danny knows what's up

You know what's really fucked up?

When Danny and Valerie broke up, Danny pretended to be okay about it but in the end was totally sad. He was heartbroken because Valerie wanted to protect him from Phantom, a being who was half of him, and couldn’t tell her because he knew if he did she would hate him or never hang out with him again. Either way, it would’ve ended disastrous. He REALLY liked her in a sense he would’ve married her if given the chance. Valerie was heartbroken too, unknowing that Danny was Phantom and had to protect him.

And the MOST fucked up part is that no one comforted him. Sam went to him but didn’t comfort him, it was just to take the ring that he was going to give Valerie. Tucker was busy making a bet with everyone else that Sam and Danny would end up together.

I just wish the episode ended better because I know for a fact Tucker and Sam would’ve comforted him. But in this episode they did nothing and that’s really fucked up.

I am SO going to Hell for this.

Art belongs to gammija as part of this comic. Blame lies entirely on phantomrose96, who did not ask for any of this, but has dragged us all into the fiery pit enough times that we shall celebrate the day of this demon’s birth by ritualistically throwing ourselves into the Sun.


Love Affair Part 12

Beginning: Love Affair Part 1


Love Affair Part 12

Chapter 23

“So who is it huh?” Danny said as he kept a hold of me while I struggle against him. “Who’s the fucker that you been fucking around with?” I started yelling for Negan. “What was that? Negan? Is that his name?” 

I kept fighting to break free as I trying to scream for Negan. Danny kept a firm grip on me as he shook his head. He had so much anger in his eyes, I never seen him like this before. I kept hoping, prayer, Negan would come inside soon. 

“Is it mine?” Danny said and I looked at him confuse. “Is it my baby?” 

What the hell do I say? Do I tell him the truth and say no? What if I do and it sets him off even more. Do I lie and say yes? What if it starts more problems and he still sets him off? I started begging Danny to stop before he hurts the baby. I saw his eyes soften for a moment and they slowly tear up.

“Is there a chance it could be mine?” Danny said started breathing heavy. “There is a chance, isn't’ there? Yeah there is a chance.” He nodded his head. “We did fuck a little over a couple months ago in the shower. Twice if I remember correctly.” He smiled at me. “Does your little fuck boy Negan know it could be mine? Does he fucken know if could be mine?! Won’t we go find him and tell him together shall we?”

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anonymous asked:

Hey there, would you write something about Steve and Danny, where Danny gets hurt and Steve have to take care of him. Would be great. Thank you!

I usually don’t take prompts (too much pressure), but since you asked so nicely I couldn’t resist this one. Hope you like it anon.

After a fire broke out in Danny’s apartment complex, Steve takes care of him

Danny had never resented wearing so little to bed in his life. He was sat on the stairs to his apartment, shivering with the cold, while fireman and paramedics ran riot around him. A small kitchen fire had spread in the apartment next to his and the flames were roaring across the entire floor. According to a paramedic, he was lucky; there had been minimal smoke inhalation, he had only suffered only minor burns and his apartment had only been partially damaged.  

The blonde Detective had been asleep when the fire started - images of sleeping people suffocating on smoke and carbon monoxide fumes invaded his brain every time he thought of it, making him panic and breathe a little deeper - but the noise and frantic knocking on his door had woke him up. His next door neighbour, an elderly woman called Martha, had made sure to wake him up before leaving, for which Danny was incredibly thankful. There were a couple of burns on his arm from where he had scraped past a metal doorknob on the way out, but other than that, he was unscathed.

The second Danny got the all clear from a paramedic, he sent a text to his partner Steve, asking him if he wouldn’t mind picking him up. The blonde tucked his knees under his chin, wishing he had asked his partner to bring a blanket. Sleeping in a pair of boxers and a thin shirt seemed like a great idea when his apartment was so warm, but now he was sat outside in a chilly breeze, and he thought he might actually get hypothermia if Steve didn’t get him stat.

“Danny!?” His partner’s voice made him lift his head up, and he saw Steve searching for him frantically through the crowd. When he reached Danny, Steve cupped the blonde’s face, angling it upwards to get a better look. “Danny, you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine…”

“You didn’t get burned?”

“Steve, really…”

“You’re not having any trouble breathing?”

