danny boyle's 'frankenstein'

‘A Study in Scar’ - Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature & Victor Frankenstein, from Danny Boyle’s play. I also wrote some quotes from the play all around.

Remember this drawing? started in 2012, “finished” in 2013 and I haven’t posted the whole piece… You can see the WIPs of this artwork under the tag  ‘studyinscar’.

Mechanical pencil, graphite pencils on 65x50cm paper.


 "Yet, the next night, Cumberbatch astonished in the monster role, moving into a zone of physical expressiveness and otherness we have never yet seen; and his scenes with Lee Miller’s tougher, hoarser Frankenstein worked even better than the first way round, through anger and argument to the ultimate, deep-damned unity of their flight to the magnetic, electric North Pole.“

Libby Purves – The Times 2011


“I know what people would jump to saying, but it was a whole stretch of time. Sherlock hadn’t aired by the time I was doing ‘After the Dance’ at the National at the Lyttelton. That, then going straight to making ‘War Horse’ which Steven cast me in without having seen Sherlock. And ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’, again, Thomas Alfredson hadn’t seen Sherlock. And Danny Boyle, of Frankenstein, hadn’t seen Sherlock…

But the point is, there was a whole kind of momentum at that point in time. But it wasn’t one particular - I don’t ever feel it was one particular role. And if other people around want a graffiti on my gravestone, that’s fine.But it certainly won’t say just one character’s name on it.”  -  Benedict Cumberbatch for BAFTA LA