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Hey, for the guys questioning of their name came from somewhere weird, I've got a story for you. So when I was in middle school and still identified as a girl, I had started writing a book. I thought the main character was most like me, but over even just that school year I realized that Daniel, the grieving demon who'd lost everything and was looking for help in odd and desperate places, was the one who felt not just like someone I could empathize with, but he felt like me. (1/2)

(2/2) As I got older and started actually growing into my own, he started to feel like some sort of coping mechanism for not being able to be myself, even thigh I didn’t know I wasn’t. So recently after realizing that, even after legally changing my name to something I had chosen years ago under an abusive mother who expected consistency, I am now Danny instead of Ollie. Names are weird, guys. It’s okay to be weird.


Little Stark

Was it requested: Nah mate

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Matt Murdock/reader, platonic!Danny Rand/reader, Tony Stark/sister!reader [do I need to say there’s no incest?]

Rating: Your gran’s gonna curse me by taking me to a theatre and forcing me to say the actual name of The Scottish Play

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of smut, pranks, horror films, platonic bed sharing. 

Summary: Your life is hectic, what with being the Iron Fist’s best friend, Tony’s Stark’s sister, and Bruce Banner’s assistant, but suddenly things become a little better, but also a little worse, when you meet Matt Murdock. 

Author’s Note: This is a long-ass fic, for one. Two, my Matt skills are a little rusty. Three, I’ve never written Danny Rand before, so forgive me. 

Tagging: @damnbuvky @lj-laufeypevensieweasley @tinaruthbelcher 

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what are you're thoughts on the trans danny headcanon/theory??

Y’know, this is the third time I’ve been asked about this headcanon, yet I’ve never actually shared my thoughts. All I’ve said is that I like it. If you guys are so curious about what I think, though, I guess I can go into more detail.

So, here are my thoughts on the trans Danny theory. I’ll put them under a cut for length and so people who aren’t interested in this headcanon can easily scroll past. Meaning I specifically don’t want my sister reading this that would be embarrassing.

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Welp, my insane summer is finally coming to a close.  Thank god.  Things are starting to go back to normal!  And… well, since I’ve been so busy this summer, I’ve fallen WAAAY out of practice in terms of drawing.  So, I need to practice for a bit.

Here, I drew Spencer in a bunch of his various forms just for practice.  Expect to see more stuff like this throughout the week.  I’ll probably try to make one for every important character.  I don’t know, we’ll see.

Another leaked scene from the Defenders miniseries:
  • *the Defenders are gathered in a restaurant*
  • Danny: Hey guys, what should we call ourselves?
  • Matt: What do you mean?
  • Danny: Well, since we're together now, we need a name like how the guys downtown call themselves the Avengers.
  • Jessica: How about the "We Fucked You Up" Club *laughs before taking a shot*
  • Luke: Jessica, swear jar. Also, I'd suggest the Heroes for Hire but I'm the only one here fighting for pay so...
  • Danny: Okay, I do have a name and I wanted you guys' input on it. How about...the Fantastic Four-
  • Matt, Jessica, Luke: NO.
  • Danny: But, we ARE four people and we are fantastic-
  • Jessica: Danny, don't make me reconsider naming my child after you.
  • Danny: But, it's iconic-
  • Luke: Sweet Christmas, that name is terrible.
  • Danny: You guys aren't even listening-
  • Matt: I'm tempted to punch you right now. You're lucky that I was raised Catholic.
  • Frank (from his own booth): No.
  • Claire (calling in): No.
  • Colleen (walking back from the bathroom): Danny, please stop.
  • Misty (from the bar): No.
  • Kingpin (from his cell): No.
  • Foggy (bursting into the room): Me and Matt may not see eye to eye right now...because he's blind yes but it's a no on the name. Just...no.
  • Trish (on the radio): And for this episode of Trish Talk, I just want to tell New York's very own Iron Fist that his name suggestion sucks hard.
  • Elektra (from outside): I came back from the dead to just tell you it's a no.
  • Danny: *aggressively sips his tea*
  • Jessica: Wow Danny, don't have to sound so DEFENSIVE about it.
  • Matt, Jessica, Danny, Luke: *all four look like they just had an epiphany*

[prompt: au phil is a gay sex phone operator and curious teen dan becomes one of his regulars (2009)]

i may or may not have named this after shiloh’s song…………….. what a classic!!!

oohoohohoho i saw this on dandongs and i was like “ooh let me like write this real quick” and i wrote it in a day so sry if its shit

also, thank you for 800 followers????? omg what like im literally a shoe like i dont even know why you guys follow me and read my fics damn thank you!!!!

