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Quiet as a Mouse - Part 2 (Final)

Summary: Jensen meets the reader and she ends up being someone he doesn’t expect.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,398

Part 1

Jensen has not stopped smiling since he ran into you at Hemline. He even helped his sister find a birthday present without any complaints. He can’t believe how quickly his outlook has shifted since seeing you. The crazy thing is that he only saw you for a short amount of time. There’s just something about you that he can’t deny.

“What are you looking at?” Jensen questions his sister as they pile into the car to drive home.

“You’ve been a moody bitch all day and now you’re smiling like the biggest dope in the world.”

“Am not!”

“Am too! I’m looking at your face!”

“Whatever.” Jensen adds chuckling.

“You’re welcome by the way.” Mackenzie side eyes him as she pulls out of the parking lot.

“For what?”

“For sending you into Y/N’s store!”

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Send the Pain Below - Part 1

Word Count: 4359

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Drug use, stalking, language, violence

A/N: Here’s my first Jensen x Reader! There’s not too much in this part, it’s basically building up to the reader becoming an addict, so it’s kind of slow. Sorry about that. I reallllly didn’t want this to become a series but apparently I can’t help it. For purposes of this fic Jensen is single and childless, no hate to queen Danneel! 

Italics are social media posts/comments. 

Y/T/H = your twitter handle 

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

“Hey Facebook!” You waved at your phone with your free hand and stood up, flipping the camera to face away from you into your trailer. “This is the set tour I promised would happen an hour ago, but it got a bit held up!” You spun around in a circle a few times, showing the inside of your trailer. “So this is my trailer. Forgive me I’m kind of a slob.” You chuckled and opened the door, stepping outside. “Let’s see if we can find someone worth talking to around here.” You started walking and reading the comments, trying to respond to as many as you could.

Eli Mason: You’re beautiful


“Aww thanks, Eli!” You responded, running into Jensen.

“Jesus, Y/N! Watch where you’re walkin’!” He snapped at you in the grumpy yet hilarious way he always did.

Eli Mason: Don’t talk to her like that.


“Fuck off, Jackles.” Laughing, you shoved your hand against his chest and he leaned in, wrapping an arm around you. You flipped your camera back around to selfie mode and shoved it in his face. “Say hi!”

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The Power Of Love

Part One

Request - Anon - Can you do a reader x Jensen story where you’re Jared’s little sister and have a job on Supernatural? Thanks!

A.N – Ok this was hard as I love Danneel and JJ so much and they are a perfect family!! So I went down the route of thinking of Jensen as a character. Or as if it’s all set in an AU environment, so the timing may be a bit off here and there, but hey it’s a story :P 

Anyway, hope you like Anon!

Part one, Part two, Part three,


You sit with your feet up in your trailer, eyes on the TV as you watch an old movie you’ve seen hundreds of times, as you pick at the sandwich on your knee.

You had to stay late as you, your brother and Jensen had a stupid o’clock shoot tonight. You yawn as you look at the time.

*I’ve got like 3 hours before I have to be in make-up, I could grab a quick nap, jump in the  shower…*

You turn off the TV, set a quick alarm on you cell grab a pillow and snuggle into it. Pulling the throw from the back of the sofa over you as you close your eyes. Thinking back over the last year since you got the job, smiling sleepily as you drift away. 

6 months ago

“Are you freaking serious?! Yes! YES! Oh my god thank you so much!” you say jumping around causing Jared to laugh. You hang up, still bouncing as he moves over to you. 

“Congrats little sis, I knew you’d get it” he says pulling you into a hug, kissing the top of your head. 

“You have something to do with this big brother?” your eye dropping to slits, you didn’t want to get a job because of him. You’d done just fine on your own so far. 

You had your own career but had been a fan of the show since it began 5 years ago. So when you were visiting the set and J and Jared mentioned they were looking to cast new characters you called your agent straight away. 

“Nope I didn’t say a word! I promised! I’m just glad I get to work with my awesome sister. I’ll go and tell Gen” you nod as you do a victory dance to the living room to get your cell to text Jensen.