“Steven!” Danny yelled. “Not that I don’t appreciate your concern, but I got out before it got too bad. I’ve got one small burn on my arm, but I can barely feel it. Please, just tell me you have a blanket or something in your car.”

Steve seemed to actually see Danny for the first time, rather than just firing random questions. His hands dropped from the blonde’s face to his arms, and he smiled apologetically. He rubbed the man’s arms to warm him up, but withdrew when Danny winced as he put pressure on his burn.

Shrugging off his shirt, Steve wrapped it around Danny’s shoulders, and kept an arm around him as he walked him to the car. The blonde was genuinely touched by his partner’s concern, the way he held the car door open for him, turned on the heating when they were inside, and kept a hand on his bare thigh in strange attempt to keep him warm, or offer comfort.

Danny was trying so hard to ignore the hand on his leg, so incredibly warm on his cold skin, that he didn’t notice the car stopped at Steve’s house.


Ten minutes later, the blonde was sat with his feet curled underneath him on Steve’s couch, wearing a pair of his partner’s pyjama bottoms and one of his shirts.  A fleece blanket was thrown over his shoulders and a hot cup of coffee placed in his hand.

Steve joined him on the couch, “Warming up?”

“Yeah,” Danny nodded, “you know, this is all too much, I’m fine.”

Steve glanced down, in something that looked curiously like nervousness. “The thing about shock is that you don’t feel it until you let go. It’s why people have panic attacks after the fact, why they don’t feel pain until they’re in the back of the ambulance.” Steve paused, taking a deep breath. “I thought I was fine, when I came back from the last mission, but after a few days I woke up in a puddle of my own sweat, breathing heavily and heartbeat quickened.”

Danny instinctively put his hand on his partner’s arm. “I got a small burn on my arm, in a fire that barely touched me. Don’t compare to risking your life.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Steve shook his head vehemently, “because you feel fine now but one night you will wake up to the sound of a car alarm, or you’ll be too hot under the covers, and suddenly you won’t be able to breathe or think and all you want to do is curl up and pass out.” Danny opened his mouth, but closed it again. “Just know, that if you wake up tonight for whatever reason, you know where my bedroom is. No matter what time it is, knock on my door and we’ll fix this Danny, okay?”

The blonde stared at his partner, panic setting in because he knew Steve was right. Of course Danny knows the science behind shock and panic attacks, but hearing Steve say it gave it a gravity that it had previously lacked.


Danny didn’t know what woke him up. All he knew, was that it was 3:15 am, his chest was tight, his forehead damp and God, he needed Steve.

“You know where my bedroom is… knock on my door and we’ll fix this…”

Steve’s words came to him with striking clarity, and the blonde ripped the bedcover off of him like it was made of battery acid. One hand on his chest, trying to steady his breathing, he kept his free hand on the wall to stop his legs from giving up.

Making it out of the door, his lungs aching as they struggled to take in the air they needed. Danny was slowly crossing the hall, knocking on Steve’s bedroom door. It took a matter of seconds for it to open, and his partner stood, confusion turning to concern very quickly on his face. Steve grabbed Danny, pulling him inside, quickly turning on the light. The sudden brightness left white spots in the blonde’s vision, but Steve put an arm around him, pressing him to his body. One hand came between them, and at first Danny thought he was pushing him away, but the arm around his back held him firm. Steve applied pressure to Danny’s chest, just above his heart, until his breathing returned to normal and his body stopped shaking.

Even after his panic attack subsided, Steve held Danny to him. The blonde rested his head in the curve of his partner’s neck, allowing himself to enjoy the weight of Steve’s arms around him, as if he held him together.


Danny nodded. “Sorry about that…”

“Don’t be.” Steve said firmly.

“Thank you, though.”

Danny tried to pull away to go back to his room, but his partner’s grip on him didn’t falter. When he looked at Steve, he tilted his head at the blonde in a way that suggested he wasn’t allowed to leave.

“Danny,” Steve whispered, “let me take care of you.”

The blonde said nothing, knowing full well that it wouldn’t change Steve’s mind even if he did. Looking smug at his victory, his partner flicked the lights off, and led Danny to his bed wordlessly. Once he was sure Danny was under the covers, Steve climbed in next to him. The blonde wasn’t sure if his heart had been pumping faster during his panic attack or in that moment. Feeling Steve’s weight next to him, Danny closed his eyes, pretending to ignore the fingers, tracing soft lines up and down his arms until he fell back into sleep.