(i apologize if your name is lindsey or darren btw and my definition of twink is not the actual definition so if you dont know what a twink is pls go over to urbandictionary.com or something)

[Contains: phone sex (ooooh this is new), tons of dirty talk, name calling, vibrator usage (what), 2009!phan, literally just dirty talk tbh, a lil bit of fluff at the end maybe]


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Dooooooooooooooooone! That Monopoly Draw the Squad meme with the Five Night’s at Freddy’s guards plus Purps and the Violet guy. 

All of these designs all of them are © @blasticheart (I am very sorry for using them for such a goofy thing ><)

I changed some expressions from the original meme to be in character as well

please do not repost, alter, trace, remove my sig/watermark/caption, remove Blastic’s DS or be generally rude thank you

Acceptance - Stiles imagine

Based on this prompt. Note, I’m not a non-binary person myself, so I apologise if there’s something that isn’t quite right, please feel free to correct any inaccuracy you find. b/n = Birth name o/p original pronoun, i.e. before they started to identify as non-binary and using they and them pronouns. I enjoyed writing this, hopefully you enjoy it. 

You didn’t expect for there to be a parade or something when you came out, maybe some cake and balloons and a paintball fight. That would’ve been epic. Or even just an okay, and everyone moving on with their day, nothing different. Except it was, or rather you had changed, the way you understood yourself and finally made sense of the feelings you’d had for a while. About a lot of things. You decided to tell your best friend first, and that totally backfired on you. By the end of the week everyone knew and you were the new butt of their jokes. The jokes you could handle, losing your friends were harder. You realized they hadn’t been much of friends anyhow so it didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would when you knew you were on your own. The constant bullying however, the graffiti on your locker and in the bathrooms, nasty anonymous comments online because the cowards they are. Not a single person stood up for you, not even the teachers, who continued to call you by your birth name and using your old pronouns. They didn’t give a single fuck.

You almost cried with relief when you were transferred to Beacon Hills High. This was a chance for a fresh start, no one knew you here, there was no history you could be who you wanted. You kept telling yourself that it would be fine. And it started out okay, you met a really nice guy with doe eyes and moles all over who showed you around and babbled on about everything and anything, sometimes going off on a bit of a tangent before catching himself and asking questions here and there. What the hell is a Stiles? Was the first thing you said when he introduced himself again at the end of the tour, giving you a number if you had any more questions, coaxing a genuine laugh from the boy. “You’re going to fit in just fine. This is your stop. Good luck.” It was awkward as always the first day of school, you were the lone outsider and you could feel everyone’s eyes on you as you hurried  your way through one introduction after another. The only one who didn’t make you introduce yourself was Coach Finstock, just gesturing for you to sit down, which you gladly did.

It lasted  until last period, Mr Harris that asshole, read your birth name out loud to the class, you promptly froze in your seat next to a friendly looking guy you had another class name, Danny maybe?

“It’s Y/n. It should be on the list.”You managed, gripping on to the desk so tightly your knuckles were turning white. It was over, your secret was out. You just about made it through class, rushing out the door to get to your locker hurrying to get out of there. You weren’t quick enough. A body came up beside you, the locker suddenly slamming shut in front of your face and you startled to see one of the jocks looking at you expectingly.

“Hey, b/n. You don’t seem to bad, maybe a little bit of a make over,  you could be attractive. Maybe even date a lacrosse player.”

“You-” You were so mad, you couldn’t form sentences right now. You’d had it with these ignorant jerks who think they know better, like that would be a compliment right there.

“Hey Jackass, shut up.” A voice spoke up, stepping in between the two of you, the plaid shirt seemed familiar. Right, it was the guy from before. Stiles.

“I’m just talking to o/p. It’s a free country Stilinski. Mind your own business.”

“They have a name. It’s Y/n. Even an ignorant asshole like yourself could wrap your hand around remembering something so simple as a name, right? It’s a combination of sounds you make to refer to someone or get their attention.”

“Oh, that does it.” The next thing you knew, Stiles was on the floor getting himself a beatdown, people cheering in the background. You felt sick to your stomach, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move, or even look away. This was all your fault.

“Hey, what the hell is going on here?” Coach Finstock broke through the crowd of spectators who had gathered to watch the interaction, pausing briefly to take in the scene of Stiles’ bloody nose and the jerk currently pinning him to the ground dealing out punches. The two of them hadn’t noticed his arrival, not breaking apart until two guys wearing lacrosse shirts showed up and lifted him off, if you didn’t know better you’d sworn they practically threw him off, judging by their interaction they were friends of Stiles, the shorter one sending a concerned look your way. The light was probably just playing a trick on you, it had been a long first day. Week. Month. Year. You were tired, drained really. A show like this was the last thing you wanted, drawing more attention towards yourself.

