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Best moment of the Grammy’s was not even Beyoncé’s stunning performance, it was this: recognizing and sharing the love. These two absolute queens! Girlpower all the way <3

In all seriousness, yeah Bastille didn’t win an award, but that will never invalidate their hardwork. They’re still continuing with their day and look forward to seeing their fans. Even if they are slightly saddened, we should just continue to show them our support and love for them/their work! We should always let them know that we appreciate them for what they do!

BTS reaction: When their BW interest takes them clubbing


BW= black women 

Bold= your talking

<<<= your name


Jin: He isn’t much of a dancer but he was more than happy to go clubbing with you. However, after you having to backhand a bitch and Jin having to peel you off her, you both were more than happy to just go to a diner and fuck up some burgers

Suga: suga thought clubbing would be a real good idea and he rarly ever says no to your ideas. But when he starts hearing more incoherant beats than your soothing voice and seeing more blinding strob lights than your bronzed skin, he relized there were better options than the club.

“how about we go somewhere more. private?” 

RapMon: you both had agreed that namjoon would come over to pick you up. he came over and you werent ready so, 20 minutes was just of him sitting in your living room and 20 more minutes you and him having a pre-clubbing dance time. 

“i dont think they’ed be playing R&B music at the club” “you dont know that now come on boy, loosen them muscles for me” 

Jhope: This fool was more into clubbing with you than you had expected. his song would come on and he would just get completely lost in the music, and lost with you.

Jimin: you always had music playing in the house especially before going out ,just to keep yourself hyped. So, when jimin came in to that good ass beat playing in the background, there was no doubt you had him bouncing to the beat and you bounced right along with him.

“ayee <<<, you got 10 minutes or imma just stay and jam to your playlist”

Taehyung: he was tired off dancing after awhlie, but he wasn’t tired of watching you get in your zone and own it. moving in a way that made him feel like it was his job to watch you. you wanted him to dance with you and he honestly didnt know if he wanted to dance with you or watch you move. 

“Ill be out there in a moment, just save some room for me K?”

Jungkook: now when you party, you party hard like, danm. you even wore out jungkook, this boy had to sit his ass now and you over here throwing back shots and bouncing off the walls like this was a normal day 

“i better learn to keep up with this girl if i want to keep her.”


hello hello my Beauties im starting to get a little more request ,not a lot, but it managable so, i,m happy and i hope you all are happy with my work so far. 

this request was for @ frostbittemyheart so i hope you liked this and i would love to hear your feedback in the tags or in my inbox . Thank you

Bai for Now 

paintingit  asked:

Thank you for inspiring me with your amazing artwork! Thanks to you I have tried out drawing on the phone and now I cant stop haha.

Oh danm, Haha Thank you so much…I’m so glad to hear! But This is made me happy, and i am really really glad you enjoys my art ♡! :)

DSOD in a nutshell:
  • Seto Kaiba: Pharaoh, I'm calling you.
  • Atem: I can't come, I'm dead.
  • Seto Kaiba: You came for Jonouchi and Yugi! Even without the puzzle!
  • Atem: Jonouchi is my friend and Yugi is my partner. Also, they were in danger of being erased from the dimension.
  • Seto Kaiba: I was erased, too!
  • Atem: You're neither my friend, nor my partner.
  • Seto Kaiba: :(
  • Atem: Sorry, gotta go again.
  • Seto Kaiba: FINE! I'll come to you, then!
  • Atem: Wha-??
  • Seto Kaiba: Here I am!
  • Atem: Oh, JFC... FINE, I'll duel you. Danm, you're stubborn!

When I read this I literally laughed out loud (ಡ艸ಡ) I love it! Thanks for the request, @socratesash​! Thank you for requesting Hanamiya, he is trash bae!


Sometimes he just doesn’t know when to stop, and this was one of those times. You asked him to push you on the swing but he just had to test the limit of how high you could go. Needless to say, you lose your balance and feel the seat disappear from beneath you. You brace yourself to hit the ground. Instead, using his quick reflexes, you are caught in the beefy arms of your boyfriend who wears a proud smirk. “Did you think I would let you fall? You know me better than that, ___-chan.”


