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okay but the only marichat i can genuinely see is the kind where it’s not 2am balcony visits but just two people trying to find out what the other is like (in a non-romantic way more like who the hell is this person and what makes them them)

like marinette saying an off hand comment about chat being looked over all the time in favour of ladybug saying things along the lines of “they’re a team ladybug cant fight without chat” and adrien just being touched that his awkward school friend sticks up for chat?? 

like he wants to thank her but knows if he turned around and told her in class it wouldnt quite work out so well. but he’s curious as to what she’s like since she rarely gets a full sentence out around him when he tries to have a conversation

when chat knocks on the bakery door one day whilst her parents are out she’s curious about her partner. (don’t try to tell me people would talk because I present you the evillustrator ep where he just stood outside her door talking and no one saw) so she invites him in for some croissants or something.

at first its just like “a cat told me that you talked highly of me today i just wanted to extend my purrsonal thanks, princess.” and she just brushes it off like it’s no big deal but she’s also curious about what her partner is like. when hes not trying to show off for her or impress “his lady”.

at first it starts off as casual visits to the bakery timed when her parents are gone but when that proves hard they progress to afternoon/afterschool balcony visits. the visits are just two friends hanging out, laughing about any mutual interests they have (chat confessed he liked anime and mari confessed she liked cheesy tv shows and they each watch the other’s suggestion to get to know each other better). 

their interactions start to ooze into their other personas. adrien casually referencing a tv show she had suggested to chat and she barely even notices. ladybug mentioning to chat that she agreed that sunsets were the best time of day, even though he had only told that to marinette as chat.

slowly things start to trickle in about each other and only then do they put the pieces together. cue suspicion of identities on both sides. their visits becoming flustering messes because “the coincidences are too similar this definitely might be their crush it might be adrien/ladybug” but also hesitant because what if theyre wrong?

it all comes out of the bag when marinette and adrien are working on a school project together (they were paired up by ms bustier) and marinette casually goes “chat can you pass me that book over there?” adrien complies, not noticing for one moment she used the wrong name. 

five minutes pass before both realise what they had done. adrien is freaking because he’s like “oh no i let the cat out of the bag” punning even in the face of disaster when tikki lets him off the hook and reveals mari after she becomes too flustered with the words to say

they then are red in the face and bursting with happiness when they go to school as boyfriend/girlfriend

I….have….1000….followers!!!!!!! AAAAAA!!!!
I want draw more but i don’t have time,much exams

A little something about training...

Okay, something that I sometimes see in Urban Fantasy books/series where the protagonists spend a more-or-less balanced amount of time in the Human and Not-Human worlds is that they all have some sort of training or skill that they gain from the “non-human” world (sword fighting, fighting to protect your life in general, spells, knowledge of all your enemies and other things from the “non-human” world, etc). And while most of the time authors do acknowledge that some of those (mostly fight) instincts are going to bleed out in the human world, I haven’t really seen it done well. 

Give me a demigod that spends the school year in mortal school and incorporates some of that survival training into P.E - but at the same time will probably lunge at something that startles them because that survival training taught them that sudden movements and loud noises = monsters that want to eat you.

Give me Dipper and Mabel in Piedmont after the whole Weirmaggedon thing that go back to school and they just feel out of place. Because they spent three months in a place where everything was strange and mysterious - they find that they don’t trust their “normal lives” because they feel like everyone’s lying to them and strange creatures are probably going to pop out of nowhere at any moment and that sort of edge is not healthy in the suburbs.

Give me not just Jim, but also Claire and Toby, who almost overnight turn into deadly fighters. Mary once sneaks up on Claire when she isn’t paying attention and basically judo-flips her to the ground because she thought it was a troll attacker and she quickly helps her up while muttering a lie about her dad teaching her self-defense (human friend, she reminds herself, not troll enemy). Steve tries to pick on Toby while he’s holding a heavy textbook and he just swings that book like his war-hammer and breaks Steve’s nose (accidentally, but it was awesome-sauce).

Give me Danny, Sam, Tucker, Valerie (and even Jazz) who will spring into a defensive stand the second they hear a far-away fight or destruction, ready to join or break up the fight if necessary. Who carry weapons with them at all times because ghosts can attack anywhere and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Who are probably light-sleepers because ghost fights are often in the dead of night (pun intended) and they can’t afford to be half-asleep in a fight. 

Give me Marinette and Adrien (and later Nino, Alya, and Chloe) who will see an object coming at them out of the corner of their eye and back-flip out of the way - it’s not that weird with Adrien because the poor boy already does Everthing but clumsy Marinette suddenly does a flawless back-flip and Alya is freaking out - without really thinking about it and then they remember that they are still in civilian clothes and try their hardest to pretend that didn’t happen.