‘I got the job :D’ you send, putting your phone in the table as you sneak up to the bassinet to see if your nephew is for waking up.

“Don’t poke him awake!” you freeze hand midway to the baby

“I wasn’t!” you deny “I was straightening his blanket!” Gen looked at you eyebrow raised 

You both burst into a fit of giggle, neither able to keep a straight face. She runs forward pulling your into an embrace. 


“Thanks, it’s a small role but hey, at least I can say I’ve been on Supernatural” you wink “Just like the rest of you” Gen shakes her head turning into the kitchen to ready Thomas’ bottle. You loved Genevieve, she had become an amazing friend and most importantly she made your brother happy. 

The buzzing of your phone pulled you out of your thoughts. You pick it up from the table, smiling as you see Jensen’s photo pop up. 

‘Fuck yeah!’ was the reply. You laughed to yourself as your brother bounded back down the stairs. 

“What’s funny?” he asks peering over your shoulder. You show him the reply from Jensen and he snorts, shaking his head.

An hour later you were sitting on the sofa, you nephew in your arms holding a bottle to his lips, when you all hear a knock at the door. 

“I thought I heard and engine” Jared get up to answer

You here loud greetings which could only happen when two certain people get together. You smile over your shoulder knowing who was about to round the corner. 

“Hey Gen” he said as she met him at the door, you places a kiss on her cheek

“Hey you” you smile as you nurse the baby. 

“Hey you” he replies, joining you on the sofa. He kisses your cheek, hugging you awkwardly as you were holding Thomas. “Congrats!” 

You laugh thanks as you were now trying to get Thomas to keep the bottle in his mouth. The small bundles eyes searching everywhere for the source of the voice. 

J leans over so he can see him, it was that second that Gen decided to take a picture. You both see the flash of a camera; you give Gen a glare to which she laughs. 

J leaned further over reaching to tickle his chin and he second green eyes hit tiny hazel ones, Thomas’s face lit up. Spitting out the bottle reaching for him.

“Oh charming, I’m surplus to requirements now huh?” you say teasingly as you hand the bottle to J, before passing over the now laughing baby. 

Gen was taking more photos; you walked over to her leaning over her shoulder to see the damage. She scrolls to the photo you want to see. 

It was the cutest things you’d ever seen. You smile, it was a lot better than you were expecting. She scrolls again and your breath catches in your throat. 

It was almost identical to the previous photo except, you and J were looking directly at each other; you could almost be confused as a couple with a baby. Both smiling madly as you gazed at one another. 

Gen smirks at you; you roll your eyes at her. She’d been on at your for years how cute you and Jensen looked together. He was your friend; yes you spent a lot of time together. You text often even when he was filming, and you skyped at least once a week, but still, isn’t that what friends did? Jared once joked you both spoke more than he and Gen did, but you’d always been like that, ever since you met. 

You ask Gen for copies, to which she nods. Jensen asks to see them; you go to check your phone again. You read several messages as you lean against the wall, before your feel a pair of eyes staring at you. You look up to see J looking at you; he’d clearly seen the same photo you had.

You feel butterflies under his gaze; you smile at him before looking back at your phone typing a few thanks as the phone is discarded back into your bag. You shake off the feeling, putting it down to embarrassment and walk back over to the couch with a smile on your face. 

The rest of the evening went by in a blur of wine, food and laughter. Jared and Jensen decided not to drink, Jared so he could watch Thomas and let Gen have some fun, and Jensen so he could drive.

After Gen almost fell over on her way to the bathroom, Jared carried her to bed before coming back down. 

“Y/N can I call you a cab sis? I would drive you but I don’t wanna leave Gen” he asks almost laughing at the state of his wife.

“Hey you leave her be! She hasn’t drunk in over 9 months! And yes a cab will be fine” you say gathering your things. The wine hadn’t hit you as hard as Gen, but saying that you hadn’t been 9 months sober. Although you did feel a nice buzz

“I’ll drive her home” J says spinning his keys on his finger.

