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(I'm really sorry to send you too many i'm excited, just ignore the ones you don't want.) something about Stan and Angie's first clutch of eggs please?

Some background for folks: in the MerGucket AU, merfolk lay clutches of 40-55 eggs on average.  The reason the clutches are so large is that there’s a fairly low hatching rate.  Usually, only about 7-10 of the eggs actually hatch.  But with clutches between merfolk and a former human, the clutch sizes are smaller and the hatching rate is lower.  There’s also frequently a large gap between hatches for those clutches.  Eggs are laid in a special kind of basket called a guppy basket (because merbabies are called guppies), and once the guppies hatch, they live in the basket until they get too big.  Also, in this AU, Molly, Danny, and Daisy are from the same clutch (Stan and Angie’s first one).  Okay, now I’m done.

Stan swam into the room he shared with Angie, carrying Molly.  After a long visit from Lute, he and Molly were both ready to sleep.  

“Angie?” Stan called hesitantly.  

“Mm?”  Stan looked over at the corner of the room the guppy basket was kept in.  Like she had been when he checked in three hours ago, Angie was curled around the guppy basket, staring intently at the egg that had yet to hatch.  She reached out a hesitant finger and prodded it, eliciting irate swirls from the unborn guppy inside.

“Angie, babe, I know you’re worried,” Stan said, joining her by the guppy basket.  Angie made another noncommittal noise.  “But it’ll hatch.  It’s still moving, and still warm.”

When will it hatch, though?” Angie whispered.  Stan didn’t have an answer.  Molly shifted in his arms and made a small smacking sound with her lips.  “Stan, we had twenty-eight eggs in this guppy basket.  Only two were of hatchin’ quality.  And- and it’s been a whole month since Molly hatched.  Will our other guppy ever come out?”

“What did your parents say?  That there were two months between you and Lute hatching, right?”


“So this might just be a family thing, or something.”  Angie buried her head in her arms.

“It was such a small clutch, though,” she said quietly.  “And with a really low hatchin’ rate.”

“Hey, you were worried none of ‘em would hatch.  It’ll work out.  You’ll see.  In a couple days, we’ll have two kids.  Not one,” Stan said, kissing her on the cheek.  Molly began to fuss.  “I think our current kid is hungry, though.”  Angie bit her lip.  “I’ll watch the egg while you feed Molly.”

“Thank you, darlin’,” Angie said.  She gave him a kiss and took Molly from him, then left the room.  Stan took up Angie’s watch, his tail idly beating against the gentle currents in the room.  

“All right, here’s the deal, kid,” Stan said quietly.  “You’re stressing your mom way too much.  So you better get outta there soon.  Understand?”  As though it did understand, the guppy inside the egg began to move rapidly.  Stan blinked, surprised.  A tear appeared in the egg’s thin membrane.  A few seconds later, a head popped out.  

It’s a girl.  Stan carefully reached into the basket and picked up his daughter.  She stared at him with wide brown eyes.  There was more movement from the egg.  Stan’s jaw dropped as another guppy clawed its way out of its former home.  No way.  How many are in there?  The second guppy, a girl as well, blinked at him.  

“H-hey,” Stan stammered, scooping her up in his other arm.  She beamed and reached out eagerly to grab at his nose.  Angie swam into the room.

“She’s fed and ready to be put down.  And actually, I think we could all use some…sleep…”  Angie trailed off upon catching sight of the guppies in Stan’s arms.  She gasped.  “Where did those lil ones come from?”

“The egg you laid.”

“What?  It hatched?  Really?”  Angie swam quickly over to Stan.  “Oh, look at ‘em,” she cooed.  “They’re beautiful.  But I wish I was there fer the hatchin’.”

“Eh, wasn’t much different from when Molly hatched.  Except for there being two in the same egg.  That doesn’t seem…normal.”

“Just means they’re twins is all,” Angie said.  She smiled weakly.  “They’re so precious, goodness.”  

“And all I had to do to get them to hatch was threaten ‘em.”


