danno and monkey

What if…

Danny had a “talk” with Grace to explain “Your Danno doesn’t only like girls, monkey.” And instead of explaining the whole spectrum of the LGBTQA+ he bought and umbrella with his colors, which easy because he is either Pan af or Bi af and he opens it and sit under its shade while talking to Grace. She takes to it like a duck on water because she loves her Danno regardless, he is the best.

Afterwards, she makes him carry his umbrella during Pride Month and it becomes their inside joke, because Danny is basically parading his colors and flaunting his sexual orientation and no one’s the wiser even if they’re curious as fuck as to why he only carries the umbrella in June. Steve asks about it and pesters Danny but he won’t budge.

Then, Grace takes pity on her beloved Uncle Steve and has a talk with him, she basically interrogates him and then she takes from her allowance and gives Steve his own. He doesn’t understand why he must “open it in Danny’s presence” at all, but anything for his Gracie, right?

Then Steve comes into HQ with his umbrella and opens it in front of Danny and Danny, he kinda stops breathing for a second before he squares his shoulders and opens his. That’s when Steve GETS IT! after years of the freaking umbrella in June debacle. He smiles and shrugs and Danny smiles back.

Maybe one day they’ll walk under the shades together, who knows.

Chapter One

This past year has been a whirlwind for Nahele. Most of the serious events happened after he stole Steve’s Marquis. He went from having no guardians and pawning car parts for food, to having not just one but five plus people looking out for him and a fairly good paying job. He went from thinking he was worthless and futureless to having believed he was going places in life. Nahele’s never had this much support before, not even when his mom was alive.

Things started to change completely when his father died in that gas fire. He cried, not because he lost his dad, but because he lost all family connections. He felt lost and broken again; it was amazing to him how immediately Steve scooped him up and started putting the pieces back together. God, it’s barely been a month since that day and now Makaio is dead and both Steve and Danny are in surgery. Everything is happening so fast and all at once and Nahele can’t catch his breath.

Kono has requested that he sit down multiple times but he’s feeling too restless. He’ll sit down when they get news on the guys. The lot of them are littering the waiting area of the hospital ward. Grover came in with a few more scrapes on his knuckles than he left the room with. Chin came back in with him and seemed just a touch less resolved as he was before. For the most part, everyone remained silent.

Nahele lost track of time but shortly after Lou and Chin came back, Kono stretched out her foot to jab him in the calf. “Hey, isn’t your prom this weekend?”

Fuck, prom. He completely forgot about it. Nahele waved it off with a shrug, “Didn’t want to go anyways.”

Lou sat up in the uncomfortable waiting chairs, “Son, you have to go. You’ll regret it if you don’t,”

“It’s not a big deal,” Nahele shoved his hands in the pockets of his board shorts. He avoided meeting Grace’s eyes, knowing she was frowning at him. They had just talked about prom last weekend during dinner. He told her how he was looking forward to it after everything that happened, “Just doesn’t seem right now.”

“They’ll be okay,” Kono reached out and squeezed his wrist, “And they’ll want you to go.”

“Can we not talk about it?”
“Ok,” Kono raised an eyebrow while giving him a knowing smile, “If you sit down.”

The teenager rolled his eyes and sat down beside the woman. She grinned and squeezed his knee before going back to playing with Grace’s hair. Nahele looked over at the younger girl to see her glaring at him. “Liar,” she mouthed.

“Shut up,” he mouthed back before sliding down in the seat and closing his eyes. Despite Kono’s disapproval, he quickly jumps back onto his feet and proceeds to pace until the sun is up and no news has been given still. He tries taking deep breaths, rubbing his hands over his face, but his stomach is tightening up from a mix of anxiety and lack of food and there is a throbbing behind his eyes from not sleeping. No one slept a wink that night, not even Grace, though Chin got her to lie down on two chairs.

When the doctor comes out, everyone holds their breath. It’s not until he says the words, “They’re going to be okay,” that they all sprung to life. Nahele had dropped down into a chair at the arrival of the doc, fearing the worse. Once he knew the men were okay, he rested his head back against the wall with relief. He closed his eyes tightly and listened to his friends, his ohana, celebrate. The pressure behind his eyes builds and he knows that if he opens them, he’ll start crying. Still, he smiles to himself and thanks whatever sort of god out there helped get Steve and Danny through that surgery.