“You sure brother?” Jared asked looking over at him 

“Yeah, she doesn’t live that far from me” Jared nods a thank you, before leaning down to hug you goodnight

“Love you little sis” you pat his back 

“Love you too Gigantor” you laugh together

J asked if you’re ready as he bids Jared goodnight himself, you nod in reply bag and jacket in hand. 

He runs to open the door for you, you roll your eyes. “Always the gentleman” you laugh

“You know it” he winks playfully, as he also opens the passenger door. You shake your head beaming, but those butterflies where back

*What the hell…*

The drive is quiet, except the sound of the radio. Jensen pulls over smoothly to the curb in front of your house. You smile over at him as you go to open the door.

“Hey! I don’t even get a hug? Honestly I go out of my way to help you and then this?” he teases you.

“Oh shut up” you say laughing as you lean over to hug him. You both holding on a little long than necessary. You pull back slightly looking at him, eyes not leaving each other. Neither of you moving, you just sat there watching one another, trying to decode what the other was thinking. 

The sudden vibration of J’s phone snapped you apart. It was a message from your brother asking if he dropped you off ok and to say he’d left his jacket there. 

You lean to kiss his cheek, as he types a reply. 

“Goodnight J” you say opening your door, sending him a wink. 

“Night Y/n” he said quietly 

You shut the door, pulling out your keys giving him a wave as you open your house. Shutting the door behind you, leaning back against it. 

*What is going on? This is Jensen for god sake!* you look out of the small side window, so see him sitting under the street light. He rubs his hands over his face as if trying to clear his head. Before slowly pulling away. 


You hit your alarm, smiling as you reply the memory in your head. Things had been different since that night.

You were still just friends, but it was like the whole dynamic of your relationship had changed. You jumped in the shower and quickly dried your hair before making your way to the make up trailer. It was going to be an interesting night.

To Be Continued….

Part two

Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen ((Part 2))

Word Count – 2,187

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader

Triggers – None

A/N – Part 1 is on my blog so if you want to read it go ahead. Thanks for all the replies about if I should do a part 2 I’m glad you all liked it J maybe this will become a continuing series or something if anyone has any ideas on what should happen after this please let me know.


You woke up to the sound of Jensen walking down the stairs with JJ on his side, talking to her quietly so he wouldn’t wake you up but he didn’t realize he stomps whenever he walks. He looked over at what he thought would’ve been your sleeping body but took to surprise when he noticed you were sitting up and rubbing your tired eyes.

“Oh, I didn’t wake you up did I?” “You stomp whenever you walk did you know that?” He snorted and turned his back “Nah, of course I don’t! You just hear stuff louder than what they actually are.” “Ok, whatever helps you sleep at night is fine with me.”

You looked over and noticed a trash can and glass of water next to you along with Advil. “Oh um, I put those there in case you needed it during the night.” You smiled at his words and gave him a hug. “You’re so good to me”

You sat JJ down in her highchair while you sat next to her, waiting for pancakes that Jensen was going to make. “Did you sleep well, sweetie?” She nodded tiredly, still not fully woken up yet. “She woke up around 4, went back to sleep at 5 as did I.” Jensen said while grabbing the mix out of the cabinet.

“Christmas is comin’ soon, what do you want?” He asked while JJ played with your fingers. “You don’t have to get me anything Jense.” He shook his head and laughed sarcastically loud. “You’re funny, everything you do for us? I want! To get you something, besides we get each other things every year.” “You’re so stubborn, you know that?” He nodded with a smirk, making you smile.

“Fine, I’ll start. I want an AC/DC cd, I lost mine a few years ago.” “Ok, you already know most of the stuff I like so, what does miss JJ want?” You asked her, giving her a smile while she smiled back. “Toys!” “Got it, I’ll tell Santa.” You winked while she clapped, Jensen smiling with his back turned to you so you couldn’t see. Thinking of how wonderful you are with his daughter.

The phone ringing made everyone jump. Jensen ran and grabbed it, not thinking of looking who it is. “Hey Danneel.” The name made your heart sink and ache. “Hi Jensen, I would like to get JJ today if that is ok?” “Yes that works, we’re having pancakes right now but you can get her after.” They both said their goodbyes and that was it, leaving him quiet.