“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?”  Stan grinned down at his twin daughters.  “But I probably shouldn’t do any more of that.”  The second twin giggled.  “Whattaya think of your sisters, Molly?” Stan asked.  Molly looked over at the other members of her clutch and blinked slowly.   

“I think she likes ‘em,” Angie said.  “So’s long as they don’t hog all of Mom and Dad’s attention, right?” she said in a goofy voice, nuzzling Molly.  Molly chortled and tried to grab fistfuls of Angie’s hair.  

“God, Angie.  We have three kids,” Stan said quietly.  “A couple months ago, we didn’t have any.  Just a bunch of eggs in a basket.”

“Yeah.”  Angie sighed softly.  “But only three guppies out of twenty-eight…”

“I know you were hoping for something like your dad’s parents had,” Stan said, carefully shifting the now sleeping twins in his arms.  “But I like this better.  It’s less chaotic than the clutch of what, sixty?  And how many hatched out of that?”

“Pa’s clutch?  Twenty-one.”

“Yeah, imagine taking care of twenty-one kids all at once.  We really dodged a bullet there.”  Angie smiled at him.  She reached out a webbed hand to stroke the older of the twins.  

“You were convinced that was close to what we’d be stuck with. Fer an embarrassingly long time, by the way.”

“No need to remind me.”

“Yer right, though,” Angie said.  “This is better.  Our three lil girls.”  She gave Stan a kiss on the cheek.  “Let’s put our guppies in the guppy basket, darlin’, and go to bed.  We’ll need our rest, what with havin’ three lil ones and all.”

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Okay so Hogwarts AU right. Jack and Maddie are in the Order of the Phoenix, and are not only the best at cleaning up #12 (they both got top marks in DADA who are you kidding), but Maddie and Molly get along like two peas in a pod.

me, banging my fists on a table: YES YE SYE SYES YES

Okay. So. Donation fic!

UPDATED 6/1/2017!

I have started most of them and even finished a few of them. But just in case you are wondering, this is what I have done so far:




  • And Never Left Your Side (25K+ one-shot; currently at 3 chapters; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; gen with heavy focus on Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Chekov - written for greenskyoverme)
  • Black Sheep (series; currently at 3 stories; Sherlock; eventual Sherlock/Molly, not legit Tom/Molly, John/Mary, Mr. & Mrs. Holmes, hints of Mycroft/Anthea, fancast Tom Hiddleston as third Holmes brother - written for anonymous donor who requested I write what I choose and did not have time for)
  • Heads Will Roll (10K+ one-shot; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 1 chapter; Spock-centric; written for greenskyoverme)
  • It’s More Dangerous To Lose Than Win (10K+ one-shot; Elementary; currently at 1 chapter; Sherlock, Joan, other characters and pairings TBD; written for greenskyoverme)
  • To Throw Away The Map (60K one-shot; Sherlock; currently at 4 chapters; Sherlock/Molly and John/Mary; written for ceeyajh)



  • Stories for all-oftimenspace (one-shots; currently at 6 stories; Sherlock & Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries; Sherlock/Molly, Sherlock/Irene, Jack/Phryne)