Nahele jumps a bit when someone touches his arm. He opens his eyes to see its Kono, leaping towards him with wide open arms. “Come here, you,” she pulls him to a standing and wraps her arms around his shoulders tightly. His body goes stiff, unsure of what to do. They’ve never hugged before. Kono gives his body a squeeze, silently telling him that it’s okay. He can breathe now. Steve’s gonna make it. Finally, Nahele relaxes and hugs her back tightly. If he lets a tear fall onto her shoulder, so what. Kono pulls back enough to hold her hands against his cheeks and to smile kindly, she whips the bridge of his nose where the tear is traveling, with her knuckle, “its okay now.”

Since the guys are still unconscious and are in ICU—just a precaution, the doctor says—they can’t have many visitors at a time. Kono goes into Steve’s room first and comes back out with glossy eyes. She hugs her cousin tight, kisses Grace on the top of her head and takes her hand so they can see Danno. As they pass Nahele, Grace pulls away from her Auntie and barriers her face just below his chest. This is something they’ve never done before either. Giving in to Grace is much easier than it is with Kono. Nahele has to bend his body over the girl, but he hugs her shoulders and rests his cheek on her head. They stay like that for a few moments before she pulls away and goes back to grabbing Kono’s hand without a word.

Chin nods towards Steve’s door, “You wanna go in there?”

“He’s not awake,” Nahele reminds the older man. According to the doctor, Steve is still pretty pale from the blood lose. He won’t look as bad as he did going in, but he’s not quite Steve yet. To Nahele, that basically means Steve looks like a dead body. He’s not sure he wants to see the man like that.

“It’s okay,” Chin’s mouth lifts at the corners. Nahele realizes that he doesn’t have a choice in the matter; he is going in that room whether he liked it or not. “I can go in there too if you want.”  

“Uh, no, thanks brah,” he tries shaking it off like it’s not a big deal. On the inside, his heart is racing. Chin holds open the door but doesn’t pressure Nahele to go through. He waits until he’s ready. After taking a deep breath, Nahele goes through the threshold. When he sees Steve unconscious on the table, his stomach leaps. He thinks he’s gonna throw up, even doubles over, but instead he starts crying.

Stop crying, one of the million thoughts in his head says, why are you always crying lately?

The other thoughts are screaming, thank god. He’s okay. He’s not going anywhere. You’re not alone again. I was so scared.

Nahele manages to shuffle over to the table and drops his head down on Steve’s chest as lightly as he can manage while losing his resolve. He holds onto the man’s arms with both hands and lets his tears fall onto his chest as he sobs. He’s not sure how long he cried, obviously not long since Chin didn’t run in worried, but long enough to collect himself. Nahele stood up and wiped his face with his hand; he took a shaky breath as he looked at Steve’s resting face. The doc was right, he still is pale. But his jaw is stubbly and his eyelashes are long and his hair somehow still looks good. He’s still Steve. Nahele rests his hand on Steve’s forehead for a moment; his skin is warming up under his touch and the rise and fall of his chest is enough reassurance that they’re making it through this.

Two nurses come into the room, making him jump. He’s been pretty jumpy lately.

“Oh, we’re sorry sweetie,” one of them says with a kind smile, “But we have to get him ready to move him to recovery.”

“Recovery?” Nahele questions.
“You don’t want him hanging out in this room all day do you?” the other nurse jokes. The room is pretty cold; Steve’s laying middle of the room with just a blanket over him like a corpse. Nahele nods and the women start prepping for whatever it is they’re gonna do to Steve, “You can see your dad the second he’s in his new room.”

Nahele’s heart stops. He should correct her, but how? What is Steve to him if not a dad? He’s more than a big brother, more than a guardian. This nurse is just the first to say it. Granted, she doesn’t know their history. For all she knows, Steve is his blood related father. Since his tongue is too tied to talk, Nahele just nods and rushes out of the room. Chin is waiting, leaning against the wall across from the room, and stands straight when he sees the panic on Nahele’s face.

“Everything okay?”
“He’s going to a new room,” Nahele swipes his hand down his face and rolls his shoulders, “Can I have coffee?”

Chin’s shoulders sigh with relief before he chuckles. He grabs Nahele’s shoulder and shakes the boy, “Absolutely not. How about some food though?”

“Food? Yeah, food sounds good.”