“You okay?” He nodded slowly, flipping the pancake on the stove. You stood up and leaned against the counter, looking at him with worry and sadness as he tried to keep his eye contact away. “No you’re not. What’d she say?” “She’s taking JJ for a week. I never been away from her for that long ever.” He whispered, still not looking at you. “I’m sure it’ll be ok, Jense. I’ll keep you company if you want.” He smiled and nodded, making you smile too and get excited. A whole week with him, a whole week.

Pancakes are done, my dear.” He said to his daughter, giving her the small cut up pancakes on her plate and helping her eat them while he ate his own. “Just like your daddy promised, isn’t he a good man?” You leaned forward with a smile, giving Jensen a wink while he blushed to himself. You moaned at the taste, giving Jensen shivers down his spine along with tingles through his whole body. God how bad he wanted you to be his, all his.


You frowned when you heard the knock on the door. Jensen brought down JJ from her room. She was wearing her pink Mickey Mouse shirt, pink pants, black shoes along with a black bow with white polka dots, melting your heart with cuteness. “So beautiful!” You said happily, kissing her cheek while Jensen smiled along with her. “Didn’t I buy her that shirt?” You asked him. “Yeah, it’s her favorite.” You awed and kissed her cheek again, saying goodbye.

Jensen opened the door to find Danneel standing, waiting. She reached out her arms when she saw her daughter, hugging her tightly while JJ did back. “Mommy missed you so much! Has she been good?” “Always.” She smiled, hugging her again. You got up and passed Jensen her diaper bag, giving Danneel a small hello.

“Hi y/n, it’s so good to see you again! Thank you for helping Jensen take care of JJ.” “Of course, she’s a sweet kid and he’s a busy man.” You both chuckled. “Whelp, I better head off we’re going to the park. It was nice seeing you both again.” “You too, Danneel.” You and Jensen waved goodbye and closed the door slowly, all to yourselves for the first time in a long, long time.

“So, what now?” Jensen shrugged. “Come on, we’re going to have a good time.” You and him walked up to his room, turning on his radio that had a Elvis cd in it, listening to it and talking. Your favorite song of his came on, making you excited and full of energy.

You jumped off the bed and started spinning to the music while Jensen laid back and watched, smiling at you. “Come on Jense, dancing alone is boring!” He shook his head and stood up, spinning too. He took your hand and spun you around, falling into his chest making him stiff.

After that another song came on, this song was a slower one making things awkward but you didn’t care, you were having fun as was he.

“Wise men say, only fools rush in…but I…cant…help…falling in love, with you.”

You looked at Jensen while he looked at you back, wondering what to do. Should you keep dancing? Should you skip it? Before you could say anything Jensen walked up to you and took your hand in his, not like how he did on the last song. He held it softly and held it up to his chest, pulling you in as close as he could. You looked up at him with shock as he looked down at you with a different expression, like he was calm, but on the inside he was extremely nervous.

“Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can’t help, falling in love with you”

“Like a river flows, surely to the sea, darling so it goes, some things are meant to be”

You looked up again and notice Jensen was still looking at you, making you feel nervous. “Jensen?” He didn’t answer. He leaned down slowly and kissed you lightly, making you froze but once you realized what was happening you kissed back harder, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in as much as you could. You were pressed against his chest and stomach as he wrapped his arm around your waist tightly, laying his other hand on your cheek caressing it softly.

After a few minutes of kissing you both had to catch some air, sadly. You both felt warm and excited inside, like you were in a dream. Jensen wiped the bottom of his lip with his thumb and smiled. “Better than I would’ve ever thought.” “Are you not going to tell me what that was about? Not that I minded, of course. But you’re leaving me hanging Ackles and I’m not sure how to feel.” He sat down and patted the spot next to him on the bed, letting you sit down.

“I’m in love with you, I have been for a long, very long time. Even when I was married to Dan I still felt guilty because I was in love with someone else other than her, you. You’re my star, y/n. You make this crazy life fun. You take care of me and my daughter, and you make her happy that’s all I could ever ask and you do such an amazing job at it. You’re an amazing actor, an amazing director, amazing babysitter, and most of all amazing friend and I’m sure you make an amazing girlfriend as well. Not to mention you’re the most beautiful and sexiest girl I ever met, I thought it was a dream when I first met you let along kissing you. I love you y/n, and I can’t hold it in anymore I need to know you love me too.”

