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So, this has probably been done before, but… The Last Unicorn AU?? I’ve got so many ideas guys and it’s semi egobang and barry/ross (screw me i dont know the name aksdjngkadjg) so you know it’s the good stuff.


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Okay so Hogwarts AU right. Jack and Maddie are in the Order of the Phoenix, and are not only the best at cleaning up #12 (they both got top marks in DADA who are you kidding), but Maddie and Molly get along like two peas in a pod.

me, banging my fists on a table: YES YE SYE SYES YES

mlp au collection

-mane6 are old school fans of the 1986 mlp, they run a role-play group online where they rp as their pony selves

next gen au
-twilight lives long enough to see the elements of harmony passed on to a new generation of unrelated young ponies
-her own apprentice, vega star, is the oblivious heir to the element of magic and with twilight’s help must seek out the other holders of the elements 

guardians of nature au
-mane6 are horse guardians of a sacred forest on the outskirts of a small town
-sunset and starlight are two teens who wrong the guardians of nature in some way and must redeem themselves to the gods  

fairy tale au (cmc) (sirens)
-celestia luna and twilight are three sister queens who rule a fabulous kingdom until one day twilight is captured by a jealous king sombra
-spike the dragon borne, is sent with their last soldier, applejack to rescue twilight at any cost
-pinkie pie and fluttershy are forest witches
-rd is a harpy, rarity’s an elf, zecora is a forest denizen
-the sirens are water sirens, cmc are paladins adventuring the countryside 

pony falls au
-gravity falls/mlp crossover -the mane 6 fall thru a rift into gravity falls and must figure out a way to seal it before bill discovers it
-at the same time canterlot high is on a camping trip to gravity falls where sunset is fooled by bill into helping him capture the ponies use their rift to speed up his plans

bad end au (x) (link contains trypophobia and blood!)
-an apocalypse-esque timeline where chrysalis becomes ultimate ruler and drains equestria of everything, now a wasteland, various characters attempt to survive

G1 aftermath au
-danny, megan, and molly about 10 to 15 years post their adventures with the little ponies and how they cope with the real world 

So: Faceclaims I have for the TWDG cast SO FAR

Clementine: Amandla Stenberg

Lee Everett: Lamman Rucker

Lilly Caul: Sandra Bullock

Larry Caul: Robert De Niro 

Ben Paul: Thomas Mann

Carley: Jessica Alba

Andy St John: Michael Madsen

Danny St John: Joaquin Pheonix

Omid: Nick Groff

Molly: Jennifer Lawrence 

Mark: Daniel Radcliffe

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The Merguckets meeting Filbrick

 Out of nowhere, I was inspired to write this, so.  Here you go!  A chance meeting when Stan and Angie take their first clutch on their first trip to a human town.

               “Stan, where’s Daisy?” Angie asked.  Stan looked around.  He caught a glimpse of a brown head bobbing through the full market.  

               “Over there,” he replied.  Angie sighed.

               “Mom, look!” Molly said eagerly, pointing at a book store the next street over. Danny oohed, catching sight of what Molly was gesturing to.  “Can we go there?”

               “Can we?” Danny repeated.  Angie looked back in the direction Daisy had gone in, worry lines etching on her face.

               “Sweetling, I’d love to take y’all there, but yer sister went off and-”

               “I’ll go get Daisy,” Stan said immediately.  “You girls go to the book store.”  Angie smiled at him.

               “Thank you, darlin’.”

               “No prob.”  He kissed her on the forehead.  “Still think the girls’ first trip on land ‘ll be easy.”

               “Better ‘n mine was,” Angie retorted.  “Go get yer daughter.  Molly, Danny, and I will be at the book store.”  Stan set off in the direction he had seen Daisy headed.  He caught a glimpse of the bright blue shirt she was wearing.

               “Daisy!” Stan shouted.  His daughter turned around.  She grinned mischievously.  “No,” Stan said warningly.  He recognized the look on her face.  “Junebug, this ain’t a game, get back here!”  Daisy shook her head, making her twin braids bounce.  She took off, running as fast as her brand-new legs could take her.

               Shit!  Stan followed her through the market, apologizing to the people he shoved out of the way in his attempts to reach Daisy.  The chase came to a sudden stop when Daisy collided with someone and fell down.  Stan finally caught up and pulled his troublesome daughter to her feet.

               “Sorry, sir,” Stan said, brushing dirt off Daisy’s blouse.  “She doesn’t always look where she’s goin’, and she’s kinda clumsy.”

