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At long last, it’s time to talk about one of my favorite ghost characters. What I appreciate most about Clockwork is the level of sophistication and intelligence in his writing. I’ve complained about the writing in TUE plenty, but Clockwork is always spot on.

What I mean by this is that you couldn’t take Clockwork and plop him into another of Elmer’s cartoons. He’s not a completely serious character. He can crack jokes and has lighthearted moments. His writing just feels too mature for him to fit in something like, say, Fairly Odd Parents. To be frank, he’s even a bit more sophisticated than Danny Phantom itself usually is.

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150 (so far...) reasons to ship McDanno

Hi! Today I bring a gift to the McDanno fandom, courtesy of a lovely fan I met on twitter, @elsitaa, who asked me for a little help on a very nice project she had: watch every episode of Hawaii Five-0 and write of a list of all the reasons to ship McDanno. Season after season, she sent me a list and, believe me, after seven season the list was VERY long, but we managed to sort-out all the reasons and pick those that seemed more important to us. Now the list counts 150 reasons to ship McDanno, but this is most of all a wish for the show to make this list much, much longer.Now, I’m posting the list for you, and you are absolutely welcome to comment on it, add your reasons to ship McDanno, if you don’t find them in the list, pick your favorite reasons on the list or even, if you have the skills, make a video about it: feel free to use the list. It’s really just a way to celebrate this wonderful story of love and wish it the best, happiest evolution.

REASONS TO SHIP MCDANNO (150, so far… here’s to many more!)

1. The first meeting: sparks flying immediately and, most of all, the fact that fate brought them to each other in the worst time of their lives to give each other a reason to be happy again. 

2. Steve starting Five-0 because he found something, or better someone, in that garage: Danny Williams. 

3. Carguments (lovers’ quarrels) since day one. 

4. “Book’em, Danno”, a term of endearment. 

5. Steve’s gift to Danny and Grace to spend some quality time together: three nights at the Kahala Hotel. Just the first of many gifts that show how much they care for each other. 

6. “We are partners”. 

7. Grace telling Steve her dad talks a lot about him. Steve being delighted about it. 

8. Steve talking to the Governor to help Danny when Rachel threatened to bring Danny to court to change the custody deal so Danny couldn’t spend time with Grace. 

9. “Maybe you are not as alone here as you think, Danno”. 

10. “How long you two been married?”, something they have been asked a lot throughout the years. 

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Can someone get the first Danny phantom episode  or something, and edit it so the “Danny Apocalypse face” Is just attached to everyone.

What about just edit the whole 3 seasons!!! Everything’s the same except everyone has that face expect for Vlad who who instead has that “Creepy Vlad face” Pasted on.

When Vlad and Danny transform I just wan’t, dude I just want the same meme faces mentioned above but like The creepy Vlad face is blue and has a copied and pasted Plasmius hair on top.

While Danny’s apocalypse face has the hair colored in white and eyes colored in green.

Can someone make that for me? PLEASE~

Masters of All Time in a Nutshell
  • Danny: Hey Clockwork, I want to go back in time to save my friends in the now.
  • Clockwork: Fine, just don't mess up.
  • Danny: Don't worry, I won't mess up.
  • Danny: *changes the past*
  • Danny: *comes back to an alternate present*
  • Clockwork: *has his face in one hand* God damn it, Danny.

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Is there any way to make a plot twist in a way where it doesn't seem like it came out of nowhere? That's my biggest problem, people always tell me that my plot twists feel weird and unnatural.


There definitely is – foreshadow. Drop subtle but clear hints about what’s coming all throughout the novel, so that when your readers look back it will be clear that those hints indicated your plot twist.

As an example, I’ll use The Shining by Stephen King (one of my favorite books ever). *SPOILER ALERT!*

Danny Torrance, the protagonist, is a five-year-old with telepathic powers. He has a visitor (his parents call it his imaginary friend, but it’s not) named Tony who sometimes shows him things: Tony once showed him where to find a trunk containing his father’s manuscripts; Tony also shows him horrible things happening in the hotel in which his family will be spending the winter (up in the mountains of Colorado, so they’ll be snowed in). After Danny has a semi-catatonic episode, his parents take him for a medical checkup, just to be sure of his health before they’re snowed in for three months.

The pediatrician, of course, speaks to Danny during/after his checkup, and acts somewhat as a psychiatrist; he then speaks to his parents about his diagnosis (which is nothing serious – only stress). His opinion on Tony is that he was created to deal with hard times (moving, and Danny’s parents considering divorce), and Danny no longer needs Tony, because the family is rebounding; however, Tony isn’t leaving easily, hence the nightmares Danny complains of, and the fainting spell he had. Then the pediatrician says to Mr. and Mrs. Torrance something along the lines of “And of course, you know why he’s named Tony and not Michael or Greg”, and during my first time reading, I didn’t understand what he meant. After the plot twist, it clicked.