The night, Five-0 uses their charms to convince the night shift to let them stay until morning. Visiting hours don’t apply to them, thank god. The nurses even help bring in extra chairs. Lou and Chin are talking quietly by the window while Kono is speaking on the phone in the hallway. Nahele thinks it’s to Duke, who left earlier for his shift.

He and Grace are sitting by the small rolling table reading pointless magazines when they hear a gravelly voice.


Grace springs up from her seat. She almost trips racing over to her father’s bed. “Danno!”

“Monkey,” Danny blinks the sleep away as best as he can. His throat is extremely dry, Nahele assumes, as he’s smacking his lips together and his breath sounds a bit wheezy.

“I’ll get him some water, if they’ll let it,” Grover offers. When he passes Danny’s bed, he squeezes the other man’s foot over the blanket and smiles, “Good to have you back, brother.”

“Lou,” Danny gives a lazy smile, “Good seeing your ugly mug again.”

Lou shakes his chuckling head before leaving the room. Chin goes to the other side of the bed, standing between the two patients and blocking Nahele’s view of Danny’s face, “How you feeling, brah?”

“Like someone stole half my liver,” Danny remarks. “Oh, wait, nope. That bastard did.”

“Danno,” Grace complains against her father’s chest. Danny just laughs. When he sobers up, the air in the room thickens.

“How is he?”
“He’s good,” Chin informs him, “Still unconscious; the doc says it might take longer for him to wake up than you. But he’s doing well, supposedly. You both did amazing.”

He must be nodding. For a moment the only voice is Danny’s murmering comforting things to Grace. Nahele feels completely out of place, like he shouldn’t be in the room. He looks at Steve’s still form but that doesn’t help. Instead he counts the number of tiles on the floor that have chips in them.

“Hey, where’s the boy?” Danno questions. Nahele doesn’t think anything of it; he had to mean little Chuck. Out of the corner of his eye, Nahele sees Danny roll his head to the side so he can see around Chin’s body, “There he is. You, get over here.”

Nahele tenses, “Me?”

“Yes, you, knucklehead,” Danny rolls his heavy eyes. He lifts his hand up to flap his fingers towards his palm and rests his head back against the pillow, “Come here.”

Nahele hesitates to get up out of his chair. It’s always been Steve he talks to the most. Sure, Danny’s been there for a lot of moments, but so has Chin and Kono, and Lou and Max, and Kame and Flippa. All of them.

He shuffles over to Chin’s side, staying by Danny’s feet until the man rolls his head instead of his eyes and motions for him to get closer. Nahele ends up sitting on the bed near Danny’s thigh, not wanting to be around his stomach incase he brakes the guy. Grace is sitting on his other side, facing Nahele and holding her dad’s hand tight.

“How you doin, you okay?” Danny asks with his hand on Nahele’s leg. Nahele swallows a lump in his throat; he nods his head and shrugs. The hand on his leg grips it tighter, “Don’t give me that. Don’t lie to me. You okay?”

“I’m…” Nahele presses his lips together tightly, “You guys scared me, is all.”

Danny sighs as he stares up at the ceiling for a moment. He must have been terrified, even more so than Nahele was. That was his partner that he saw get shot; that was his partner he had to fly a plane with while unconscious. Danny doesn’t even know how to fly. And then they crashed; and they had to catch the bad guys; and then he had to give Steve his liver. Nahele should stop wallowing, he has no right.

“It was pretty scary,” Danny admits for their benefit. His hand on Grace’s head strokes her hair but his eyes go back to Nahele. They narrow in on his movements before Danny’s face scrunches, “What are you doing? Come on. Don’t feel bad about being scared.”

“How did you…”
“I’ve seen what feeling selfish looks like, I’ve looked feeling selfish before, and it’s all over you. And I’m telling you to stop it. Your guy was hurting, and a lot of bad stuff has happened to you lately, right?” Nahele wasn’t sure he was supposed to answer, so he nods instead, “So you have every right to feel scared, alright? Smile.”

When Nahele doesn’t, Danny reaches up and shakes his shoulder. He clenches his teeth jokingly as he shakes Nahele around, “Smile,” he demands. Grace is giggling and Chin is chuckling. Nahele can’t help but to too, “Alright! There it is! Look at that handsome face, huh? Beautiful. Don’t worry bout Steve; he’s indestructible. Like a pesky cockroach. Where is Lou with my water? We live on an island; there’s water everywhere.”