               “Dad!” Daisy protested.  

               “Stanley.”  Stan’s heart stopped.  He slowly looked up at the person his daughter had run into, dreading the face he would see.  

               “Pops,” Stan said, carefully keeping his voice neutral.  Filbrick Pines looked his son up and down, taking in Stan’s slightly more streamlined figure from years of swimming.  His gaze drifted over to Daisy.  

               “Did this girl call you ‘Dad’?” Filbrick asked.  Stan nodded.  “You’re a father.”


               “Dad!”  Stan was suddenly tackled with hugs from his two other daughters.  Molly and Danny laughed happily as they embraced him.  “We didn’t expect ya to meet us here so soon!” Danny said. Stan frowned.  He looked around.  Sure enough, his chase with Daisy had ended right in front of the book store Molly and Danny had wanted to go to.

               “Howdy there, darlin’,” Angie said, walking over to Stan and giving him a kiss on the cheek.  “I see ya found our wayward charge.”

               “Y-yeah,” Stan said.  He swallowed nervously.

               Pops can’t see my family.  He can’t.  But he is. Motherfucker!  Angie looked at Filbrick with interest.

               “Hello, sir,” she said cautiously.  

               “You’re the mother of my son’s children then, huh?” Filbrick rumbled. Angie’s eyes widened.  She looked at Stan.  Stan nodded.

               “Angie, this is my Pops, Filbrick Pines.”

               “…Oh.  It’s nice to meet you, Filbrick,” Angie said with a careful smile.  

               “Stan, you married this girl after you knocked her up with triplets, right?” Filbrick asked.  Molly opened her mouth to argue that they weren’t triplets.

               “Sweetling, why don’t ya take yer sisters into the book store,” Angie said quickly.  “Since yer the oldest, I’ll trust ya with supervision.”

               “‘Kay, Mom.”  Molly took off, followed by her younger sisters.  

               “And don’t take nothin’ from the store without consultin’ me or yer Dad!” Angie shouted after them.

               “Of course we’re married,” Stan said to Filbrick.

               “Then where’s her ring?” Filbrick asked, crossing his arms.  

               “I keep it on a chain ‘round my neck,” Angie said, showing Filbrick.  “Easier to keep track of that way.”  Neither she or Stan said the actual reason she didn’t wear the ring on her finger.

               It would get caught in her webbing.

               “So, your wife is too embarrassed to show that she’s married to you,” Filbrick said, “and you can’t control your kids.  Heh.  Knew you’d screw up.”

               “What?” Angie asked shortly.  Stan held her arm firmly, to keep her from acting on any violent urges.

               “My kids are kids, Pops!” Stan protested.  “They’re a bit wild, yeah, but all kids are.”

               “That’s why you control them!” Filbrick barked.  “They’re runnin’ around, bumping into strangers, and are barefoot!  What, can’t you afford to buy them shoes?”

               “I can buy them whatever they damn well want,” Stan snapped.  “They choose not to wear shoes.”

               “Again, Stanley, control your damn kids!  Sweet Moses, you’re a worse father than I thought you’d be.”

               “Excuse me?”

               “I’m not impressed with your parenting skills, Stan.  And I’m not impressed with your…feral daughters!” Filbrick said fiercely.  Angie gasped.

               “You piece of-” she started.  Stan spoke over her, before she used her siren’s call to command Filbrick to jump off a cliff.

               “Fuck you,” Stan snarled.  Filbrick glowered.

               “What did you just say to me, you punk?”

               “Fuck you,” Stan repeated.  He relished the shade of red Filbrick’s face turned.  “I can handle you degrading me in front of the woman I love.  But I won’t let you insult my kids.  My kids are the best thing in this entire world.  They’re beautiful and smart and gonna grow up in a house where their parents actually love each other.  And Pops, I’m a damn sight better at being a father than you ever were.  My kids don’t have to worry about a belt, or going to bed without dinner, or being kicked out.”  Stan eyed his father with disgust.  “You’re a piece of shit and an even shittier dad.  I’m glad Mom finally divorced your abusive ass.”  Filbrick opened his mouth.  “Leave, Pops.  Get goin’, before I let Angie go and she does to you what I always wanted to, but never had the guts to do.”  Angie emitted a low snarl.  Stan glanced at her.  She was baring her teeth aggressively.  Stan felt his heart swell with pride.

               God, I love her.  He looked back at Filbrick.  Filbrick stared at Angie with a mixture of revulsion and fear. After a few moments, he turned around and walked away.  Angie collapsed against him.