Also, it is mentioned that Danny was born with a caul over his face, which superstition says signifies a child gifted with the second sight (in other words, the child will be able to see the future). At the time, this – and what it implies – seems like a secondary detail. Again, at the plot twist it is clear that it actually means more.

The plot twist occurs during Tony’s last visit, which takes place during the novel’s climax. During his last powow with Danny, he comes closer, into Danny’s field of vision – Danny has never seen Tony’s face before, so this is a significant event. Tony looks just like Danny, but older – still young, but maybe 11 instead of 5. Then, in the prose, Stephen King writes Danny’s full name, middle name included, which doesn’t happen at any other place in the novel: his full name is Daniel Anthony Torrance, or in other terms, Danny “Tony” Torrance. The conclusion drawn from this is that Tony is actually Danny from the future, and that Danny has both telepathy and second sight.

This plot twist grows roots throughout the book: how Danny never sees Tony’s face, how Danny was born with something said to promise the second sight, the psychiatrist’s comment on Tony’s name. Basically, Stephen King lays everything on the table without giving us the one detail everything stems from – if it was drawn as a chart, all these small details would surround one big box in the middle, and until the plot twist, that big box would be blank. After the plot twist, that box would be filled in with TONY IS AN OLDER VERSION OF DANNY AND DANNY HAS PRECOGNITIVE VISIONS. That’s what you need to do: lay everything out for the reader except the actual plot twist itself.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

Danny Phantom in the MCU... could that work?

Now I have been thinking about Danny being in the marvel cinematic universe and what kind of a role he would be playing.

Now I imagine him having his own film in phase one between the films Thor and captain america the first avenger where his backstory is quickly explained. In this universe he did get his powers when he was a teenager, but as danny phantom he had the batman reputation where he is seen as a sort of myth where every person in amity park has their own personal belief on him.

Now when it comes to love interest, I know that a lot of people would say that Sam would obviously be the romantic interest, and whoever wants to do that than go ahead. I ain’t stopping ya. But I would have it that something has been going on between him and dash. I imagine that during their sophomore/junior year that dash would notice danny in that special way and first thought that it was only platonic but during their senior year he kisses danny while semi drunk and later realizes that he does love him. Danny, being clueless when it comes to love, only realizes when dash asks him out a couple of months later and have since then dated.

The setting would be that Danny would work as an engineer in a small but popular shop in amity park that he owns along with dash who is both a gym teacher and also takes requests to knit stuff ( like hats, plushies, blankets, etc.). And pariah dark comes out. Here he has not been released at all when danny was a teenager. So action and drama ensues and there are a couple of references of the previous marvel films and danny wins.

There would be two end credit scenes.

The first one with thanos actually being behind releasing pariah ( in the film nobody knows who released pariah, I also need to think where vlad would be since in this universe phantom planet never happened)

The second one being of Clint Barton ( having a couple of comments on Thor naturally) and revealing that shield knows about danny and that they want him on the avengers.

In the avengers, danny feels really awkward being around all of these shield agents since they all sort of know about him. He tries to talk to talk to cap, but quickly figures that he might want be left alone ( which is false) he finds banners lab and asks his if he wanted any help or company or both. Banner says he would like to and in comes tony. Let’s just say that tony at the very least is just trying to befriend danny, but instead he sort of makes fun of the fact that Danny is half dead. Before danny could comment, in comes cap to just check on things.

Cap, being the overprotected person he can be, heard Tonys comments and defends danny and is then told by tony to chill. They both then talk about if shield is trustworthy or not. Tony asks danny if he trusts shield. Danny replies by saying that as a whole no. Tony insults Steve some more and Steve leaves. Danny has just about had it with stark and as he is about to leave, he looks at one of the screens and tells stark that whatever is on the board is wrong and corrects it (what exactly it is idk it’s one am as I’m writing this).

Danny finds Steve just as he is about to open the door and asks Steve if he could help him. When Steve says that he will be fine, but danny takes Steve and turns both of them intangible and phase right through the door. Steve turn to him and says thanks, him tells him to warn him next time. They then find the weapons and bring them back to the lab.

They arrive just in time for nick and the rest to be there. They then start to argue and eventually is Danny’s turn right around after Steve and Tony argue ( the alarm thingy goes off a little but later) tony starts it by saying that Danny is just a ghost. Danny quickly corrects his bull rap by saying that he had feelings and emotions like right now he felt rage at not only stark for being so close minded but also that everyone ( except for Steve who has treated danny like a human being) has treated him like a soulless being. He then out of frustration asks stark of he also had a problem that he was together with a man ( I am kinda on the fence with ftm danny though, idk what do you guys think?). The alarm thingy goes off before any of them could answer and the explosion happens and danny just knocks all of the invaders unconscious.