Danny Boy

Summary: Dan finds a weird art major lying on the floor of a practice room. Oddly enough, he finds that he enjoys this guy’s company while he sings.

Prompt: “Oh, good, an empty practice roo–holy shit! Why are you lying on the ground in the dark?!”

Genre: College AU, Humor, Different First Meeting, Music Major!Dan, Art Major!Arin

Warnings: slight blood mention, swearing

A/N: I don’t even have an explanation. I wrote this in half an hour after working nonstop on a British Lit paper and astronomy homework. I want to try writing more AUs based on these two nerds, so this was more the ease me into it and fend off writer’s block than anything. Also I’m sorry for the abrupt ending and how unsatisfying it is. I KNOW. If I had more energy I’d punch myself. But whatever, take it. Also, the choir song “Danny Boy” is beautiful. Listen to it sometime. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

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The Devil You Know Part 42

Beginning: The Devil You Know Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Slight Smut.


The Devil You Know Part 42

Chapter 75

After a couple of hours of wallowing in self loathing, Negan pulled himself together and headed back to Jane’s office. He was about to knock on the door when he heard Melinda laughing, along with Jane and Danny.

“What the fuck?” Negan said, listening into their conversation. He could hear Melinda slurring her words a bit. “Is..is she fucken shit face?”

Negan opened the door and stepped inside. Jane and Danny stop laughing and looked over at him, glaring at him. Melinda kept laughing till she notice they weren’t laughing anymore.

“What?” Melinda said, turning to see what they were looking at. “Negan! It’s you!” She started giggling. “What’s up numb nuts?”

“Uh, nothing.” Negan said, closing the door and walking over to her. “Are you.. okay doll?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t be?” Melinda said before she chugged her drink. She looked over Jane and held out her empty glass. “Please ma’ma, may I have some more?” Jane started laughing since she said it in a British accent. “Please and thank you.”

“I don’t think you should be fucking drinking doll?” Negan said, trying to take the glass before Jane, but fail. “Jane, she doesn’t fucken need anymore.”

“It’s helping with her back.” Jane said, glaring at him as he pour Melinda with another drink. “Here you go honey.” She handed her the drink as she smile.

“That’s why I love you.” Melinda said smiling as she took her drink. “You support my drinking.” Jane kept smiling as she shook her head and went back to her drink. “Why don’t you want me drinking any ways?” She looked at Negan.” My husband loved it when I drank. Think it’s because I got really horny. Hey, that’s good new for you Negan.” She smiled at him. “You’ll finally get laid tonight.”

Jane spit out her wine and Danny cover his mouth so he wouldn’t laugh so loud. Melinda turn back to Jane and smirk.

“Here I thought you swallow.” Melinda said, winking at her.

“Bitch.” Jane said, smiling as she whipped the wine off her face.

“Doll, you need to get some fucken rest.” Negan said, trying to take her hand and she pulled back. “Melinda, please.”

“One, it’s just the four of here so I don’t have to listen to you.” Melinda said, glaring at him. “Two, I can say whatever the hell I want to you now. Three, I just want to drink and relax, then I’ll go to bed. Can I do that, baby daddy?” Negan let out a sigh and nodded his head. “Thank you.”

“Can you fucken answer a question for me?” Negan said taking a seat as Melinda nodded. “Why did you fucken tell me you were having a flashback?”

“You didn’t ask that.” Melinda said and Negan raise his eyebrow. “I quote, why the fuck did you attack Anthony?” And I said, I don’t know. Which is true, I don’t know why I did it. He could have touch me or said something and that’s why I lash out. But I don’t know, so I answer you truthfully.”

“Are you fucking shitting me?” Negan said, leaning forward towards her. “You lied and didn’t fucken tell me you had a flashback.”

“Nope” Melinda said, taking a drink. “You asked why I attack and I said I didn’t know. If you asked if I had a flashback I would have said yes.” She took a drink. “I learn along time ago, you don’t lie.” She looked down at her drink. “You don’t lie if you want to live. He would tell me that all the time. He killed the other girls he took when they lied to him.”

