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I dont have the exact episodes/references to hand, but... more trans!Danny stuff. Detail under the cut.

“My parents will accept me no matter what” - Danny

“Of course you lied, we didn’t give you a reason not to!” - Madeline, Danny’s mother when she found out about his secret

“I’ve known since [event]…” (Omitting it for the sake of spoilers and to back up my point) “…I just wanted to wait until you were ready to tell me.” -  Jazz, Danny’s sister

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When Danny becomes den mother Wall doesn't believe ghosts are real, they classify as magic in his mind, so Danny takes him to meet the Fentons to learn the science behind ghosts. Wally and Maddie become Besties.

Omg. Wally learns all about the science behind ghosts. And how to hunt them. And went through Jack babbling on about ghosts.

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Fluffy here( still waiting on ya Angsty) had an Idea. Den mother Danny getting nervous cause his ghost sense went of like fifty times and all his "kids" are staring at him(also nervous) he goes to find the ghosts. Nearly every one of his enemies tackle him with a cry of "Happy Death Day!" Then flee to set up party decorations all around the base. YJ's just being like "wat?" At first it was weird but every one warmed up to each other.

Haha, that would be weird. But I imagine Phantom’s allies would be celebrating too.