When fury tells them afterwards that coulson died, danny sort of knows that coulson is not dead ( I have the theory that ghosts and half as can sense when some has died) but danny isn’t 100% certain and then they go to New York.

Once there danny tries to save as many people as he can and has a face off with Loki and Danny quickly pounds him to the ground.

They then defeat Loki and the aliens and all go out for shawarma.

Now I do apologize that there might be certain scenes missing but right now it’s almost 2 am

Now I will continue this MCU with danny phantom tomorrow or whenever I fully thought it out.

If you guys would have any question geared towards me or of this au or of anything else than you can ask me all you want :)

Have a great day or night you lovely people!

the defenders would be so much more fun to watch if netflix wasn’t so blatantly anti-asian

before I go off, I wanna say I am aware that the marvel netflix universe (and netflix in general) has serious varying issues of anti-blackness and racism across the board but this post will primarily focus on the clear anti-asian racism in the defenders (which in itself is in no way a new observation, but something I wanna talk about)

so, danny blands role as iron fist has been called out for its yellow-face before, but I was bordering on disgust when the scene where luke calls out danny’s privilege happened. while calling out privilege is all well and good on its own, it is completely undermined by the fact that danny is still a white man appropriating asian culture, wearing it like an outfit that supposedly looks better on him than an actual asian person. the privilege call out doesn’t actually address any of this but addresses danny’s lack of empathy as a rich white boy. despite of which, he continues to operate with no real consequences for his ignorance.

then, there’s the hand and their members. 2 of which are of asian ethnicities and the fifth who is a white woman and yes you guessed it. Out of the 5 people leading a syndicate based on Asian history and lore, the WHITE WOMAN is the leader

and before you say “but Elektra killed her!” and yes elodie yung is Cambodian, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of Asian people who appear on this show (with the exception of colleen) are framed as the antagonists even within the ranks of the hand organisation

which brings me to Elektra… now, I love Elektra dearly and have done since that objectively terrible Jennifer Garner film and was excited when Elodie was cast. But series 2 of daredevil left me quite wary of the way Elektra was being written. s2 of daredevil saw Matt torn between Elektra and Karen and in this scenario Karen whom is white was always portrayed as the delicate innocent girlfriend, while Elektra whom is Cambodian was framed as Matt’s sexy ninja ex who was here to lead him astray. the scenario was so stereotyped, derivative and racist i was stunned to see people Praising s2 in the same way as s1.

the defenders saw elektra’s violent death reversed and even tho that’s nice in its own way, there is something quite insidious about a white woman grooming a woc to be her warrior ninja slave that goes beyond the narrative of the show. especially when much of elektra’s plot barriers in the defenders revolve around Alexandria continuously stripping Elektra of her identity. even when Elektra begins to remember who she is, she is still written as a bad guy.

netflix really gives the “evil asian” trope a workout in this series. the idea that danny bland’s white ass destiny is to protect Asian culture from Asians is utterly ludicrous. the idea that a group of Asian people would allow a white woman to control them and violate their culture is just plain wrong. also, I really wish the netflix marvel universe would stop centering their antagonist’s plots on a white person controlling the mind of a poc, and then flex the ol white saviour trope to get poc out of trouble. lukes stint as killgraves golem was too far in jj, but clearly no one at netflix read the criticisms and learned from their mistakes.

diversity isn’t just about racebending white characters, it isn’t just about casting poc as antagonists and calling it a day. true diversity isn’t performative and it sure as hell isn’t just about giving your white protags a non white love interest or friend to motivate them. it is about authenticity both in the construction of the narrative, behind the scenes and in front of the camera and its past time for netflix to do fkn better than this white feminism bullshit.

The Real You

Summary: Danny doesn’t have a crush on Stiles. No way.

Notes: Another one for @inell, who wanted Stiles/Danny and “be nice to your seat partner, they might just be your future spouse!” This is an AU where nothing supernatural happened in Beacon Hills. (On AO3)

Danny always hates the start of every school year. There’s a new schedule to learn, a new locker to find, and an influx of baby-faced freshman wandering around. There are also new teachers, new classes, and most importantly, new seating assignments.

He has to stifle a groan when he discovers that his desk-mate for English is none other than Stilinski. He’s weird and awkward, and only ever seems to hang out with his one dorky friend. Danny does not need him bringing down his reputation.

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6th prompt: Crossover

Burn that chair, Vlad. Burn it!

Ah speech bubbles, my old nemesis we meet again.

Comic inspired from sapphireswimming’s awesome drabble fic Apricity!!!

