danny doll

a tired Danny researching what exactly happened with him when he became Void…

I wanted to draw a detailed background with special lightning for so long and this came out. 

Let me know what you think ^^ (ps: click on it for better quality)


Hey! I take commissions on these! If anyone’s interested just send me an off anon message for prices o: 

I revamped this post and added newer pics.

Each one is roughly 9 inches, posable, and flexible. I can also make lil props like glasses, weapons, etc. (Credit to Xagave for taking the Cronus pictures)

The base price is $60, and any extra cost is for fabric/materials/shipping, and how complicated the character is. I’m accepting from any fandom, and OCs as well!

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how does danny do that? the heart eyes thing? its such an unconscious thing in most people. you don't even know you're doing it. but danny has incredible control and just makes aaron look at robert with such shining adoration. i love when he looks him up and down before settling on his mouth or eyes. he did it recently in the prison. his eyes just roll down roberts hair, face, body.

tbh i think it’s a nice mix of danny’s talent/acting insticts and his actual adoration for real life disney prince ryan hawley

i mean

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Can you just imagine an AU

Where the Carmilla group and the WE group somehow met and just like… hung out.

Because Danny and Nicole are like tall redheaded puppy dogs, and Laura and Waverly are total dorks and would get along.

Imagine Laura and Wave chatting about something odd in their adorably excited way and then there’s both Danny and Laura watching with their cute smiles and nodding (note I’m Hollstein for life but Danny is tots protective of Laura, similar to Nicole and Wave. also it fits with my image just roll with it).

I think Carm and Wynonnna would totally get on as well. Over three hundred year old vampire that can turn into a giant cat and a kickass demon-hunter?? Yep.

Seeing as I’m playing match up friends between the two shows, I think Perry and Dolls with match. Because they’re like the sensible parents of their subjective groups that try to keep them out of trouble.

Which leaves Doc and LaFontaine. Both sassy and somewhat odd goofballs that encourage the MC on their stupid idea and plans. Yep.

Just imagine this. Just yes.

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I was looking at the Hyde/Jackie kiss post and I was wondering, was there any kiss you wanted to include in the top but couldn't? c: Also, do you know how many times they kiss in the show?

(Previous posts: here and here)

Oh, boy. There is one I love that it hurt me not to put in the top5, so let’s talk about that. And as for how many times have they kisses? Just that I remember: 3 kisses in the cheek, 1 in the corner of the mouth, and on the mouth, THAT I REMEMBER and including dream/fantasy sequences, are 28. On screen kisses. But I think it may be more, I’m just answering by memory, and my memory can be kind of bad. Now…

*can’t take my eyes off you by frankie valli, rock version and with lots of mental dirty innuendos in the backround* That one time she couldn’t take her hands off of her Puddin’ Pop

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