“Why would he kill them for lying?” Danny asked.

“He always found lying to be disrespectful. But his main reason, was because you can’t build a relationship on lies. But you know what?” Melinda said, looking up at Danny and smiling. ”I lied to him at times and he knew when I did. But,” She giggle a bit. “He said he loved me too much to kill me and that he couldn’t live without me.” She looked back at her drink. “In time though, I stop lying to him since there was no point. He knew the truth, he always did.” She took another drink and finish it off. She handed to glass out and Jane refiled it. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” Jane said, placing her hand on Melinda’s when she saw the look on her face.

“My first drink ever, was with my husband.” Melinda said, looking over at Jane as she smiled. “It was our one year anniversary together. And one year anniversary of the day he took me. I was scared and sad, thinking everyone thought I was dead by then. But, he distracted me from the thought. He..” She giggle a bit. “He went all out for our anniversary, he always did.” She looked at her drink again.” I still remember that night too.”

Chapter 76 Melinda’s POV

When I got in the shower  one night, I found a white box on my bed with a note on top. The note said for me to put on the stuff inside the box and follow the trail of flowers. I looked over, seeing the door to my room opened and flower petals leading outside of it. I opened the box and put on the dress, jewelry, and high heels that was inside. I did my hair real quick and double check myself in the mirror before following the trail.

It lend down the hallway and the stairs, then down another hallway. I started smelling food from a room at the end of the hallway there the flowers stop. There was another note by the door, saying to go inside the room and wait.

So I open the door and stepped inside as I close the door behind me. I saw there was a candlelit dinner for two set up in the room. There was a wine bottle with two empty glasses and soft music playing. I took a deep breath as I looked around the room while I wanted for him to come in.

“So tell me beautiful.” I turn around to see him coming inside with his hands behind his back. “Do you come here often?”

“Oh you know, only when I behave myself.” I said, smiling at me as he smiled at me. “Usually I’m in my room, due to having a very obsessive man in my life. He kinda likes keep me all to himself. ”

“You say obsessive but I say.” He said, moving his hands from behind his back and showing me a bouquet of flowers he had. “Dedicated.” He handed me the flowers. “For you my love.”

“Thank you, they’re beautiful.” I said, taking the flowers and smelling. “I don’t want to ruin the moment but” I looked around at the dinner and back to him. “What’s the special occasion?”

“I would say shame on you for forgetting what today is. But it’s not like you have a calendar in your room.” He said, taking my hand and leading to a chair at the table.  “Today my love.” I sat down and he push my chair in “Is our one year anniversary.”

“One…one year?” I said, looking at him as he opened the wine bottle. “I’ve been here..” I looked down at the table as I started to shake. “I’ve been here.. for..a year?”

“Yes my love. Isn’t that wonderful?” He said, taking a seat next to me. “Usually my relationships don’t last a month but, I knew this one would. Because we have something special.” He reach over and slowing moved my face towards him as he saw my eyes tear up. “Don’t be sad my love.” Wiping my tears away that had fallen. “Today is a special day after all, the day our love started to blossom.” He kiss my lips for a moment before pulling back and looking at me with a smile on my face. “I love you Melinda and I always will.” He looked down at my body and back to me. “You look beautiful tonight my love. A course, you always look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I said, blushing a bit as smile and I looked him over. “Your looking quite handsome tonight.”

“Will thank you my love. It’s been quite sometime since I dress up.He said, smiling as he adjusted his vest. “Alright my love, enough talking.” He pour the wine. “We should started eating before the food gets cold.”

We after our meal he brought out more gifts for me. He got me books, movies, clothes, and jewelry. He had me try on the clothes and model them for him. At first I felt uncomfortable do to my scars, but he was so encouraging. He’s such flatterer and a charmer, that side of him always got me to do anything for him.

After that, we settle on the couch together and started talking. I didn’t know if it was the wine or what, but I was actually having a good time with him. We were talking for hours and telling each other jokes. We were making each other smile and laugh, like there was no tomorrow.

“You have such a beautiful laugh my love.” He said, smiling as she blush. “Everything about you is just beautiful. Think that’s why I’m so in love with you.”