“Alright principal’s office now, both of you.” Stiles threw you an assuring smile over his shoulder as he was being led of. Jackson didn’t even look back at you and you were thankful for that. The bell rang and the crowd was disbanded, the hallway empty once again and you finally breathed out, not realizing you’d been holding your breath the entire time. You were confused, not sure why this person, a stranger practically, would stick up for you like that like not even the people you thought were your closest friends would. You had barely had a conversation with the guy and he showed you more respect and decency than most people you knew. But why, that was a question you couldn’t shake. You held on as long as you could, finally blurting it out the next day in the middle of the cafeteria, stopping all conversation when you walked up and continued without waiting for any kind of invitation.

“Why did you do that? I don’t need you to defend me, I can handle myself.”

“I never doubted that. It was more for myself than anything. And because he was a jackass who needed to be brought down a notch. It was a long time coming, you just happened to be the last straw.” He shrugged, taking another bite of his pasta like it was no big deal. You weren’t sure how to respond to that. You were used to condescending people, always asking for something in return. No one was ever just nice. Except for him, apparently. Maybe things would be different here after all.

“Stiles, aren’t you going to invite them to join us?” A girl with light hair spoke up, directing a sweet smile your way. “I’m sorry about him, we’re still working on his manners. Join us. I want to know everything about you.” You had a feeling you just walked into the lion’s den, the theory confirmed when your gaze locked with Stiles’ amber pools.

It was strange, and a bit overwhelming, but for the first time you didn’t hate lunch period. It was an interesting mixture of people, so different you couldn’t quite see how they got to be friends in the first place because they were so different. You realized you were enjoying yourself, getting to know them all and observing the way they interacted with each other. It was more than just friends, they acted like a family. It was equally beautiful and heartbreaking to see. A reminder of what you didn’t have.

“Hey, you okay?” Stiles’ shoulder bumped against yours, you didn’t realise he’d been paying attention to you. You willed yourself to meet his gaze, feeling a little uncomfortable at the intensity of it.

“Yeah, it’s nothing.” You mumbled, the lie falling off your tongue easily. He and Scott exchanged a meaningful gaze, it was as if he knew what you were thinking. But that was crazy. You were a damned good liar, you’d had plenty of practice perfecting the craft. Thankfully, he dropped it.

“Anyway, I have a truly important question for you, you must answer it correctly or we can no longer be friends.” He paused for dramatic effect, taking a sip from his juice box. “Marvel or DC?”

“Marvel, of course.” Duh.

“Good answer, finally someone else who understands what I’m taking about. Scott doesn’t think there’s a difference.”

“Was he raised by wolves or something?” You blurted before you could stop yourself. Beside you Stiles bursted out in laughter, racking throughout his entire body.

“Oh my god.” He breathed, finally collecting himself, ignoring a glare from Lydia.

“Okay.” You continued, oblivious to what was going on. It’s possible your new friends were all crazy.

He took a second to absorb this new information, before turning to the curly haired boy, a serious expression on his face.

“Scotty, I’m sorry dude but Y/n is replacing you as my best friend effective immediately.” He ignored the low whine coming from the boy in question, it was almost animalistic, fixing you with a grin you couldn’t help but to return.

Things were starting to look up for you. Finally.

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So what if freak show comes back? Found a new way to control people or ghost? And none of league is taking him seriously, except Danny. It's the fact that this guy gets under Danny's skin, is what puts (name superhero here) on edge. S/he asks why Danny is so creeped out by this guy. Danny tells him/her about their past, and how he wants to get the ghosts that freak show is controlling out of his reach, (king's duty and all, but also knowing what it's like as one of this puppets)

The hero feels for Phantom and wants to put a stop to Freakshow.

HI so my names danny and i’m a 19 year old trans guy who is trying to go to school! i was accepted to the university of my choosing and i am receiving financial aid from the school but i cannot get help for this from them 


that’s a lot of money, and it’s money i don’t have. my household is extremely poor. we struggle to eat on a daily basis. i don’t take all the meds i need because of our situation. as a result, i don’t have the money required to make housing and tuition deposits. 


i am willing to offer art in return for donations – you can look at my art under  “tagged/mine”  on my blog. if i dont get this money, i dont get my classes, i dont get my housing unit. 

all donations go to my paypal, hghars@aol.com. if you decide you want art in return, come message me or im me off anon about it and i’ll hash out terms with you. if you can’t help, its okay, but i sincerely appreciate a reblog.

How I Met Joey Drew

((Okay I know I just gave you a fanfic @ask-joeydrewstudios. But for the day your having. I thought of writing another one for you))

So after seeing the ask about How Henry and Joey met and my ask about if Henry tells Bendy stories. I’ve wondered if Bendy knew the story on how his creator met Henry, and well here is a cute and sweet outcome.

@ask-joeydrewstudios get well soon! 

Also I realized this is my first fanfic to you non-Sammie related. Don’t worry I’ll make another Samsie one for you soon

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I was hanging out with my friends the other night, and I was introduced to a new guy named Danny. We were chatting for a while and got onto the topic of first animes, and of course I mention Beyblade. He goes “Oh yeah, Beyblade! Which one had Dranzer again?”