“I’m here, man, quit whining,” Lou shuffles in, followed by a smiling Kono. She immediately leans down to hug Danny around the shoulders and receive a kiss on the cheek from him, “It’s so good to see you.”

“Not as good to see you,” Danny pats her cheek lightly. He thanks Lou for the ice chips, to which he remarks, “What am I, a pregnant woman? Remind me, what does ice turn into when it melts? Water? You don’t say.”

They’re all distracted by his rambling over ice chips that they barely hear the small, “Danno,” from the other side of the room. Nahele knows that if Danny wasn’t attached to fluids and monitors that he would have sprung up from the bed and latched onto Steve. He sat up as far as he could but ended up wincing. Kono figured out how to raise the head of the bed so he can sit up without hurting himself.

“Steve? Babe? You up?”

Kono and Grace both went to Steve’s side. The older woman did the same thing to Steve’s bed as she did to Danny’s, just slower and not as high. She put it far enough that he only has to turn his head to see Danny. When he does, his eyes light up. The color has returned to his face in the last few hours, but now he looks like his old self. Nahele’s heart finally relaxes.

“Hey, partner.”

“Hey, partner?” Danny’s face scrunches up.

Lou crosses his arms over his chest and chuckles with Chin, “Here we go.”

“Hey, partner?” Danny repeats with a frown, “Because you got shot, I had to fly a plane. Over water. With a criminal pointing a gun to my head and bags of drugs in the back. I crashed said plane into an innocent beach, thanks to you. I gave you half a vital organ to save your ass, and you wake up and say, ‘Hey, partner’?”

Steve’s face flashes through many emotions during Danny’s rant. Concern, fear, amusement, and then full on panic. “You did what?”

“Whoa there, boss,” Kono pushes on Steve’s shoulders to keep him from sitting up. He settles back into the bed and sighs, “Easy. You don’t want to pull anything.”

“What the hell is Danny talking about?” Steve looks at the adults in the room. Chin’s about to speak when Danny speaks up.

“He’s talking about the fact that a part of me is literally growing inside of you, Steven,” Danny remarks. He holds his finger up in front of Nahele when the boy starts to snort, “Don’t even say it.”

“Can I say it?” Kono jokes with an amused smile.

Steve waves this all off to look at Danny over the railing on his bed, “Danno…you did…I can’t believe you actually…I mean…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Danny swats his hand in the air, his finger tips whacking Nahele in the arm, “You can thank me later.”

Nahele watches Grace drape herself over Steve’s shoulders. Her uncle hugs her with one arm and kisses above her ear, “Hi, sweetheart.” Kono is the next, kissing her boss on the temple and rubbing his shoulder, “What about the case…?”

“Uh uh,” Lou interrupts, “We all agreed not to speak a word to either of you about it; only that we got it covered. You two just rest up.”

“That’s gonna be impossible for this guy,” Danny nods towards his partner. Nahele can never tell if they hate each other or are madly in love with each other. He figures somewhere in the middle most days. Danny’s easy smile tells him it’s more towards the love right now, “Expect him to be trying to sneak into the office by breakfast.”

“You guys are clearly not about to clock out,” Chin claps his hands together, “I think it’s best you guys get more sleep and we should get home too.”

“Yeah, Monkey,” Danny holds his hand out for Grace. She detaches herself from Steve’s side to hold onto her dad’s hand, “You should get some sleep. You stay up all night?”

“Had to,” she shrugs.

“My daughter, what a champ,” Danny beams with pride. “Go home, get some sleep, alright? You can come back later. And you,” he points to Nahele, “Go home and shower. You stink. Geez, you’re grown now, you gotta bathe, daily if not twice, yesh.”

He’s kidding, completely, just to make Nahele smile but he checks his armpit just in case. Grace crinkles her nose.


“Gross?” Danny squeezes her shoulder, “Take a good look at that boy. That’s your future if you wanna date when you’re older. Get used to it.”

“Okay, now I know Danny’s drugged if he’s talking about Grace dating,” Kono laughs, “That’s our queue to head out. We’ll see you in the morning, Boss. Rest up, aright?” She gives Steve another kiss on the cheek before going over and doing the same to Danny, “And watch the nagging; it makes your heart monitor spike.”

“Good; they’ll have evidence of the stress he puts on my heart,” Danny jokes. “Night, sweetheart.”