“You’re too sweet.” I said, drinking the rest of my wine. “Can you pour me another glass please?”

“Won’t you stop drinking for a bit and we can..” He said, running his hand up and down my arm.  “Do something else for awhile.”

“Yeah but.” I said, looking down at his hand as it fell to my lap. “But I’m still thirsty. Really…” I looked down at his body and back up at him. “..thirsty.”

I sat my glass down and grabbed the wine bottle. He reach for it,trying to take it away from me but I refuse to let it go. I moved on top of him, straddling him with a smile on my face. He smiled as he let the wine bottle go and kept his eyes on me.

I took a drink from the bottle and lean over to him, kissing him with the wine in my mouth. We started laughing a bit since some of the wine started coming out of our mouths. I pulled back, take another drink and kiss him again. He laugh as he push me back, he looked down seeing wine on his white shirt.

“I was trying to dress nice for you and look what you did my love.” He said, looking up smiling. “But I’ll forgive you since I love how frisky you’re getting.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll clean you up.” I said, sitting the wine bottle on the coffee table. “First, we need to take this off.” I started kissing his neck as I unbutton his vest and then his shirt. He started running his hands down my back as he groan. I pulled back so he can remove his vest and shirt. “Now you’re clean.” I moved to get off of him when he grab my hips, making me smile. “What?”

“I think I see some wine on your dress my love.” He said and I looked down, not seeing anything. I looked up as he started taking a drink of the wine. He lean over, kissing my neck and letting the wine slip out of his mouth. I moan a bit, making him chuckle and he pulled back. “Looks like you need to get clean up now my love.”

I giggle as he started unzipping my dress. I stood up so he could slide the dress off of me. I step out of the dress and kicked off my heels as he place his hands on my hips. I push his hand on his hips and shook my head as I straddle him again.

“Those are still clean Mr.” I said, smiling as I grind him against him, making him moan.

“I don’t know, they feel..” He said, slipping his hand between my legs and rubbing his hand against me. “Wet to me.” I giggle as I push his hand away. “They need to get clean too my love, I’ll prove it.”

He grabbed the wine bottle and moved me around, so I was laying on the couch. He pour the wine slightly on me, from my panties up to my neck. He put the bottle down and started licking the wine off of me, started with my panties. He started licking my clit over my panties, making me moan.

He dragged his tongue up my body, licking the wine off as he went. He started kissing my neck as he wrapped his arms behind me, removing my bra. He started kissing down my body again as slide my panties off.

“Told you they needed to be clean my love.” He said, smiling as he started to unbuckle his belt. I giggle as I grabbed the blanket that laid on the top of the couch. I wrapped myself in it as I smiled at him. “Playing hard to get my love?”

“Yes.” I said, sitting up on the couch. “If you want it, you got to work for it.”

“Oh really now?” He said, smiling as I nodded my head. “Will I know exactly what to do in this situation.” He lean over and gave me a kiss before he stood up. “I know how much you love my singing my love.” He went over to the piano and took a seat. “So I wrote a song just for you.”

He cracked his knuckles and clear his throat. He started playing a soft melody and he started to sing.

(Video should be here, Boyce Avenue Love Me Like You Do)

You’re the light, you’re the night
You’re the color of my blood
You’re the cure, you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much, so much

You’re the fear, I don’t care
‘Cause I’ve never been so high
Follow me through the dark
Let me take you past our satellites
You can see the world you brought to life, to life

So love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Touch me like you do, oh touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

Fading in, fading out
On the edge of paradise
Every inch of your skin
Is a holy grail I’ve got to find
Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire, yeah

I’ll let you set the pace
'Cause I’m not thinking straight
My head’s spinning around I can’t see clear no more
What are you waiting for?

Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Love me like you do, love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

Yeah, I’ll let you set the pace
'Cause I’m not thinking straight
My head’s spinning around I can’t see clear no more
What are you waiting for?

Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

I walked over to him, as he stopped singing as played the last note.

“What do you think my love?” He said as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Do you like it?”

“I love it.” I said, leaning down towards his ear. “ And I think you work hard enough for it now.”

“You could never resist my singing my love.” He said, taking my hand and moving me a front of him as he turned. “Just like..” He remove the blanket from my body as I straddle him. “ I can never resist you Melinda, never.”

