danny holloway


Here it is!
Ghost Racers Fancast!

  • Josh Holloway As Johnny Blaze
  • Josh Harnett As Danny Ketch
  • Manny Montana As Robbie Reyes
  • Kurt Russell As Carter Slade
  • Angelica Ceyala As Alejandra Blaze
  • Harry Shum Jr. As Zero Cochrane
  • Jason Statham As Zadkiel

Thats it. any questions?

When asked by Mixmag during an interview in 2002 to explain the naming process behind Neutral Milk Hotel’s classic acid house handbook ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’ (1998), Jeff Mangum revealed: “The album’s title is a reference to when I was travelling to Ibiza for the first time, in the summer of 1988. I was flying on this bollocks budget airline with Nicky Holloway and Danny Rampling, and before we went through the boarding gate we’d each necked a couple of doves, a handful of shrooms and washed 'em down with a whole bottle of scotch. We was tripping before we’d even begun the actual trip. At one point during the flight Nicky got trapped in the plane’s toilet and started screaming that the Soviets were trying to put rich tea biscuits down his socks. Those were the fucking days mate”.