Mother's Day (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Summary: Today is Mothers Day, the day that Isaac and Danny (Your Son) makes you feel like the best mother in the world. 

Pairing: Isaac X Reader X Danny 

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Season: I dunno, when do they have kids? 

AN: So it’s basically Winter where I live so I’m gonna make it Winter, yay??? 

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You lay in your bed, feeling all warm and cozy. The thick blankets cover over your shoulders as they feel so soft on you, like a cloud almost. You hug your soft/hard pillow as if it’s your husband (yeah, I just went there 😏) underneath you. But it wasn’t, that’s fine you much prefer the pillow, it’s his anyways. And it also smells like him (wow, creepy lol). 

The room full of darkness so you could easily sleep better. 

You feel calm and nothing could bother you. 

Wait a minute, if nothing is bothering you then something is definitely wrong. Where is Isaac? He usually wakes you up with kisses and playing with your hair. 

You open your E/C eyes quickly as you push the covers off of you as you ran towards the kitchen.

You hear sounds of a child whispering loudly and giggling, and a sound of a man that’s quietly whispering. You look to see that it was the two boys that you both love. 

You see his caramel brown curly hair that looks so soft, his tall muscular body leaning over the child. His wearing a grey shirt and plaid blue pyjama/pajama pants with slippers on. 

You see the child next to him. His caramel brown hair not curly as his fathers but more similar to yours. His green pyjama/pajama shirt and pants with black slippers tells that he got out of bed a few minutes ago. 

You smile widely as you lean on the wall, watching your two boys.

“What are you doing?” You ask, you see the two boys turn around to face you. One jumped as he didn’t notice you, and that wasn’t your son but Isaac. Your son giggles at his father as Isaac has a look on his face, a face of innocence. 

“Morning Mummy/Mommy!” Your son smiles brightly as he runs up towards you and hugs you tightly, you smile as you hug him back. “Happy Mummy/Mommy Day!” He says as you smile brightly.

“Thank you Danny.” You say as Danny lets go of you and rushes back towards the table to grab something that is wrapped up. He hands it to you as you smile and pick it up from him. 

“It’s your Mummy/Mommy Day present!” Danny says excitingly as his big bright E/C eyes looks into yours. You smile warmly as you look at the present. 

You see Isaac walking towards you and Danny as he sits next to you as Danny sits on Isaac’s lap. 

You start unwrapping it neatly as you can across a photo frame, the photo inside has a photo of you and Danny when he was born. You’re sitting up in the hospital bed with baby Danny in your arms. You smile widely as you look over at Danny and smile. 

“There’s also a card in there. Daddy helped me write it.” Danny says as you grab the gram and put it next to you. You found the card as it says Happy Mummy/Mommy Day! You open the card to see your son’s hand writing as you began reading. 

Dear Mummy/Mommy 

You’re the best Mummy/Mommy ever! Even though you’re not Superman, but you’re Supermum/Supermom! And not everyone has a Supermum/Supermom like me. I’m glad to have you as my mummy/mommy, because you’re the nicest, caring, helpful and beautiful mummy/mommy ever! I never mean to say those mean things when I’m angry, I just get angry. But I love you just the way you are, and nothing can change the way you are. I love you mummy/mommy, and I hope that you love my card! 


Love Danny❤️ 

You start to feel the tears forming in your eyes as you look over at Danny who is smiling. 

“Thank you so much Danny, and I do love your card.” You say as you kiss his forehead. 

Isaac turns to face you as he wipes your tears away, you look at him and smile widely as Isaac does the same. 

“Danny, why don’t you go and get breakfast?” Isaac ask as Danny nods and gets up to grab it. 

“How did we get such a beautiful kid?” You ask as Isaac chuckles as pulls you closer, you feel him kiss your head as he smiles. 

“I know right.” Isaac says as you smile. You look at him as he leans in, you feel his lips in yours as you give in. You kiss him back. 

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(Let’s pretend that’s you and Isaac)

“I got the breakfast! Ew, stop sucking faces!” You hear Danny complain as you and Isaac stop and giggle. You look at Danny who has a mortified look on his face. 

“What’s that Danny?” You ask as he smiles. 

“Pancakes!” Danny said as he gives them to you as you grab them from him. You smile at both of your boys in front of you.

“How am I so lucky to have to handsome men in my life?” You ask out loud as Isaac chuckles. 

“Well I remember that Scott introduced me to you. And I’m just naturally handsome, that’s where Danny gets his charm from.” Isaac says smirking as he steals a piece of pancakes from your plate. 

“Yeah right.” You scoff as you and Isaac laugh. 

“I love you mummy/mommy and daddy.” Danny says as he grabs a pancake from your plate. 

“We love you too, Danny.”