danny abyss

random 00qad headcanons

because there aren’t enough of them and someone has to save this fandom from sinking into the abyss

-danny is precious and protected at all times by the other three mi6ers

-he deserves a nice, quiet, comfortable life in a nice house and not having to work for money for a little bit, so he takes care of all the cats and takes up knitting and baking and bikram yoga 

-as a result all the moms in the neighborhood know danny and they wave to each other and catch up during grocery runs and park walks

-even tanner and moneypenny call to check on danny, who sends them fresh baked goodies in return

-at one point danny fed all of q-branch

-danny makes comfort food and sweets, but james is the gourmet chef when he’s at home

-alex is the therapist in the relationship because he’s a great listener, he doesn’t say much, he is patient and compassionate, and he always provides hugs and blankets and chocolate

-this also means alex knows little secrets about the other three that they won’t necessarily tell each other

-when q is home, it’s extremely difficult to detach the cats from him… it’s some sort of static cling, so human cuddle time with q is usually shared 

-james is a fucking liar because he enjoys petting kitties when there’s nobody home

-did i mention james lies about hating cats

-james makes sure the cats get turkey legs at christmas before the others are served dinner