danny payback

Surprising No One

Are we still doing things for phantomrose96‘s ‘it’s not gay if he’s dead’ thing TOO LATE DID IT ANYWAY

Tucker clinically scrolled through his phone as he noisily sipped from his mixed soda-fountain concoction. “It’s official, dude: half of the school wants to jump your bones.”

Danny slammed his head on their usual booth’s table. “This is it. This is what finally destroys me. Move over Ghost King, it’s my real nemesis: necrophilic memes.” 

Homoerotic necrophillic memes,” Tucker corrected him.

Thank you, Tucker.”

“I got ya, dude,” he went back to his phone and noisy straw sucking.

“I’m honestly surprised something like this didn’t happen sooner,” Sam said. “You’ve been flying around in a skintight black jumpsuit for the past three years saving a bunch of hormonal teenagers like a real-life superhero. What did you think was going to happen?”

“I dunno. A fan club, some webcomics, girls with my face on their shirts? I wasn’t really thinking of that in the middle of stopping all the murder-happy ghosts trying to- wait is my jumpsuit really that tight?”

Sam told Tucker. “Break it to him gently.”

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‘The Mindy Project’ Preview: 5 Teasers from 'Caramel Princess Time’

Baseball is finally over and we get our show back on Tuesday. The episode is awesome - very, very, very funny with a very heartfelt moment tossed in and because it can never, ever be stated enough: Chris Messina is a gift.

1. Danny is not amused by Mindy’s lateness so he finds a way to get payback.

2. Danny and Mindy have the best arguments. Seriously, you’ll have to pause and rewind to hear what you missed while you were laughing.

3. Mindy spends some quality time with Annette (she’s back!) and someone ends up in tears.

4. Danny’s victory antics get him in trouble with the hospital administrator who is concerned for his mental health.

5. Peter finally gets a new storyline! And he behaves exactly as you’d expect him to when something surprises him - but only at first.

Bonus: “Honk,” (You’ll see).