I’m delighted and so, after a few minutes of discussing Beyblade and Bitbeasts, Danny tells me this beautiful gem:

“You know, I first started suspecting I was gay when I got a crush on Max.”

Which has inspired my headcanon that Max is a very popular figure in the LGBT community of the Beyblade Universe.


also my str8 actor friend started very drunkenly telling (sober) me about his sex life with his girlfriend and like “trying new things” and being self conscious about it and it started out as like fun bonding time but then it ended with me explaining the heterosexual male gaze from top to bottom as well as I could including the sexualization of gay people and especially lesbians in media and also the fact that society has created the disgusting idea that you need to “conquer” a sexual partner which is why sexual aggression is such a turn off for a lot of people, esp heterosexual men, and that this concept of dominance/sexual hierarchy is intrinsically linked to the male gaze and culture of objectification and commodification of female bodies

he was listening to this all very intently and then he fell silent and was like “I made out with a guy in college, his name was Danny”

Shared with permission.

Cynthia Sharpe wrote the following:

Day 136. It’s story time.

Over my (wacky) career I have gotten to go some amazing places and see incredible things. I was on the set of the X-files, popped out of Flukeman’s sewer, and sat on Scully’s autopsy table (no, really). I’ve held artifacts that were touchstones of my childhood (Rolf!). I’ve chatted with celebrities and gotten to give them V/O direction (are you kidding me). But absolutely none of that has held a candle to what I consider one of the most important and transformative relationships I’ve been privileged to have as a direct result of my career.

17 years ago, there was an article in the paper about the best exhibit you’ll never see- a display of pop culture spy ephemera collected by a guy named Danny Biederman, that was showing at CIA headquarters. Naturally, you can’t just swan into Langley. My boss at the time said ‘find out more about this!’

So I cold called the CIA.

This is not something I recommend doing, by the way.

Fortunately, the museum director was (and is) a kind, generous soul, and called me back. I’ve been honored to know her and her team for all these years. She has welcomed me into the halls of Langley (….after some background checks) and guided me through a fraction of their collections. The objects she has shown me have prompted speechless amazement - and wracking sobs when I’ve been back in the privacy of my hotel room. You can see some of the objects on their website, and that will have to suffice for the vast majority of folks.

But what I want you to understand is this. As a visitor, you cannot walk into a quiet exhibit space and see the Holy Bible used in the memorial service for Mike Spann without walking through the lobby. You cannot see a crate of lapis lazuli used by al Qa'ida as payment without walking through the lobby. You cannot see the military service ribbons, still stained with jet fuel, worn by a service member in the Pentagon on 9/11 without walking through the lobby. You cannot see the ephemera the agency made for 'Studio Six’ and the articles about 'Argo’ they got into Variety to give the cover story legitimacy without walking through the lobby.

You cannot see the letter that OSS Officer Richard Helms wrote to his three year old son on Hitler’s personal stationery without walking through the lobby. The letter reads, in part, “Dear Dennis, The man who might have written on this card once controlled Europe — three short years ago when you were born. Today he is dead, his memory despised, his country in ruins. He had a thirst for power, a low opinion of man as an individual, and a fear of intellectual honesty. He was a force for evil in the world. His passing, his defeat — a boon to mankind. But thousands died that it might be so.”

I keep mentioning the lobby of the old headquarters building because it is one of the most sacred, holy places I have ever been. It is boxlike, and rather plain. The CIA logo on the floor. As you enter, on the south wall, the white marble has a single star carved into it, memorializing all who gave their lives in service to the American intelligence community as part of the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA.

On the north wall, there are (currently) 117 stars, each one commemorating a CIA officer who gave their life in service to our country. Before it sits a beautiful, simple, terrible book- the Book of Honor. It is a list of years, and stars, and next to some stars are scribed the names of the dead. There are only 84 stars with names, because to identify 33 of the fallen is to put others at risk, to reveal sources, to compromise efforts, to get someone killed.

Every year, the CIA reassesses whether it is 'safe’ to reveal a name. There are blank entries older than I am.

There are leaders who are mincing around the issue, saying that *legally* the President has the right to reveal classified information to foreign powers.
There are 33 names unidentified.

I guarantee you, after yesterday, there will be new lines with gold stars, and no names next to them. Because people will die as a result of the president’s breathtaking narcissism, Mitch McConnell’s craven desire for power, John McCain’s unwillingness to take a stand, Paul Ryan’s thirst for victory- the list goes on and on.

For all that have made the ultimate sacrifice, and for all who will as a result of this breathtaking, unimaginable hubris, this full on assault on everything we as Americans should be and should stand for, you know what you need to do today.


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