He started to kiss me as he picked me up and carried me back to the couch. He laid me down and he started to remove the rest of his clothes. I wrapped myself around him as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Happy anniversary my love.” He said as he lean down and kiss me gently.

“Happy anniversary.” I said, as he started to make love to me. “Happy anniversary.”

The Devil You Know Part 43

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22 May 2017 - Part 2

[In Robert’s Porsche outside the Woolpack]

ROBERT: Thanks for taking over driving Aaron. I just couldn’t do it after all. You know we’ve come so far from me threatening you to not to touch my car and then having sex afterwards to me actually letting you drive it…and probably still having sex afterwards…well..eventually…cause your my husband now and we have all the time in the world…well…

AARON: If you mention the Plot one more time Robert!

ROBERT: We’re back now, we’re gonna have to deal with it!

[Out of Robert’s Porsche outside the Woolpack]

(RYAN: *groan…groan* I really need them to let Robert get a new car. I don’t know if I can keep getting out of this one with it so low to the ground. Damn my dodgy knee!)

(DANNY: *gets up and out with no problem* Don’t know what you’re talking about mate, it’s pretty easy!)

ROBERT: You’re missing her already aren’t you?

AARON: Who? Me mum?

ROBERT: No Aaron. Keep up. Liv, you know, your sister, the plot device that let us escape for five weeks.

AARON: Right right. So what if I am? It was nice being away from the Plot I know nothing about.

ROBERT: Let’s just hope a holiday cured all of our problems.

AARON: Yeah, it’s a shame it had to come to an end. It’s also a shame that your tan is so weird and blotchy? What happened? I told you to put sun cream on! (DANNY: Seriously though, what happened mate? Your Brazilian tan looked way more natural)

ROBERT: (RYAN: it’s not my fault the makeup department decided to go extra orange. They’ve always struggled with foundation for me. You look great though *heart eyes*) Hey, as of now, things can only get better. Nevermind, don’t believe a word of that Aaron. I’m pretty sure they put that in here for irony.

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6.03: okay…

So Some Stuff Happened While You Were Gone

It was strange to come home.

Except it wasn’t home anymore. Somewhere in the intervening years of grinding through undergrad and graduate coursework, the house Jazz grew up in had stopped being home.

Danielle had been given Jazz’s room when she left halfway across the country to Yale. During holiday visits they would share, Dani insisting that all her time “camping out” under overpasses and old mausoleums as proper precedent for her to sleep on the floor.

A few times Jazz caught herself thinking of it as her room, instead of Danielle’s. She could still recognize the room she’d stayed in for seventeen years, an old imprint she felt in the air, pins and needles in her scalp; her hands itched with the impression that if they just peeled away the sci-fi posters and anime wall-scrolls and the global Polaroid collage the old room would still be there, waiting beneath like a layer of wallpaper.

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dannymasterson: It may be preseason but game one of my brand new, second favorite team in the NFL (jets) (not my fault I’m from ny) #LARAMS turned out pretty facking awesome today. Amigo @tjjefferson not as happy an hour after this pic. Excited for the season of football in Los Angeles. (Finally)

[Pretend they’re still in high school in 2011. Also I am stuck between 4 titles:
Houston, you are my Problem” “Stand By, 13″ “Okay, Houston” and “Aphelion: n; the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is farthest from the Sun.” Votes/comments would be appreciated]

Tucker texted Danny as soon as he heard the news announced on the radio, but Danny wasn’t answering. He logged into D00M in case Danny was trying to marathon away his woes, but no such luck.

With a sigh, Tucker pushed up from his multiple-monitored desk and started walking to FentonWorks.

He greeted Mrs. F’s grateful surprise with a forced smile. “He’s up in his room,” she said, and he nodded, walking the familiar route with deliberately slow steps.

He stood outside the door for a while, unsure of what to do. If Danny wasn’t answering his texts, maybe it meant that he needed his space and barging in now would be the last thing he wanted. But, then again, he was already here. And it probably wouldn’t hurt too much to at least try.

Tucker knocked on the door.

A rough voice on the other side of the door said, “Go away, Jazz, I’m not in the mood,” like it was the fifth time he’d had to say it that afternoon. Which, given the kind of girl his sister was, was not surprising.

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