You didn’t notice you had tears running down your cheeks till it hit your chest but they weren’t sad tears, they were happy tears. You ran up to him and kissed him again, so hard and so much you knew your lips were going to be sore tomorrow along with his. You kissed him like it was the end of time, like it was the last time you were ever going to see him again.

“If you didn’t get the memo, I love you too. I always have.”

“You have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that.”


It was 1 AM now. You and your now boyfriend were cuddling in bed, talking about anything and everything. Jensen was laughing at American Dad while you were just lying there, taking in every feature of his. The way his eyes crinkled on the sides whenever he laughed. The way he would bite his lip after he was done laughing, and how he would pull you in a little closer every few minutes. He would rub his thumb on your shoulder, and kiss your head a lot.

“Jensen, how come you didn’t tell me earlier?” You asked, catching his attention.

“Um, just didn’t know how to I guess.” You looked at him with confusion, making him sigh.

“I’m scared to get attached, okay? Terrified. After my divorce I never talked to any new girls, never flirted to try to move on, anything. Jared suggested setting up some blind dates but I always said no. He’s actually the one who helped me get the confidence to tell you, last night.” You looked at him with shock. “Did he tell you I like you?” “He said he had a hint that you did.” You shook your head and laughed. “I’m gonna get him back for that, that darn moose.”

“I’m so terrified of losing you, y/n. I know you said you’d never leave me and JJ but I’m still scared I guess because Dan made the same promise and look where we are. Not saying that you’re going to leave, I trust you! I just can’t stand the thought of losing you, wither it be as a friend or as a girlfriend, I love you.”

You took his hand and looked him in the eyes while he looked back. “Jensen, I would never do a thing to hurt you or J. I love you both very much and I promise no matter what we will stick together.” He kissed you softly.

“I can’t get enough of that, this feels like a dream.”

“Well wake up baby because it isn’t”


The next morning Jensen decided to call Jared, letting him in on the big news. “That’s great, man! I told ya it’d go well!” “Yeah, I’m glad I took your advice, I’m very happy.” Jensen said through the phone, looking over at you and smiling to himself at the view. You were laying on the couch in his flannel shirt with no pants on, just his shirt and panties life couldn’t get any better.

You looked over and gave him a smile. “Are you staring at me, babe?” *gif up top* He smiled and looked away, rubbing his face in embarrassment. “I love you!” You yelled. “I love you too!” “Aww, I love you three dude.” Jared joked.

“Maybe we can have a double date! You and y/n, me and Gen!” “Sounds good to me, JJ’s with Danneel all week so other than work I’m free.” “Great! I’ll let you know when we’re free too.” They left with goodbyes, leaving you and him alone with each other.

“God you look so gorgeous in my shirt.” Jensen blushed, kissing you after.

You guys spent most of the day watching scary movies together, cuddling up to him whenever you got scared and he’d wrap his strong arms around you letting you know you’re safe. You both were happily in love, for the first time in forever, and damn it felt good to spend it together.

“I was right, you are an amazing girlfriend, and we just started dating so I can’t even imagine how amazing it’s going to keep going.”

Somewhere in Neverland

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 17 - Concern

Master List

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,156
Warnings: language, mentions of relapse, i think thats it
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: BAZINGA! I know I said I wasn’t going to post anything until Tuesday but I managed to get out of doing my family’s hair today and sat down at my computer to do some stuff and this happened so here you all go! SURPRISE UPDATE! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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“So how’s the saving the world thing going?”

“I’m helping build a school, Jensen. It’s not really saving the world.”

“I don’t know … you’re missing out on turkey and stuffing to help people.”

“That doesn’t make me some kind of super hero. Besides, I don’t have the build to pull off tights.” Misha smiles into the phone, trying not to move at the risk of aggravating his already aching muscles. It’s times like these that he really feels his age.

“I disagree.” Jensen laughs and it makes Misha’s smile grow.

