danny dodge

On the one hand, Marvel really missed an opportunity to not be fucking awful and cast an Asian-American as Danny Rand and have him learning kung fu more as an story of a kid who had been assimilated away from his culture getting in touch with his heritage.

On the other hand, it’s getting panned so thoroughly by everyone who’s seen it, the hypothetical Asian-American actor who would have played Danny Rand really dodged a bullet.

Danny doesn’t dodge, does he?

He gets punched in the face, bowled over by huge monster claws, blasted… he sees these things coming, reacts by putting on a surprised face, and….doesn’t move. 

I feel like his body instinctually splits apart more than he actually dodges attacks.

Does this apply in day to day life as well?

Like, does he walk into traffic and just stare at an oncoming car with surprise?

Does he even flinch when something’s thrown at him, or just let it ping off his face? 

Why does this child have such shit reaction time?!!