His apologies flood your ears from before you even hit the ground, and when you do, he is right by your side. He carefully picks you up in his arms and looks you over. You’re mad and are more than ready to tell him how dangerous his little trick was but when you look up at him you can tell he truly regrets it. You don’t have the heart to reprimand such a sad, pretty face, and you let it go. “WAHH! I’m so sorry, __-cchi! Tell me, are you hurt anywhere?”


What started off as a casual pushing got a bit out of hand as you urged Akashi to push you higher. You were on his property by the lake and the view from the top of the swing was spectacular. Unfortunately, before you know it you are flying off the seat and heading toward the hard ground. Then suddenly you are hit by a force from the side, and yes, you do end up on the ground but not directly. Akashi would never let you hit the hard ground and jumped beneath you to soften the fall. “I underestimated the force I was using. Forgive me, ___, it won’t happen again.”


It was Kuroko’s idea to push you on the swing, but it was your idea to swing higher and higher and eventually jump off. A very bad idea. You land wrong and fall to your knees, pulling one of your legs up to your chest. Kuroko is quick to come to your side and asks if you are seriously hurt. Although nothing seems to be broken, you tell him there’s a sharp pain in your ankle. Without hesitation, he kneels and tells you to climb onto his back so he can carry you home. “Jumping from such high places is dangerous, ___-chan. Please don’t do that again.”


He is hesitant at first when you ask him to pus you on the swing, seeing it as childish. However, when you plead a second time he gives in. All is going well, you are not even going that high, until his sleeve gets caught on the chain of the swing. It jerks at him, pulling him forward and pulling the swing away from you. You both stumble on each other, landing on the ground like a couple of clumsy children. “I was afraid something like this would happen. Neither of us is very lucky today.”


You asked your boyfriend to push you on the swing and quickly regret it. He is so engulfed in the ice cream you just bought him, he doesn’t realize the ridiculous amount of force he’s using as he pushes you on the swing. Before you can bring this to his attention, you lose your grip and fall forward as you reach the highest point. Shoving the rest of the ice cream in his mouth, he reaches out with his long arms and catches you by the waist. “You’re supposed to hang on to the swing, ___-chin. Jumping off is dangerous for someone so short.”


Pushing you higher on the swing was both of your ideas and you were confidant you could hold on without falling off. Unfortunately Kagami is distracted with how high you are going and completely forgets to take a step back after pushing you forward. On your way back down you end up slamming into to him, effectively throwing both of you back on the ground. You lay there, on top of him, in silence as you both are in a daze. Quite some time passes before either of you feels well enough to stand again. “Danm…are you okay, ___?”


You don’t know what possessed you to allow your boyfriend to push you on a swing, or what possessed him to go along with such a cliche act, but it happened. And it ended just the way you both knew it would. Despite your pleas, he pushes you to hard and you land face first into the wood chips. When you look up he is merely holding out a hand to you with a bored expression on his face. “Alright, that’s enough fun for today. Let’s go. Unless you enjoy eating dirt?”


Like why she is soooooo danm CUTE?!!! plus when you are with her she make you feel like sooooo danm nice!! I remember being sooo nervous all the time previous at to meet her, and when i was there she just keep looking directly to my eyes and smiling so lovely and relaxing… i totally forgot my nerves… was like talk to an old friend… 

Me after watching Dan and Phil’s new video

Phil: They’re gonna want to eat me now aren’t they, cuz they’re Dan


Dan: You can eat one D


Dan: There is a banana called ‘in you’ lets not discuss that one 


Dan: #Fuck just glided past


Dan: Oh my, Phil I’m very large right now 



Tired of Arguing

Word count :3141

1.      Request : hannac-08 asked:

Hey, Can you please do a deanxreader where they get in a big fight so she leaves and goes on a dangerous hunt alone but has to call Dean because she gets in trouble,and they make up in the end? Thanks xoxo

Authors note :It’s a long one guys and i hope you enjoy I was originally going to make her call Dean but I thought if she was really in trouble she wouldn’t be the one calling .I hope you all enjoy .I don’t ever get tired of saying thank you to all of you because I honestly can’t help but smile every time I get on Tumblr .Every one of you bring a smile to my face and I hope I can return the favor .I hope you all know how important you are and always keep fighting .


