danny clifford

  • Me @michael: Danny phantom lookin ass
  • Me @michael: love ur new hair !!!
5SOS - Grease AU

Requested: yeah a long time ago oops

Author: Julia


  • Grease is one of my all time favorite movies, this was cool!
  • Sorry the pictures aren’t the best quality, but I wanted them to match up as well as possible!

5SOS - Grease AU

Calum Hood as Sonny

Ashton Irwin as Putzie

Luke Hemmings as Danny

Michael Clifford as Kenickie

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Game Grumps and John Ritter.
  • Arin: That song just reminds me of Problem Child.
  • Danny: Oh Jeez. You know what reminds me of Problem Child?
  • Arin: What?
  • Danny: Nothing.
  • Arin: Why? It's a great film.
  • Danny: Such a random ass movie.
  • Arin: You're a random ass movie! It had John Ritter in it.
  • Danny: I love John Ritter! Doesn't mean I love Problem Child.
  • Arin: Problem Child is a great film!
  • Danny: Or Problem Child 2.
  • Arin: It's John Ritter's greatest role aside from Clifford The Big Red Dog. Which he nailed!
  • Danny: He was in Clifford The Big Red Dog?
  • Arin: He was Clifford The Big Red Dog!
  • Danny: *Gasp* :O
  • Arin: and T-bone was Kel Mitchell! So please, don't talk shit about Clifford The Big Red god damn dog!
  • Danny: and they say Kel never went on to do anything.