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I'm stalking ur cockles tag right now and I saw a post that said "they(jensen & misha) both basically said they have open marriages" ???? I know Vicki wrote that book about threesomes but Jensen??? I need details??

I’m kind of confused as to what post you’re talking about, but as far as I know, Danneel is quite open about playing lesbian and bisexual roles. This doesn’t actually prove anything, I know. But she’s good friends with Misha and Vicki, who are the epitome of a liberated couple in an open marriage. She and Jensen have gay relatives and seem comfortable with them.

I know you can be friends with a couple in an open marriage without opening up your own marriage, but the way Jensen and Misha interact, the open, flirty manner of their interactions- That seals it for me, because Misha is a nice guy. He wouldn’t hurt or humiliate Danneel by flirting so obviously with her husband if she wasn’t okay with it. 

So that’s why I think she’s completely fine with Jensen/Misha.  

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