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Elle is what Straightheads wished it could've been. If you take GA's performance in that out of context and the wonky plot, it's exquisite. Too bad the rest of the movie just didn't deliver.

Straightheads had some very brave performances but the plot just didn’t follow through. I mean, even Danny Dyer did pretty well and he is not known to be an outrageously talented actor. The themes explored are courageous. The male impotency and the subsequent reaction where he becomes rough with Alice in an attempt reclaim what he thinks encapsulates his dignity as a man was definitely a fascinating moment… but alas, never explored thoroughly. Gillian’s performance as Alice deserved a lot more praise than it received - I think this movie was clumsy as it tries to tackle very dark themes but never offered enough depth to the characters for the audience to connect and pretty much feel the incredibly complex human condition through a fictional character, which is something Elle will be remembered for for the years to come.