danny parmertor

Chardon High School :(

A school around my area had a shooting today. I can’t even imagine how horrifying that could be. Watching everything on the news just makes me wanna cry. I dont understand how someone could just go to school and start shooting innocent people. 4 are injured, a few of the 4 are in critical condition and 1 has died </3 A parent sends there kid to school today just like every other day, but then finds out that there kid will not be coming home. That is just so heartbreaking. No parent should have to bury their child. This world is so messed up. My prayers and thoughts go out to Chardon High School.

RIP Danny Parmertor </3

This was the saddest night. 2-27-12

I went with a close friend to the prayer vigil. Hundreds of people were there, everyone hugging each other, so many people crying. Students were speaking about how strong the community is, how much they’ll miss the ones we’ve lost, how sad everything is. Some people couldn’t even finish what they were saying. My friend was very close to the shooter. The shooter was practically his little brother. He talked about how they went to church together all the time. They talked about everything. “What the fuck happened to you?!” then falls to the ground sobbing… I have never felt so much pain in my heart. Feeling his body shake against me was the saddest thing. There was nothing I could do but hug him and rub his back. A camera from a news channel just stood there in front of us. At first it was okay, but it just stayed there while he was sobbing. It was too much. Afterwards we just hung out and laughed a lot and forgot about it a little, and then we remembered again and I didn’t want to cry again. Those lives should not have been lost. That boy shouldn’t have felt that way. I don’t want to cry and feel so heavy anymore. I couldn’t imagine walking back into that cafeteria… I’m so glad I graduated, but I don’t want anyone still there to go through with it. We all need to find peace, sympathy, and love in our hearts for the victims, the deceased, the gunman, the families, and the community.