  • Academy Days (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 9 stories; Spock/Uhura, Kirk, McCoy, Sulu, Christine, OMCs - written for greenskyoverme)
  • Love Is Like (series; currently at 24 stories; Sherlock; Sherlock/Molly, John/Mary - written for starlight-falls - has NSFW stories)
  • Saviors Of All Worlds (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sherlock/Eureka/Vampire Academy with roleplay tweaks; currently at 6 stories; Kirk/Uhura, McCoy/Molly - written for sideofrawr)
  • Sometimes Fate Intervenes (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 2 stories; Sulu/Ben - written for greenskyoverme)
  • Spies vs Spy (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 1 story; Khan, Kirk, McCoy, Spock - written for greenskyoverme)
  • Stuff Of Improbable Legends (series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Vampire Academy/Doctor Who/Eureka/MCU/Murder In Suburbia/OUAT/The Scarlet Pimpernel/Elementary/Teen Wolf/Georgina Kincaid series/Farscape/Cabin Pressure/Star Wars/Grey’s Anatomy/Arrow/Supernatural/Endeavour with roleplay tweaks; currently at 107 stories; Kirk/Rose H., McCoy/Molly, Danny/Clara, Zane/Daisy, Elementary!Sherlock/Georgina, Armand/Allison, James/Zoe S., Jackson/Zoe C., Kate/John C., Martin/Rey with John W., Dean, Jo, Finn, Thea, Endeavour, Coulson, Peggy and OCs - written for sideofrawr - has M rated stories)
  • The Best Laid Plans (series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 10 stories; McCoy/Molly, John/Mary, other characters/pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • The Further Voyages Of The Starship Enterprise (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 4 stories; Spock/Uhura, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, Chekov, Sulu, Carol - written for greenskyoverme)
  • The Little Vulcan (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; currently at 1 story; Spock/Uhura, Kirk, other characters/pairings TBD - written for greenskyoverme)
  • Whatever Remains (series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Sherlock fusion; currently at 1 story; Khan, Kirk, Sulu - written for greenskyoverme)


  • Untitled Random Fics (∞ worth of one-shots; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, Sherlock, Elementary + possible other fandoms; characters and/or pairings TBD - written for greenskyoverme)
  • Untitled Random Fics (135 one-shots incorporated into the Stuff Of Improbable Legends series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Vampire Academy/Doctor Who/Eureka/MCU/Murder In Suburbia/OUAT/The Scarlet Pimpernel/Elementary/Teen Wolf/Georgina Kincaid series/Farscape/Cabin Pressure/Star Wars/Grey’s Anatomy/ Arrow/Supernatural/Endeavour with roleplay tweaks; characters and or/pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (106 one-shots incorporated into the The Best Laid Plans series; Sherlock/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; McCoy/Molly, John/Mary, other characters and/or pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (44 one-shots incorporated into Saviors Of All Worlds series; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sherlock/Eureka/Vampire Academy with roleplay tweaks; Kirk/Uhura, McCoy/Molly, other characters and/or pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (40 one-shots incorporated into untitled series; Vampire Academy/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; Kirk/Rose, other characters and/or pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (10 one-shots; fandoms, characters and or/pairings TBD - written for sideofrawr)
  • Untitled Random Fics (44 one-shots; fandoms, characters and or/pairings TBD - written for all-oftimenspace - ON HOLD)
  • Untitled Song Inspired Fic (1.5K to 2K one-shot; Cabin Pressure; Martin-centric; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Song Inspired Fic (1.5K to 2K one-shot; Elementary; Sherlock & Joan; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Song Inspired Fic (3K to 4K one-shot; Sherlock; Sherlock & Mycroft; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Fic (3K to 4K one-shot; Sherlock; Lestrade & Sherlock; written for chitarra10)
  • Untitled Body Positivity Fic (1K to 2K one-shot; Star Trek: Alternate Original Series; Kirk & Spock Prime; written for Felis Blue)
  • Untitled Sterek Fic (12K to 13K one-shot; Teen Wolf; Derek/Stiles; written for Felis Blue)
  • Untitled Fic (3K to 4K one-shot; Sherlock; Mycroft, Sherlock & John; written for a-studyinsherlock)
  • Untitled Fic (5K to 6K one-shot; Pokemon; Ash/Misty; written for warlordess on behalf of welovesherlolly)
  • Untitled Fic (500 word one-shot; Star Wars: Rogue One; characters & pairings TBD; written for doctor-molly-hooper-holmes)  

If you have donated money or reblogged any of my donation posts, you are entitled to a fic, so please, feel free to ask for one! Even the reblogs get at least a 500 word fic from me. Currently I am taking care of my mother while she is going through treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer and trying to get my own health issues sorted (I still have back problems and I have possibly developed fibromyalgia, though it’s currently undiagnosed and, because I’m on state insurance, is taking forever to get diagnosed). Just send me an ask with your prompt (fandoms in general are Sherlock, Star Trek reboot, Eleven era Doctor Who, Marvel Cinematic Universe (preferably focusing on Captain America), season 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Elementary and both St. Trinian’s movies), whether you reblogged it or donated money (and how much) and your AO3 username if you have it and I’ll write you something. Please let me give back to you guys, okay?

