danni king

A full-body colored and shaded commission for @crowntail and @pineapple-hunter of Ghost King AU Danny Phantom. I was given some artistic liberty design wise, and I definitely had fun with it!

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I love the idea of Tucker still having traces of Dulaman still in his head to some extent after King Tuck. Like, it was already confirmed that Tucker’s his reincarnation or descendant or something like that, so what if Danny’s about to fight a ghost or whatever, and Tucker’s just like “hey dude, Dulaman just said he dealt with this guy when he was ruling; his weakness is claustrophobia” and they trap the ghost and that’s the end of that.

Alternately, Tucker still having his powers and occasionally using them to help fight, only it really drains him, and at the end of the fight, he’s just sitting there with his head in his hands and Sam or Danny ask if he’s okay and he’s just like, “yeah, I’m fine, I just have a god in my head and that shit can hurt.”

Just… Tucker still having access to Dulaman after King Tuck (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Representative John Lewis remembers when he first met Martin Luther King, Jr. during a discussion this summer with artist Danny Lyon. Lewis and Lyon first met in the 1960s, when Lewis was serving as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Lyon was a principal photographer of the Southern Civil Rights Movement and a staff member of SNCC. Watch more.

so Dan’s name in TUE was also Dark Phantom right? so then like what if he and Pariah got married for some ungodly reason (one forcing the other in subjugation, for power to rule over the GZ, or hell maybe even some frivolous and whirlwind romance no one saw coming, whatever). would that mean Dan would like- officially be….. would that make him…. would his name be….

Dark Dark?

Headcanon: Danny’s Lair

// As per the necessity of being King and having a place to rule from, Danny would have to make a lair. As we all know, lairs tend to be a reflection of a ghosts needs and desires, a way to sort of see what kind of being they are without even having to meet them.

For Danny, he needs a place where a large number of ghosts can fit at once for any major events. A place where he can, preferably, keep the Ghost Zone side of the portal safe. And a place where he can keep an eye on things while in the Ghost Zone, and maybe someday in the future have a base of operations to interact and deal with humans as well.

Given Danny’s own original obsession with space, it probably comes as no surprise, then, that in the end his lair becomes this gigantic space station, complete even with an area for homes and a park/hydroponics garden. There’s a large colosseum/stadium for public events, and private meeting rooms that are a bit more secure. And further down in the underbelly would be a lab, at the center of which is the Ghost Portal.

The whole place can possibly function as it’s own independent city, much like Walker’s prison and Aragon’s kingdom. The homes would remain unoccupied until such a time as humans are allowed to come to the Ghost Zone to study, so they’d have a place to stay during extended periods if they so wished, and the gardens would be carefully cultivated to attempt to grow both human and ghost food. (separated of course to avoid cross contamination)

Danny’s does have a traditional “Throne Room”, but uses it rarely, preferring to use a more modern looking conference room situated just below the main throne room, but above the lab. The lab itself consists of several stories, each one working on different matters of study.

In the end, Danny still prefers to stay on the Human side of the Ghost Portal, but now and again, when he’s needing to recharge, he’ll go to his lair in the Ghost Zone instead.