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I hate that I can make an extensive list of male cartoon characters I’m attracted to


Coraline (2009) - Henry Selick

5 bullets on this film:

  • THIS MOVIE RUINED MY CHILDHOOD, OK? It’s a dark, sad, terrifying story that caused me nightmares for like, forever. I mean, I watched it when I was 8 and I’m still deeply disturbed. It stole my innocence, my childhood, my happiness, I WAS A HAPPY CHILD. It’s an animated movie, but really, it’s not for kids. Only tough children. 
  •  Apart from the nightmares, the psychological terror, the ruined childhood, it is a very nice film. The meaning and the metaphors make you think a lot and maybe that’s good for children. They end up learning things (in a traumatic way, but c’est la vie) and I think this film made me appreciate my parents and my family more. 
  • I love Selick’s cinematography. His movies are so cute (not this one, definetely, not cute) and I always get impressed. It’s very hard to make a movie using this technique, so let’s appreciate him for that. Cheers to Henry Selick. You go, Henry Selick.
  • The main theme is terrifying and it freaks me out, but I love it. It reminds me of mah boy Danny Elfman’s music.
  • The movie is based on  Neil Gaiman’s novel and I think it’s pretty faithful. It’s not one of those movies that literally copy the book, and Selick added some cool dialogues too.