danny martin art

When Derek got Erica the camera she demanded asked for her birthday, he didn’t think she would document every f*cking thing that happened to the pack and take approximately 318 pictures a day…


I was thinking about this old ugly thing i draw and it got out of hand. Nobody’s dead and everything is rainbows and puppy piles !!

(The font is “fox in the snow”, i couldn’t help myself :p)

21 décembre 2015

Old “notes” I sketched back in September instead of paying attention in physics class ..
I love this family and pack no matter what. We’ll get through these ups and downs, we have before. Even if we’re missing parts of our family, it doesn’t mean they’re really gone. Love this fandom, always will.


So here’s a round up of all the Teen Wolf digital portraits I’ve done (Minus the older Tyler Hoechlin one..) I hope you guys like it! Portraits are so strenuous to do but the results are always fun :P! As you can tell, I love Teen Wolf too much :)


Some processes at my youtube channel

Representative John Lewis remembers when he first met Martin Luther King, Jr. during a discussion this summer with artist Danny Lyon. Lewis and Lyon first met in the 1960s, when Lewis was serving as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Lyon was a principal photographer of the Southern Civil Rights Movement and a staff member of SNCC. Watch more.