“I don’t even want to know what perverted fantasy just popped into your head.”

“Oh, you’d like it” Jensen purrs, and Misha can all but see the man leaning back confidently in his seat.

I’m sure.” He bites his lip and gives that image a thought, shaking it out of his head just as quickly and deciding that he should probably change subjects now, or risk this phone call taking a very weird turn. “How are you doing? How are Dani and JJ? Are you guys all stuffed?”

“Fat and happy, for sure. Dani made this glaze shit for the turkey … I swear to god, if I wasn’t already married, I’d marry that glaze. It was fucking fantastic.”

Misha hums and nods, just imagining the meal Jensen probably had—and the thought instantly gives him a little stabbing pain between his ribs. He misses Vicki. He misses the kids. He loves what he’s doing here in Nicaragua but … that doesn’t make it any less difficult to be away from his family during the holidays. It’s a selfish feeling, he knows; but it’s one he feels he’s earned this last week.

The silence he’s leaving obviously isn’t sitting well with Jensen, judging by the sudden change in his tone. “You okay?”

“Yeah … just a little homesick.” Misha looks down at his watch, focusing on the date and checks off one more day in his head. Just a few more and then he can finally sleep in his own bed. He can get kicked by Maison and harassed by West. He’s sure he’ll miss this place during those crazy moments, but it’ll be a hollow want. All he ever truly desires is to be in that crowded bed with his little, insane family.

“I’m sorry, man. I was thinking about sending you a picture … but then I thought that it might not be the same since you can’t send one back.”

Misha comes round to their conversation fully now, remembering a moment later what hasn’t popped into his mind at all today—their tradition. Every year on Thanksgiving, basically since they met, Jensen has sent him a picture of one of the dishes Danneel made. Then Misha will respond with a dish being prepared at his house. Soon, they’re both sending dozens of photos, trying to one-up the other with various types of delicious food. It’s frivolous and pointless, but it’s happened every year, and every year he can’t help but laugh himself to tears with how competitive Jensen becomes. It’s truly one of his favorite things about this day.

He supposes it makes sense he wouldn’t think about it now—he had no big meal to remind him, and Jensen is usually the first to send a picture anyway; so he had no reason to recall their yearly battle. But now that he does remember, he’s homesick all the more. “Yeah, I don’t think that that would have helped. I honestly forgot all about it until you said something just now.”

“Mish! I’m hurt!” Jensen is all jokes and love, but Misha’s following grin is hollow. He misses him.

“Sorry. It’s been a crazy week.” He really can’t blame himself though, he knows that. He’s been worried about construction plans and gas lines and funding—not the childish games he plays with his best friend. “We’re doing a make-up Thanksgiving when I get home, maybe we can try it then?”

Jensen sighs and Misha feels a little guilty, even though he knows he shouldn’t. But acting like a stupid kid with Jensen always makes the guy so happy, and Misha always wants him to have a smile on his face. “Well, you’ll win because I won’t have anything to battle with. My dinner is already over.”

Misha huffs in response, knowing that the fun is not going to be there after the fact anyway. “Yeah …”

Jensen chuckles and Misha can hear him shuffle against the phone. “Hey, it’s cool … I’ll just have to whoop your ass twice as bad next year. I’ll see if we can do like three different types of turkeys or something.”

Misha laughs and rolls his eyes. “Isn’t that a bit excessive?”

Maybe … I dunno, we’ll donate the extra to a homeless shelter, but still—they’ll be delicious and they’ll beat the crap out of any meal you all have.”

The warmth that fills his chest makes his heart swell and beat faster with the heat. “You’re on, Ackles.”


The house smells like stuffing and turkey and that delicious pecan gravy Vicki always makes—coming home has never felt better. Misha’s arms are already full of messy headed children the moment he walks through the door, and his wife’s soft smile carries him quickly towards the kitchen.

“It smells amazing in here” Misha says, bending down to give Vicki a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you—and you’re just in time. The potatoes need peeling.” Her devilish grin brings him back to their high school English class. She’s still that wicked little girl that stole his heart all those years ago.