It was late at night in the bunker you had decided to go to the shooting range .You were trying to avoid Dean and let your anger out .He had left for the third time on another hunt .IT wasn’t that you were lonely or that you were worried about him you were just pissed .it was the third hunt he decided to leave you without telling you .A thousand things went through your head as you grabbed your gun and aimed it to the target. You remembered all the nights before you and Dean had decided to go out all the women he picked up all the sluts .You were mad you couldn’t help but think of anything but bad about Dean .He would probably come home and say I just wanted to protect you baby and play it off but it’s the last time you were taking it .God danm it you were a hunter not a house wife waiting for her husband to come home from work .you began shooting at the target mad .Once you ran out of ammo you laid your gun down .Your targets head had been fully blown off .You didn’t know how you were going to pull through this if you were .You heard the front doors of the bunker open you knew it was both the Winchesters .You heard both of them yelling your name



You wanted them to worry especially Dean .You had anger in you and you wanted Dean to know how it felt to not find the person you loved for a little while .You reloaded your gun while you waited .It took him a few minutes before he came running in.

“What the hell y/n .Why didn’t you answer to us?”

You laughed a little you thought it was a dumb question you lifted your gun again and aimed at the target.

“So it’s supposed to be funny me worrying about you.”

You ignored his statement and shot one bullet through the targets heart .You heard Sam come down the steps a little later.

“You found her?”

“Yeah I did but she’s being dramatic right now.”

You got annoyed and put your gun down and turned towards them.

“Sam, do you mind if I have a word with Dean “

“OH yeah sure.”

Sam ran back up stairs

“So now she speaks.”

“You know I don’t think you really know how this works Winchester .Your allowed to get mad at me for not answering but I can’t get mad when I wake up to no one. You freaked out for 5 to 10 minutes I woke up three times this  week to no one lying next to me .To me not finding Sam in the bunker either .Yeah but am I allowed to get mad no .You go on hunts imp fine with that but imp not your house wife and I deserve to tag along .”

“Y/n imp trying to protect you.”

“No you don’t get to do that.”

“What love you?”

“No you don’t get to say that this is for protection don’t guilt me into believing it’s because you don’t want me to get hurt.”

“But it is “

“Stop the bus Dean .I know you think imp weak .What hurts is not knowing where you are .Waking up to an empty bed .You know those aren’t even the worst how about the fact you don’t think imp incapable of going on hunts with you .Winchester you think imp weak and I can’t stand that .For all I know when you leave you go to a bar and sleep with one of you other sluts.”

You could feel his anger in his face after your comments.

“You can’t actually believe I’m sleeping with other women .I leave you here because I don’t want you to get hurt not because imp cheating on you .I can’t believe you think that .You aren’t perfect either you know that right .I’m sorry I actually get women to hit on me and, Yes maybe I do think your weak .Last hunt you came on you got hurt.”

You couldn’t take it anymore you ignored him and grabbed your gun you put it on safety and started to walk away.

“Oh no no y/n you don’t walk away from me.”

He grabbed your arm and pulled you aggressively back .He held you by your shoulders looking straight at you.

“Y/n your being ridiculous and I don’t know what have to do to get through your thick head.”

“Nothing I won’t be your leverage anymore I won’t hold you back.”

You pushed him off of you and ran up the stairs .You ran to your room and locked the door .You grabbed your duffel and started to pack. Once you were done you heard knock on the door.

“Y/n its Sam Dean just left I think he was headed to a bar.”

“Typical “

“Can you open the door “

You hid the duffel you packed under your bed .you answered the door.

“Hey Sam what’s up.”

“Y/n he doesn’t mean what he say this hunt got to him.”

