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7x18 Fix-it

Written by Praemonitus_Praemunitus


Summary:  So I loved the episode overall, but I felt that Danny’s behavior toward Steve there was a bit too cold, a bit too insensitive, a bit too cruel even at times.  And that wasn’t right, that wasn’t the Danny I know and love.  I felt hurt on Steve’s behalf and I needed to find a way to fix this, to justify, to have it make sense somehow.  This is what the muse and I came up with (after I managed to talk her off the deathfic ledge). 

Note:   Thank you to @Mataleve for her enabling ways and for giving the muse proper suggestion to get her going :)

“Danny…”  Steve’s voice sounds rough, muffled by the deafening roar, and Danny shakes his head, pressing his palms against his aching ears in an attempt to clear them.  Hears the equally muffled, “Are you alright?”

He doesn’t respond right away.  Doesn’t even turn around.  Because it’s too much, Steve’s worry for him now.  Too much after the way he’s been acting toward him. Like a cruel, insensitive jerk.  


Yes, he admits it, alright?  He’s been acting exactly the way he often (jokingly) accuses Steve of doing.  

Only there Steve was – heart on his sleeve.  There Steve was – communicating about his feelings in a way that would have made their therapist beam with proud joy.  Letting Danny know both verbally and physically and in no uncertain terms just how much Danny meant to him, how much he cared.  And Danny found himself unable, nay, unwilling, to respond in kind.  

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About Episode 7x18

I saw many of you upset about some of Danny’s reactions in this episode. I’d like to share my thoughts.

First of all, this is a great episode which shows how much Danny means to Steve. He can’t imagine a life without Danny, ‘cause Danny is already a part, maybe the most important part of his life. When Steve thought Danny agreed with the name, that look on his face, it made me almost cry.

Now, about Danny.

With no doubts, he loves Steve, very much, maybe too much that more than he can bear. Steve loves him too, but that animal always add a “buddy” “bro” kind of word after “I love you”, which makes he confused. Is it that kind of love between two adults, or just two brothers? Danny’s actions give me a feeling that he was trying to keep a safe distance between him and Steve. He was trying to accept the future without Steve in it.

But Steve will never give him a chance, ever. Because Steve loves him more than he can ever know. Because their love to each other is indestructible. Because their fate has been bound together tightly since their first meet in McGarrett’s garage seven years ago.

I’m not sure if I have made it clear. My point is, don’t worry about our boys, they’re fine. Hopefully they finally get each other’s feelings after all these things.

Always have faith that one day they may canon.

McDanno Forever

Desperate times, desperate statements that show their love for each other.

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Meet Dr. Isodora Birch (she makes Dr. Gray look like a puppy) - Story was published in 2014, seems, I had the idea of creating a femal serial some time ago… *snickers* (not related to any episode)

Re-watching Hawai’i Five-0...

…and man, the unrelenting sexual tension between this this guy

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and this guy

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I mean, damn! And I don’t ship, man. I. DO. NOT. SHIP.

But like, when they’re nice to each other it’s great–but when they fight? SO REPRESSED. MUCH TENSION. JUST KISS ALREADY. WOW.

Not to mention all the flirtatious language/behavior:

  • Danno to McGarrett: What are you wearing?
  • McGarret to Danno:  I’ll think about you the whole time I’m gone, Boo-boo (that’s a conglomeration of two lines, but YES he called Danno “BOO-BOO”)

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  • McGarrett to Danno: *removes shirt and/or pants at any opportunity*

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  • Danno to McGarrett: *complains about naked partner, stares admiringly*

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  • McGarrett to Danno: *does impressive, manly things like towing Danno back to shore in their stranded dinghy…which requires him to take his shirt off*
  • Danno to McGarrett: *refuses to admit that manly, impressive McGarrett is, in fact, manly and impressive* Why do you have to be such a Navy Seal? What is it with Navy Seals? You’re such a Navy Seal, Steven. Such a Navy Seal. *stares admiringly*
  • Danno to McGarrett: You look good when you clean up, babe. Nice suit/Dress blues/tux. Here, lemme fix your tie. 
  • McGarrett to Danno: You’re not wearing a tie! Just like I asked! *fond smile*

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  • Danno AND McGarrett, multiple times: *Interrupt each other’s attempts to sleep with other people*
  • Danno AND McGarrett, multiple times: Our marriage. Let’s talk about our marriage. This is my partner, Daniel/Steven. We are married.
  • Everyone Else: So how long have you two been married? / Hey, are you talking to your wife? (When McGarrett’s on the phone w/Danno)
  • I am not kidding. This is LITERALLY them. At couple’s counseling. Arguing about who gets to drive. 

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And Danny is just so SMOL AND ANGRY. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

And McGarrett is just so TOL AND COMPETENT, and loves his smol angry blond boy. (✿◠‿◠)

Ship sails its goddamn self, man. Sails its goddamn self.

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Imagine your OTP

Person A: I thought we could y'know, take the next step *wiggles eyebrows*

Person B: You mean…the sex step.

Person A: What, no! *blushes and giggles* I meant giving you my Netflix password