“I don’t even have my coat off and you’re already putting me to work?”

Vicki grins again and returns to stirring that addicting gravy that’s making Misha practically drool down the side of his face.

He sets down the kids and whacks their butts—sending them off running back to the living room so they can continue destroying whatever they were destroying before he got here. It looks like today’s havoc means they’re finger painting in his dictionary—awesome.

With a sigh, he turns back to head across the kitchen and grabs the bag of potatoes off the table. In another moment, he’s got the peeler in hand is on route to the backyard. It’ll be easier just to grab a stool and peel the skins directly into the compost heap—no need making a second trip with a garbage bag. Just as he situates himself on the stool from his work bench, potato already in hand, and peeler in the other—his phone sings out a short little tune, implying that he got a text. With a grunt, Misha sets everything down again to fish the phone from his pocket. It’s probably his agent, or someone from Random Acts with another question about the school project … or it’s something completely unrelated with very bad timing and dead set to bring him out of his momentary bliss. All his woeful scenarios fly over the fence however when he opens the text to find a picture of brussle sprouts, steaming with speckles of seasoning, resting in a fancy dish.

“What the –“

Another texts beeps in and this time, there’s an image of a pot of what he thinks is mashed potatoes, getting stirred by someone’s hand.

Misha creases his brow and stares at the pictures a little longer, wondering why Jensen is sending these now … did he take them on Thursday in preparation for their yearly war?

“What are you doing?” he texts back, too exhausted from his long flight to be more specific with the question.

Winning” is all Jensen replies with and Misha has to laugh. Of course he’s getting only one word answers in response.

“I mean, why are you sending me your pictures from Thanksgiving? I thought you wanted to wait until next year.” Misha pauses a moment, forgetting about the potatoes as he anticipates Jensen’s next short reply.

“They’re not from Thanksgiving.”

That message is shortly followed by an image of a fairly brown and juicy looking turkey.

“I don’t understand.” Misha really hates that Jensen isn’t a more descriptive texter. He tried explaining to the man before that he probably ends up texting more because he keeps on having to send more messages to explain his one word answers to people’s questions. Jensen didn’t agree.

“Making another dinner.”

“Another Thanksgiving dinner?”


Misha sets down the phone a moment, staring at a rotting lemon at the top of the compost heap. Why the hell would they make a second dinner? “Why?” seems like the only logical question after that.

“How else am I supposed to win this year?”

Another, disbelieving laugh bursts through Misha’s lips as he rubs the back of his neck with his free hand. Surely, Jensen isn’t putting Danneel through another giant meal just for their stupid yearly competition, is he? “Seriously?” Misha shoots back, almost mad on Danneel’s behalf. Jensen has to be joking; maybe he just googled pictures of Thanksgiving dishes and he’s sending them to him now to fuck with him. He did know that today was Misha’s make-up dinner, after all.

Jensen’s reply comes in the form of another photo—this one, of him and Danneel smiling at the camera while Danneel holds a Martha Stewart-quality turkey.

Misha is dialing Jensen within seconds of seeing the image, still not sure if he should really trust his own eyes.

“Heya, Mish” Jensen chirps happily after only one ring.

“Don’t heya me, you are not cooking a whole other Thanksgiving dinner!” Misha isn’t sure why this is getting under his skin so much, but it is—he can’t fathom that their game would make Jensen go to such great lengths.

“I am … well, Dani is. But I peeled the potatoes.” Jensen’s voice is full of light and laughter and Misha has a hard time staying frustrated once he hears it.

“But … but, why?”

A small sound carries through the phone and the background noise gets quieter—Misha thinks that Jensen might be walking into a more private place to talk. “Cuz, you were homesick, man. You missed Thanksgiving.”

Misha closes his eyes and wonders out loud, groaning to the orange sky above him. “Yeah, but I’m getting a do-over, you knew that.”

Jensen chuckles, tickling Misha’s ear. “Yeah, and that do-over wouldn’t be complete without all the traditions.”