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Molly's son is quite fond of her boyfriend Sherlock and wants him to be his dad.

Thanks for the prompt! I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s ok?

Molly Hooper had experienced more than her fair share of awkward social interactions - but she truly felt this most recent one had to be one of the worst.

It was certainly more humiliating than the afternoon, almost nine years ago, when she had to explain to her highly-religious parents how their youngest daughter had found herself pregnant during her third year of medical training. Especially when they held to the mistaken belief that she was still a virgin at the time.

And, it was even more horrific than the conversation she had with Jamie, who (along with her) was responsible for her predicament. When she tried to explain that he was the father of a baby she planned to keep, she didn’t get very far. Especially when he claimed that he could neither remember her name nor their frantic coupling in a spare room at Meena’s birthday party two months earlier.

No, walking into her office at Bart’s that afternoon to hear the tail end of a conversation between Sherlock and Danny, Molly’s eight year old son, had the potential to be worse than both of these events put together.

Sherlock and Danny were sitting behind Molly’s desk, pouring over a book about dinosaur biology.

Danny smiled at Sherlock. “I’m glad you’re my mummy’s boyfriend.”

Molly stood in the doorway, eyes wide, mortified.

Sherlock’s face was blank. Molly had heard John refer to it at his mental-buffering mode.

Danny didn’t notice anything was wrong. “I know she really likes you,” he continued.

If she thought that having to explain to Sherlock how her son got the impression that the two of them were dating was embarrassing enough, Molly had no idea how much more awkward it was soon going to get.

“I like you lots too.” Danny said, and hugged Sherlock. Sherlock stiffly patted Danny on the back. “If you marry my mum, will that make you my dad?”

Molly realised too late that she’d let the conversation go on too long. Now she had to manage the fragile feelings of her eight year old while also making it very clear to Sherlock that he certainly hadn’t picked up these ideas from her.

“Danny,” Molly began in her most practiced, motherly tones, “what makes you think that Sherlock is my boyfriend? You know I’ve never said he is.” She said the last part for Sherlock’s benefit, meeting his eyes over the top of Danny’s head.

“I know. But I deducted it.” Danny smiled warmly at Sherlock, his eyes searching for approval.

Sherlock nodded. “How did you deduce it?” He asked. Molly was impressed with how gently he had corrected Danny’s mistaken terminology.

“Well, you don’t work at Bart’s with Mummy, but you’re here nearly every time she has a shift.”

It was true that Sherlock was around - certainly more in the last year than he used to. But it was always for a case. He would invariably come to her for a consult on another technician’s autopsy, or ask her to perform an analysis on some trace evidence he’d gathered.

“Sherlock just needs my help sometimes,” Molly explained.

“Oh,” Danny paused for a moment, “but what about the other day?” Danny asked Sherlock.

“What happened the other day?” Molly said, catching the slight terror in Sherlock’s eyes.

“Nothing,” Sherlock answered all too quickly.

“You had dropped your files and while you were picking them up, Sherlock was staring at your bum.”

“Really?” Molly said, finding it impossible to hide the incredulous tone from her voice.

Sherlock was looking anywhere but at Molly.

“And sometimes I hear him muttering about your clothes.”

“Danny, it’s not nice to lie,” Molly warned him.

“But what about the time he complimented you on your lipstick?” Molly could tell Danny was starting to get frustrated.

“Darling, Sherlock just told me that without it my lips look small.” She patted him on the head in sympathy.

“That’s how Sherlock compliments people – tell her, Sherlock!” Danny pleaded.

