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The World According To Danny Brown


It's Community creator Dan Harmon on Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins!


This week’s Small Talk is with Kitty Pryde. We talked about her internet twin, the time her toe exploded and getting dissed by Grimes.

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Community Between The Takes: Week Two

Outtakes, interviews, extended scenes, a tour of the teacher’s lounge, you name it,  of Community’s episode 5.02: Introduction To Teaching

ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD: A lot of love for you. And just the content — it’s people out there that’s not gonna understand or connect with it but I don’t know if you remember the first thing I said to you about your music. I said, “Yo, you like …”

DANNY BROWN: Richard Pryor.

MUHAMMAD: That’s right.

FRANNIE KELLEY: You did? What?

MUHAMMAD: He remembers.

BROWN: Yeah.

MUHAMMAD: I was like, “Yo, you like the hip-hop Richard Pryor.”

BROWN: That’s real.


BROWN: And I got it, too: making things funny that don’t supposed to be funny. It’s almost like you can be socially conscious, in a way, and entertain people, too. It’s like putting the pill in the pudding.

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