The men say goodbye to their male colleagues as well, promising they’ll sleep. While Danny is hugging Grace goodnight and saying they’ll see each other as soon as she wakes up. Charlie can come too. Nahele pats Danny’s leg, earning himself a nod and smile from the man who has his arms full of a cuddly Grace. He’s about to slide off the bed and walk out the door when Steve calls out.

“Hey,” his horse voice demands. Nahele freezes with his back towards Steve, “Where do you think you’re going, get over here.”

The boy slowly turns around and keeps his head down while he makes his way to his…guardian? His guardian’s bed.

“Come here,” Steve says a little more gently now that he’s closer, “Sit down. You alright?”

Nahele sits on the edge of the bed like he did with Danny, only now more mindful of the gunshot wound on Steve’s left side.

“If he says no, don’t believe him,” Danny peps in. Grace is already out the door with Kono and Chin. “He pulled the same thing on me. He’s becoming as emotionally stunted as you.”

Steve nudges Nahele with his knee, “What’s he talking about? Why’d you lie to ‘im?”

“Don’t know,” Nahele shrugged. He avoided Steve’s eyes, keeping his eyes on the blanket he’s picking with his fingers. “I didn’t want either of you to worry; I’m okay. You’re the ones hurt.”

“We were,” Steve corrects, “I’m still hazy on all of this but, last I checked we’re still breathing.”

“Yup,” Danny pats his chest, “Hearts still beating; I’m good.”

Nahele cracks a smile but it doesn’t make him feel any better. In fact, he feels like shit. He feels like his whole life is just a tossing game for some sick twisted god. They give him something good, letting him have it for a while, before dangling it in his face and snatching it away. He really thought Steve was being snatched away from him yesterday. He doesn’t realize he’s crying until a drop falls on his fingers. When he sees it, he cracks.

Nahele bows his head and pinches his eyes with his fingers, “It’s so stupid.”

“Hey,” Steve sits up as much as he can without straining himself. He grips onto Nahele’s shoulder, “No it’s not. I promised you I would do everything I can to protect you; and I can’t do that if I’m not here. That means I’m not going anywhere, ever. You understand me? Nothing is taking us away from each other.”

“Promise?” Nahele felt like a little boy, begging his mom not to leave him during a storm. His chin wavered, making his lip wobble. He pulled his lips into his mouth and tried to stop the tears from pooling in his eyes. Steve’s eyes seemed glossy too; or maybe everything was from his own tears.

“Come ‘ere,” Steve pulled Nahele close by the back of the neck. He bumped their foreheads together and kept the kid there while he cried gently. Steve’s fingers scratched Nahele’s sculp, helping calm him down. He kept his eyes closed before holding onto the side of Steve’s neck to just feel his pulse beat against his palm. They both took a deep breath together before Steve kissed Nahele’s forehead and pulled him to his shoulder for a hug. “I promise.”

My own recap
  • WTF with that #H50ohnokono?
  • Oh God Malia and Chin. I hope we can still see this couple next season
  • Custody again! Just fuxk off Rachel
  • Oh yeah, Joe is back, still hate him! For a moment there I thought the stalker was him :O
  • Fryer……….that’s a trap! but I don’t really care b
  • Joe, that’s a bunch of shits and lies
  • Steve, don’t listen to him and yeah, somebody who knows you very well ihas been playing with you
  • No Steve, Joe doesn’t have to go with you
  • Why is Five-0 handling Fryer’s death?
  • toothpick guy, there is something wrong with you
  • Can Joe touch a dead body like that? Is he allowed?
  • nononono Max don’t walk away  alone
  • I love that Steve assigns the important task of identifying the killer to Danny 
  • Is that the killer?
  • WHAT WHAT did Max say? YEAH THAT WOMAN, but does Joe has super hearing? over those sirens and noises?
  • I know how Danny knows that sth is immediately wrong
  • OUT OUT OUT!!!!!Explosion ahead!
  • Oh CHIN!
  • I LOVE that little touch between McDanno
  • How does Adam know about the explosion so fast?
  • And how come they are still dating?
  • YEAH CHIN, I wanna know who the hell is that
  • seriously I love how Steve can come up with those creative ways of driving
  • NAVY SEAL DEATH STARE! Danny he is just worried about you
  • YEAH Steve, we think that’s ridiculous too!
  • NO Danny, you have to drag Rachel through the mud. You have lost so much already!
  • OH Delano is back! Is he behind all this?
  • Delano’s greeting to Kono should be an early warning
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