danny balis

An Eat, Pray, Love AU where Danny goes to India and meets a medicine guru. He says Danny will have two marriages: one long and one short. This is what gets Danny paranoid about his marriage either Rachel. “Am I in the long one or short one?” But the guru cannot say. He does say, “you will lose everything. But will find so much more later.”

And he says, “you will have more children.” To which Danny laughs at.
“In which marriage?”
“Neither,” the guru says.

Years later when Danny has moved to Hawaii and has custody of Grace and shared custody of his sick little boy and is living in a home with a foster child that’s not even his and a man with whom he isn’t in a relationship with at all, Danny realizes the guru was right.

“I’m scared,” Danny admits, because he hasn’t gotten married again and he doesn’t want to think about the fact that he might marry someone other than Steve, but if he does marry Steve it might end up short. Steve asks him why he’s scared and Danny says, “when I went to India, I saw a medicine man…”

“SHUT UP” Steve jumped up, making Danny flinch, “GATUT!”
“YES!” Danny laughs because he never believed in any of Hawaii’s spiritual stuff but he is starting to believe in this.

Steve just grins like a fool and when Danny asks what, he smiles, “He told me I’d meet you too.”