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@sharnaburgess I love my family. With all the partying (and tequila🙈) last night.. There was no cake, no birthday song nd not a single photo! 😂 so my loves @petamurgatroyd and @dannyguez made sure That tonight I had my cake and ate it too. Love you both so very much

Back in the Day

Day Five; Moment in time/Clocks

Summary: Danny accidently goes back in time, a year before Jack Frost becomes a spirit to be precise.

Authors note: established Jack Frost/Danny Phantom, kinda? (I think this paring already has a name? EctoFrost? Yeah, I’m gonna use that name.)

The first thing that alerted Danny that something was wrong was that it was spring time. A normally welcomed thing and not unusual, but it was supposed to be early January.

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The Best New TV Characters of 2015

V.F. just released our list of the best new TV characters of 2015. Here are 9 things that make them the best. (click here to see the list of characters)

1. They’re welcoming.

2. They’re easy going.

3. They make you feel good about yourself.

4. They only wish the best for others.

5. They’ve got their shit together.

6. They’re extremely nice.

7. They’re uplifting.

8. They’re understanding.

9. But, above all else, they’re humble.


Dancing With the Stars - Team Nightmare

Great unison and all around team dance.

This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas

When Fate Plots and Portals Glitches

Summery: Dannys’ first red flag that something’s up was when he dug himself outta hole in the middle of a park. Second, was that his only memory before climbing out was a strange woman making an (admittedly convincing) claim of being the personification of fate. And third, was when he could see spirits that no-one his age should be able to see. Spirits like, Jack Frost.

Danny Fenton had been homeless for three weeks.

Three. Weeks.

And aside from a few measly details. Those three weeks was all he could remember. He didn’t know where he’s from, where he was born, where he used to lived, who was his family, he didn’t even know if his family was still alive. Or if he ever even had one.  

He snuggled a little deeper into his dirt stained red jacket as he crossed his arms over his folded legs. Not because of the cold, but of the strangeness of it all truly beginning to settle in.

And all because of a woman with a clipboard.

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Sometimes you have to be a monster to stay on top when you’re competing against serial-killer clowns and half-faced lawyers. You should never have come back to Gotham. This is my city.