Those are just the ones off the top of my head, feel free to add more. 


some sketches I did in the last 3 weeks lol

I still love the Omniverse art style so much. I drew this like 2 months ago but never got around to posting it so it’s definitely not my best work but I’m still pretty happy with it. I love the idea of all the cartoon teen heroes crossing over not usually the biggest fan of crossovers so I’m not sure why this is any different but I love it so eh. This is actually based off a drawing I did back in September

i honestly should draw more MLB stuff more often because omg i love drawing them…jk they are all over my sketchbook lol


I'm feeling spooky. So have some Secret Quartet Halloween headcanons!!

First of all, the whole haunted house idea by @legendarydreamermiracle That was freakin brilliant. Let’s say it was done a night or two before Halloween cause heck yes they would do that.

-Paris doesn’t have Halloween, so Adrien actually goes to Amity Park with the others to celebrate. (And drags his friends along as well)
-He uh, didn’t realize he had to dress up.
-But Maddie and Jack take care of that by letting him choose some of Danny’s old costumes.
-He decided to go as a wizard and completely needed out when the Fenton’s tricked out the fake wand into an actual ghost hunting weapon that shot green lasers from the tip.
-Danny went as a ghostbuster. Completely ironically and with a couple of his parent inventions to make it even better.
-Jake went as Spider-Man, cause all the deadpool costumes were out of stock. (But he loves Spider-Man too so it wasn’t that big of a deal)
-Randy went as a mummy-werewolf thing, sticking with his tradition of mixing up classics into one costume
-Tucker forgot about his costume till the last minute. He grabbed an old suit, put a sign around his neck that said “sorry”, and went as a formal apology. (Danny and Adrien would not stop giggling.)
-Howard went as McFist. Continuing his tradition of annoying Randy by dressing up as his arch enemies
-Sam went as a dead cheerleader out of spite. Paulina was definitely spited.
-Trixie was an Air Force one pilot and wore that outfit like she was born to
-Spud went as his potato themed superhero from his dreams (ADJL season 2 episode “Dreamscape”) complete with a working spud launcher and grappling hook
-Marinette goes as a cute black cat (with some Chat Noir influence) which secretly boosts Adrien’s ego and makes him absolutely giddy his friend is a Chat Noir fan
-Nino went as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cause heck yes you know he would be Michelangelo.
-Alya went as cop. She had two nerf guns she used against the boys many times that night
-((Bonus: Marinette put mini cat ears on Tikki. Adrien put Ladybug antennas on Plagg. Even though he moaned and complained about them, Plagg still wore them cause it made Adrien happy.))
-Tucker, Alya, and Spud had laid out a detailed plan of which houses to at certain times to get maximum candy.
-That plan was trashed when Adrien, Randy, Howard, and Nino sprinted to random houses for candy
-Sam, Marinette, Alya, and Trixie convinced the boys to go into a graveyard….
-….then scared them to death with a Halloween prank
-Once trick or treating was done, they invaded Sam’s basement for scary movie marathons, candy binging, and a sleepover
-(Sams parents were at a Halloween party a couple hours away and had booked a hotel for the night. Grandma Ida was in charge and she drowned the teens in pillows, blankets, and hot chocolate while secretly taking pictures of all the teens having fun and goofing off)
-At one point Adrien and Danny got into another pun war; Halloween version. Randy was quiet for a minute before joining Adrien. Jake immediately joined Danny then despite his initial complaints.
-Eventually everyone was on one team or another and throwing bad Halloween jokes and puns back and forth.
-Ida got the whole thing on video and sent it to all the parents (Except Sam’s and Gabriel cause Ida doesn’t like him and who knows what he would do if Adrien was caught at a slumber party in America)
-(Gabriel was at a Halloween party too and Nathalie went with him)
-Gorilla was supposed to keep an eye on Adrien, but the driver let him go off on his own with the promise of keeping him updated to make sure he wasn’t kidnapped or murdered
-At one point someone thought it would be a good idea to bring out an ouija board.
-They discovered that they could summon Phantom to the board (much to his displeasure) and the box ghost (much to everyone’s annoyance)
-They stopped after they kicked Boxy out.
-(Nino, Alya, and Marinette didn’t realize that when Phantom appeared above the ouija board utterly unimpressed, Fenton had disappeared. They also didn’t notice Fenton pop back in next to Tucker who was crying tears of laughter)
-They ate way too much candy, all of them, and ended up falling asleep in the middle of Dead Teacher IV

kittycatinblue  asked:

Oh my god, Inuyasha au! Can you please, please, please draw me the scene where Kagome (Marinette) first stumbles into the sleeping Inuyasha (Chat) and plays with his ears? I really love it, and will now return to my fangirling

Ahhh I just got this ask a few days ago so sorry for the wait!! I took a break from phanniemay to whip this up~ (sorry for my crappy handwriting lol)

YO ADRIEN AGRESTE HE WAS JUST 14 and multiple posts, this video, and a conversation with @ladrienintensifies resulted in me drawing this. 10-years ago me would be so proud I could still draw somewhat in this style. Also, Chat’s hair does not translate well since I couldn’t figure out how to simplify it whoops