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i know im not lucky enough to win a skype call or anything but this would be me if i did. *JENSEN AND MISHA ON SCREEN* me: *dies* THEN I ASK ABOUT DANNEEL LMAO

jensen and misha: so have you got any questions for us?

me: yes how is danneel doing is she okay does she know that not every fan hates her like we love her so much she’s amazing and beautiful can you please tell her?? and jj too how is jj i hope her and danneel are both amazing-

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i just had a thought... you know how misha gets maison and west to model tshirts sometimes? WELL what if jensen does the same with JJ? i know he barely shares pictures of her, but imagine JJ AND DANNEEL wearing #youarenotalone shirts, along with mais, west, misha and jensen ;-;

OMG, that would be sooo adorbs! And hey, he HAS shared pics of JJ on Instagram before, so never say never! :D

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Jensen unfollowed Jared on Instagram

I checked his Instagram yesterday and today and for me it doesn’t show he’s following Jared. However, it says he’s following 4 people, and I can only see 3 (Misha, Danneel and another guy), but someone else I follow (I think it was @novaks) checked it too and for her it says he’s following Misha, Jared and the other guy. So it’s just Instagram being weird, I guess.