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deltawhiskey  asked:

How do you feel about danner 'mountain light' as an everyday boot

They look like a solid option if you’re spending a weekend camping in the woods. Other than that I wouldn’t really invest in them. Not my style.

An every day boot for me would be something a little dressier. I’ve been wearing these boots from Crosby Square lately:

A more expensive option would be the Dalton from Allen Edmonds:

Hope this helped!

Hiking Boots Winter Trend

Stop wearing oxfords and derbies. Only kidding, these are two footwear staples that every man should have. Since it’s winter time though, and it’s probably starting to rain and/or snow depending on where you currently are in the world, it makes sense to give the oxfords and derbies a little rest for the season and instead give this winter footwear trend, the mighty hiking boot, a shot.

Why the hiking boot? 3 reasons:

1. The hiking boot is quite versatile. At first glance hiking boots might look like they can only be worn for treacherous outdoor expeditions, but you can definitely wear them for more relaxed adventures in the city. They obviously work well for a casual look with jeans and a parka or bomber jacket, but they work surprisingly well with a dressy ensemble as well.

2. Perhaps the main advantage of wearing hiking boots is protection from the winter elements. Whether it be snow or rain, this rugged footwear will keep your feet dry, and would actually look better with a bit of scruff; that’s why for days with harsher weather, save your polished oxfords and derbies and put these boots on.

3. Hiking boots add more character to your outfit. A dapper classic look from head to toe will always be appreciated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get playful with your footwear. Add a bit of street style to a traditionally dressy outfit by pairing the ensemble with colorful hiking boots. 

Before you go ahead and invest in this season’s “it” footwear, here are some things to keep in mind about hiking boots. It takes some time to get used to wearing boots, especially if you’re only used to wearing shoes that cut at the ankle. It’s going to feel awkward walking in them at first, with the collar wrapping around above your ankle, but you will get used to the feeling. Like any other boots, hiking boots will be heavier than your standard dress shoe or sneaker. What else can you expect from the thicker, more rugged soles? Because of the thicker collar that is characteristic of this boot variety, you might have to change how you style your pants with them. Depending on what type of pants you’re wearing, you might want to give them a bit of a cuff just to show a hint of the boots’ collar, or let the pants casually bunch up at the top of the boots.

As for suggestions, here are our 5 favorite hiking boots on the site:

(L-R) DSquared2 Lace-Up Hiking BootSantoni Cool City BootFendi Mario Zucca Hiking BootRalph Lauren Cadell Buffalo BootDanner for J. Crew Light Timber Boots

Now that you’re all read up on this stylish shoe, discover which hiking boots would work best with your wardrobe on Wantering’s Hiking Boot Winter Trend Feature.

While summer might officially have come to an end, we’re the type of folks that search out the last few bits of sunshine and fully embrace that one final dive into our favorite swimming hole. We also think one pair of boots should be able to take you anywhere life and adventure beckon. We’ve equipped our newest boot, the Danner Light Sherman, with just that idea in mind. Releasing in early October and proudly made right here in Portland, Oregon. by tannergoods