Another sigh allows Misha’s head to fall against his hand, rocking it back and forth across his own fisted knuckles. It’s true, Jensen is doing a whole other meal just for him—he’s not sure if he should feel special or if he should scold the man for being so extreme. Sure, Misha was homesick, but even Jensen has to see that this is a little much. “I can’t believe you” he whispers, shutting his eyes to the chilled air outside.

“Well, believe it.”

“Really?” Misha asks again, still hoping for the got’cha to come around. “You are seriously doing a whole ‘nother dinner just because I missed our silly competition?”

His friend sighs, curving the sound with a laugh and it eases Misha’s shoulders a little. “No man … it’s not all for that, but—it did give me the idea.”

Misha finally lifts his head again, staring back at that rotten lemon on top of the heap, noticing how it somehow smells sweeter now, even though its insides are all brown and crusted. “What idea?”

Jensen clears his throat and more shuffling can be heard through the silence. Misha imagines the man is starting to feel too vulnerable, fidgeting with his other hand in his pocket. “Well, you missed Thanksgiving because you were doing something good—something for other people; and here I was, just wanting to send you pictures of all my kick ass food. I felt sorta selfish, ya know? So, after I was joking around with you, and said that I’d donate the extra food next year, it got me thinking—why not this year? So, I spoke with Danneel and we decided that we should cook again but give this food away. People aren’t only hungry on Thanksgiving, after all.”

Misha only notices his own beaming grin when it begins to hurt his cheeks. Jensen isn’t really doing this for him or for some silly need to compete … he’s doing this for others, and that makes him miss the guy all the more. “That’s … that’s amazing, Jen.”

The dismissive grunt that Jensen gives makes Misha practically feel his shrug, and he has to laugh because he knows, Jensen must be blushing right now. “Whatever—I mean, the real important thing is though, I’m currently kicking your ass because this meal is fucking awesome!”

Misha rolls his eyes again, cheeks still bunched up in a grin. The potatoes remain on the ground next to the stool as he rushes back inside. Vicki gives him a knowing look as he crowds in beside her, reaching over the multiple simmering pots to snap a picture of them with his phone. She rolls her eyes at him too, but scoots over to let her husband have his fun. “You’re so going down, Ackles!” Misha hollers, loud enough for Jensen to hear even though the phone is away from his mouth.

“Game on, Collins!” Jensen yelps back.

“You’re both idiots” Vicki giggles, and Misha can only nod and give his wife another kiss on the cheek.

You Again - Part 4

Summary: Jensen and Y/N talk and he finally reveals to her what really happened six years ago.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel
Words: 2,306
Warnings: Language, insecurities, mentions of past mistakes, yelling

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: So it’s been a while since I’ve updated this. I’ve had school work to do and also I didn’t know how to write it all out until now. Also, it’s in the reader’s POV. Jensen’s POV in the next part. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

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Title: The sea knows more than we do

Pairing: Jense/Misha

Word Count: 8163

Prompt from super-harkness: Jensen takes Misha (just friends but secretly in love with each other) for a ride on his boat one weekend. They enjoy hanging out, swimming and when they want to go home, the boat won’t start and they are stuck there together for one night, because mechanics will come the next day. So they start to drink all the booze on bord, do night- swims and more…

This fic is loosely set post s9. I apologise if this isn’t what you were hoping for, the story got away from me. Please excuse the liberties I took with Jensen’s boat since I have no idea what kind of boat it is and I couldn’t figure it out from the pictures I found. Special thanks to Wendy for her beta work (although the last few paragraphs went unedited so if you find any mistakes, they are my own.)  Enjoy!!

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Bad company part 16

Part 15                Master list

Today was the day, well actually three days ago was the day but the little guy had no intention on coming on his due date. Now you woke up in bed, your body in a full cramp. Your hand came down and smacked Jensen’s chest as he lay soundlessly beside you. He groaned and opened his eyes. 
“What’s up baby?” He said in  the sleepy voice that normally would have you feeling a little hot under the collar. Not today though, you were trying your best to breath through the contractions. You’d been having them for at least four hours but seeing as they weren’t too bad you just ignored them. Jensen realised what was happening and all sleep left him as he sat up and put his hand on your back. 
“It’s happening?” 
You nodded, unable to say anything else. 

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