Sherlock didn’t agree, nor did he disagree. “What else have you deduced, Danny?”

“You’re always at our place, sometimes you even spend the night.”

Molly and Sherlock shared a look. The one rule they had agreed on when Sherlock used her flat as a bolt hole was that Danny wasn’t allowed to know he’d stayed the night. This was precisely what Molly was trying to avoid. She didn’t want to get his hopes up.

“Tommy Mathers from school says that when his mummy has boyfriends stay over they sleep in the same bed. And sometimes they - do sex.” Danny whispered the last two words. Molly was happy he’d remembered how much trouble he got in when he’d gone to school equipped with one of her old textbooks and gave human anatomy lessons in the school playground.

“Well, if Sherlock has stayed at our flat, it’s because he’s very tired from his work. He sleeps in the spare room and he’s supposed to be gone before you wake up,” Molly emphasised the last part for Sherlock.

“So he doesn’t sleep in your bed and do sex with you?”

Sherlock coughed awkwardly. Molly’s cheeks went bright red.

“No, honey. Sherlock and I are just friends. Aren’t we, Sherlock?” Molly couldn’t hide the insistency from her voice.

Sherlock ignored her.

“Is there anything else you’ve observed?”

“You come over for dinner with us once a week.”

Molly scoffed. “Well, that’s not true, Danny. It’s hardly once a week.”

“Fine. Maybe not one night every week, but most weeks. Isn’t that right, Sherlock?”

Sherlock nodded.

“Well it’s just nice to have someone else to cook for.” Molly was wondering why she was feeling so defensive all of a sudden.

Molly could see that Danny was beginning to give up. She was glad. She wanted nothing more than to move on from his mistaken assumptions.

Danny’s eyes widened, like he’d remembered something really important. “What about the security guards?”

“What?” Molly had no idea what he was talking about.

“You know, the men who guard our flat and follow us about when we’re out.”

Molly shook her head. “Now you’re just making things up, Danny,” she said.

“Tell her!” Danny implored Sherlock.

Sherlock looked sheepish. Molly couldn’t remember ever seeing Sherlock looking sheepish. It was odd, and slightly endearing.

“Since the broadcast, I’ve had Mycroft assign a detail to you both.”

“Oh.” Molly wasn’t sure if she should feel angry for the implication that he saw her as weak and in need of protection, or if she was honoured that he thought she and Danny were important enough to protect.

“Well, Sherlock is just looking out for us – that’s what good friends do,” Molly explained.

“But what about all of your other boyfriends?” Danny demanded.

“See – surely that tells you that Sherlock can’t be my boyfriend if I see other people.”

“But he’s always so jealous when you do!”

Molly looked at Sherlock for any sign of amusement or derision. His face was blank. He’d be an excellent poker player, she thought.

“Sherlock isn’t jealous, Danny.”

“Then why does he always try to break off your dates?”

“He doesn’t,” Molly said, but even she wasn’t convinced there wasn’t some truth in what Danny said. “He just likes me to be prepared by highlighting every – single – flaw…”

Molly was starting to wonder if Danny wasn’t entirely mistaken in his assumptions. She looked at Sherlock, wordlessly asking for him to weigh in.

He did.

“So, Danny, what does all of this lead you to deduce?” He asked.

Danny smiled at him. “It tells me that you like working with my mummy, you think she’s pretty, you are comfortable spending time with us, you want to protect us, and you want mummy to be happy.”

“You’ve missed one thing,” Sherlock told him.

“What’s that?” Molly asked.

“I would like very much for you, Molly, to be my wife and you, Danny, to be my son.”

Molly was gobsmacked.

“But there’s one thing you and I haven’t deduced,” Sherlock said to Danny.

“What’s that?” he replied.

“Would your mum like me to be her husband and your father?”

“Absolutely,” she said and kissed him.

Earlier, Molly had thought that afternoon was going to be one she’d rather forget - instead it ended up becoming a cherished memory, a story re-told in their family for the rest of their lives.