Dan sings an intro song for Mighty Magiswords a Cartoon Network show. Followed with Arins voice.

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Nutcracker Suite? More like Buttcracker, sweet!!! [x]


“Stop! In the name of DANCE!” [x]


For anyone who missed it: Game Grumps were on KTLA last night in a segment about how people are ditching tv for internetainment. 

  • ***in Episode 45 of the Pokemon playthrough***
  • Danny:I won't talk, like, numbers or anything like this, but like just to show everyone what a fucking awesome guy you are. Uh, before i joined the show, and I was unemployed, I had just moved to LA. Ninja Sex Party the red, shall we say? And like, needed cash to stay afloat. And we were gonna do a Kickstarter! And I told you about it; and you were like, "Dude, I'll just give you that." And, like...I almost cried. 'Cuz it was so fucking awesome of you.
  • Arin:Wasn't that in line at...?
  • Danny:It was on line for the X2!
  • Arin:*laughing* At Magic Mountain!
  • Danny:At Six Flags Magic Mountain!
  • Arin:We were getting all pumped and then we got real!
  • Danny:Yeah, and then I got very emotional; and THEN I flew on a roller coaster at 80 miles an hour backwards through fire!
  • Arin:And saw God.
  • Danny:Hooooly shit, that was a terrifying roller coaster. And I'm just grateful that I got a job right after that, like a week later. And then I got this job - the greatest job of all time - and then I didn't need that anymore. So I never actually needed...'cuz I hate borrowing money from friends.
  • Arin:Well whatever, it wouldn't be borrowing it, you'd just have it.
  • Danny:Well that'd be even worse, because...I couldn't accept that amount of money without feeling like I owed you...a great debt.
  • Arin:Yeah but here's the thing, you're my friend.
  • Danny:I know.
  • Arin:And that's just a thing that friends do.
  • Danny:You're a very rare and special guy, Arin. I don't think that's a thing that a lot of friends would do.
  • Arin:Well, then...fuck them.
  • Danny:Right?!
  • Arin:What do they know about friendship?