a good message of being inclusive and stuff, it doesn’t really go about it in a unique way. You know what show has a similar setup of a character from another dimension going to a human school but is actually good? Star vs the Forces of Evil. I know I’m not the intended audience for Bunsen, so I’m not really in a position to complain, but between it’s obnoxious loudness, ugly characters, and seemingly random-for-the-sake-of-random humor, it isn’t as good as it could be. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Butch for trying new character styles and whatnot, but it just isn’t working.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there IS room for Danny Phantom to return. FOP is dying and it wouldn’t hurt for Bunsen to die off as well. Good programing is what we should be after, not money makers.

Part Six - Questions And Suggestions

This is the part where I re-introduce the hype and fangirling. It’s not part of the main message that the show should come back, but it is important for the follow up question of how. So here are some important questions for Butch. *Takes a deep breath*

How will season 4 go? What’s the plot? Is it gonna pick up where it left off or will there be a time skip? How big of a time skip will it be? Will the intro be the same or will it be something new? What, if anything, will be retconned? What new characters will be introduced? When and how will Vlad return from space? Did Vlad meet Wheatley? Will Dark Danny make a return? Is Danielle gonna be adopted by the Fentons like you said? How are you gonna make up for the fact that the technology is so outdated? What about the Unworld and the Elsewhereness? What is the meaning of the universe??? *Incoherent screaming*

…I might have gotten a bit carried away just then.

Well, time to answer some of my own questions. I think that a decent sized time skip would be a great way to have the characters age with the show’s original audience, and it would also avoid any weirdness with the outdated technology. I’m not sure how big it should be, but 10 years does seem like a good benchmark number. If there is a time skip, this could also be a convenient excuse to brush over a lot of nothingness and say “It took Vlad [this long] to find a way to return, and now, after a long time of peace and quiet, the main antagonist is back to wreak some havoc.” Maybe the first episode of the new season could be a recap and summary of everything that happened between seasons 3 and 4, including an introduction to the new plot. There should be little to no retconning because this is a continuation, not a reboot. If something small needs to be changed to help the overall flow of the story, then so be it, but don’t go erasing the entire last episode just so Danny’s powers are still a secret or something like that. There should definitely be a new intro and theme song that are more related to the new story, even if there isn’t a time skip. The overarching plot should heavily focus on that Elsewhereness stuff mentioned in the video “Secrets of the Ghost Zone Revealed” and somehow include the conflict of ending up in the Unworld. As far as new characters go, I would much prefer to see older characters more in depth, but a few new villains couldn’t hurt. Dark Danny NEEDS to return because he’s my favorite character of all the one-off villains, he’s the only one with an entire two-part episode dedicated to him that basically ended with the promise of his return that never got the chance to happen. I only mention this guy above all the other villains because he’s my fave he is literally an alternate version of the main character. And if there is a 10 year time skip, then that would make Danny the same age as his evil counterpart and–

You know what? I could go on about this hours, but this post is already long enough as is, and I don’t want to turn it into a fanfiction. I think I’m going to leave this here for now and allow all of you to add on to it as you wish.

Part Seven - Sources???

    I’m really bad at including sources, so if any of you can find good and relevant ones for me, that’d be great. Just reblog this post and add them along with any other comments or theories you have related to the return of Danny Phantom. Let’s make this one big cluster of ideas, and hopefully we will one day see that our efforts have paid off.

I’m thinking about Danielle in the DC verse with her three adoptive parents again.

Richard is the one who meets her first. He’s at the French Consulate for a story and witnesses a fourteen-year-old girl jump between the arguing French and Egyptian ambassadors on the front steps, and she goes back and forth from French to Arabic without a problem. Richard goes up to her afterwards and asks how she learned it, and she explains that she’s been travelling for the past two years and just got back to America. They talk for a while and Richard realizes that holy crap, this fourteen year-old language savant is a homeless orphan. He asks her to come to the Daily Planet with him and she, having never gotten the “stranger danger” lesson, agrees. She introduces herself as Elle.

Lois meets her next, there at the Daily Planet. She comes back from picking Jason up at school and, thinking Richard or Clark hired a babysitter, hands him right off to her. She goes to talk to Perry about something and soon after, Richard comes in (let’s pretend her was at the vending machine getting Elle something to eat because she’s thin as a rail) asking why she just passed Jason over to Elle. They both go out into the bullpen to see Elle and Jason getting along amazingly, and they share one of those couple looks where they know they have to adopt this girl after they talk to Clark.

Clark meets Elle later that afternoon and assumes, like Lois, that she’s a sitter for Jason. After all, they’re playing together and working on a coloring book. He talks to Lois and Richard and understands the situation, and Elle winds up spending the night at their house. He catches her trying to sneak out at five in the morning because she doesn’t want to inconvenience them, but he convinces her to stay for a week before she passes judgement.

The adoption process is downright painful because Elle isn’t in the system, no last name, hasn’t been reported missing, doesn’t have a social security number- nothing. (It’s also at this point that the three parents have to save Elle from herself and stop her from mentioning her travels and status as a polyglot, lest she be deported).

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Picture this

Danny Phantom makes a return, and there’s a running gag with Tucker’s tech (cuz he’s their inventor friend) Either:

A) it blows up like a Samsung, or
B) he forgets an essential, helpful part of it, like an iPhone.

“It’s innovative, it’s fresh, it’s like nothing the world has ever seen–”
“How do you turn it on?”
“There’s no button… how do I turn it on?”
“Danny, Danny, Danny, the FUTURE isn’t buttons–”

“Okay. Okay. I got it. This is gonna work. This SHOULD work. Er, I very very much so would like for this to–”
“Tuck, you’re on fire!”
“Haha, yes well, innovation does not come without a few failures along the way…”
“No, dude, I mean, you’re LITERALLY. on. FIRE.”