               “Oh, heavens,” she whispered.  “What an absolutely despicable person.”

               “Yeah.  Now you know why Ford and I had to leave so bad,” Stan said in a low voice.  Angie nodded slowly.

               “We don’t have to see him at any gatherin’s with yer fam’ly, do we?” she asked.

               “Oh, hell no.  And if he’s there for some reason?  You can go full siren on his nasty ass.”

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Ford or Stan teaching the Mergucket family about something human that they had been doing wrong!

Since Ma MerGucket used to be human, the MerGuckets don’t really do anything human in a wrong way.  They can seem a bit eccentric to humans (esp during their first few trips on shore), but they don’t try to comb their hair with forks or stuff like that.  In light of this, I shifted the prompt a bit, to Stan teaching his guppies about a piece of human culture that they don’t know about or understand.  Hope it’s satisfactory.

               Stan pinched the bridge of his nose.

               “Why is this so difficult?” he groaned.  His three oldest guppies, Molly, Danny, and Daisy, sat in front of him.

               “Be patient,” Angie said.  She was supervising the second clutch, Emory and Emmett, who were splashing around in a tide pool.  All seven of them were in the cave the MerGuckets used to practice human behavior and appearances.  And of the seven, only Stan was clothed.  He’d decided that a demonstration would be helpful, as he attempted to explain the concept of clothing to his daughters.  “Human clothes are difficult to understand at first,” Angie continued.  She played with Emmett’s hands.  “They’re still difficult to understand.  At least, fer me.”

               “Yeah, I know.  You almost got arrested for indecent exposure the last time we went on shore,” Stan said.

               “Still think that was one heck of an odd thing.  Humans ‘re mighty strange,” Angie said.  “Aren’t they?  Aren’t they?” she cooed at Emory.  Emory responded by blowing bubbles at her.  Daisy abruptly stood up.  

               “Daisy, sit your butt back down,” Stan said.  “The lesson is still goin’ on.”

               “No!” Daisy said promptly, stomping her foot.  “I wanna use my feet!”  She ran away. The webbing between her toes, combined with her unfamiliarity with walking, made her gait uneven and slow.  Stan grabbed a hold of her quickly.  She squirmed in his arms, her yellow scales scraping against his skin.  “Noooo!” she shouted melodramatically.  Stan put her down next to Molly and Danny again.  Molly cocked her head.

               “Why are we doing this now?” Molly asked.  “We can’t go to the human town yet.”  Danny nodded.

               “We’re still guppies,” Danny added.  Stan sighed and sat down in front of his daughters.

               “Yeah, but it’s important.  This way, when ya aren’t guppies, it’ll be easier to blend in with the humans.”  He winked at them.  “Luckily, yer Dad used to be a human, so I know how humans think and act.”

               “Okay, then why do humans wear clothes?” Daisy asked, crossing her arms. “They’re uncomfortable and awkward.”

               “Humans are…shy,” Stan said slowly.  His daughters all frowned, perplexed.  “Not shy as in nervous about talkin’ to strangers.  Shy as in nervous about their bodies.  Humans think of bodies as somethin’ private, somethin’ that only a few people they’re close to can see.  So they cover themselves.”  The puzzled expressions on his daughters’ faces didn’t waver.  “Um, okay.  Y’know how there are some things ya don’t tell people ya don’t know?”  His daughters nodded.

               “Like how many eggs were in a clutch, ‘fore the duds were removed?” Danny said.

               “Exactly!  That’s private information.  Personal. For humans, specific parts of their bodies are like that.  Personal. Ya don’t show it to people ya don’t trust.”  His daughters nodded slowly, beginning to understand.  Stan let out a sigh of relief.  “Seriously, why was that so difficult?”

               “It’s ‘cause it’s such a foreign concept,” Angie replied.  Emory splashed her.  “Clothes don’t seem strange to ya ‘cause ya grew up with ‘em.  But jellied eels did.  ‘Member?”  Emmett joined Emory in splashing Angie.  “Ain’t yer fault, ain’t their fault.  Just the fault of the society they grew up in.”

               “Are we done yet?” Daisy whined.  Stan sighed.

               “Yeah, sure,” he said.  Daisy jumped up and began to run around the cave again.  Danny carefully walked over to Angie and joined in playing with Emory and Emmett.  “What are ya waitin’ for, Little Six?” Stan asked Molly, who was still sitting in front of him.  Molly tilted her head.

               “But why are humans shy?” she asked. Stan groaned.