“Sam you just don’t get it.”

“He’s my brother what don’t I get.”

“That’s the problem Sam his your brother you give him the benefit of the doubt .Sam I know you care for him a lot and so do I but I just need my space ok Sammy .”

“Fine I get it and you know Deans the only one allowed to call me that.”

“I know “

You closed the door behind you and took the duffel out again. You locked your door hopefully Sam would think you were still upset .You Decided to go to bed you were going to go to bed and leave in the middle of the night .It was 2 in the morning when you heard Dean come back he was knocking over things. You stood up in bed .You heard Dean knock on your door .Maybe he was here to apologize but boy where you wrong .Once you had opened that door you could smell the whiskey off of him.

“Hey doll face.”

He tried to lean in for a kiss but you backed away .You could smell something else other than the alcohol .the slightest hint of perfume .You grabbed his shirt pulling it closer to you only to be sure .You were almost a 100 percent sure he had women’s perfume on him .he took that chance to get grabby and you pushed him away again .you yelled for Sam to make sure you didn’t kill his brother.


You heard loud footsteps running through the hall once he reached your room he looked panicked aiming his gun at both you and Dean.

“What the hell is wrong?”

“Oh you know me and y/n are about to have some fun.”

“The hell we are get your brother away from me Sam before I kill him.”

“Come on Dean.”

“Fine we’ll continue this tomorrow then y/n.”

“Sure “

Dean didn’t know you were planning on leaving on a solo hunt for a while so you gave him no hint what so ever. You watched as Dean leaned on Sam and escorted him out .You decided to take this chance to lock your door and get ready .You switched out of your pajamas and into your jeans tank top plaid flannel and leather jacket with a hood .It was cold and raining outside  you put your combat boots on too .You reached under your bed and grabbed your Duffel .You knew Sam would be helping Dean out all night practically so you took your chance and you quietly walked outside your door and locked it to make sure Sam wasn’t suspicious .Once you were done you made your way to the front door and put your hoodie on .You had parked your car in the front from last week and asked if Dean could move it but he never got around to it .I guess it was better for you anyways. You unlocked your car and threw your duffel in the back .you got on the driver’s side and started your car .Leaving the bunker behind you.

Dean’s p.m.

I woke up with the biggest head ache in the world .Sammy was sleeping in a chair in my room .You started to remembered what happened last night the argument with y/n and then getting un believably drunk .you started to get up and you had the instant urge to throw your guts up .Sam woke up from to the sound of vomit.

“You know not only do I hate you for wakening me up at 2 in the morning to help you but also for making me sleep in your chair .Here have some water .”

You grabbed the water Sam had thrown you and took large gulps pf water.

“Sorry Sam where’s y/n?”

“Locked up in her room pissed.”

“I messed up Sam didn’t I?”

“Yeah you did.”

“I should go apologize shouldn’t I?”

“Yeah but after you take a shower and brush your teeth.”

“Good call.”

It took dean about an hour before he went to y/n’s room .he knocked on the door.

“Hey y/n can you open the door baby, I’m sorry I know I screwed up .Y/n come on talk to me.”

No reply still

“I know you’re mad but I just want to see you or at least hear your voice. If this is one of your other tricks to make me worry I get it .I just really want to know you’re ok baby .Y/n answer me please.”

NO response still .Dean was getting worried.

“Y/n imp going to break down this door now if you don’t answer me.”

Dean didn’t hesitate this time when he didn’t hear anything .He kicked the door open .Most of y/n’s stuff was gone .His heart sank when he saw that y/n had left .There was a note on the bed.

Hey Dean

I’m leaving for a little bit need some time to myself .Don’t look for me I’ll probably be back in two to three days if not then I probably made a different decision .I can’t be around a person I love that comes home drunk smelling like a girl .Tell Sam not to worry either .Dean I need to be able to trust you and right now I’m not able to  .I need to go on hunts it helps me so if I don’t come back I’ll send you a message on the decision I made .Thanks Dean hope to see you again .


pp.’s- please don’t leave voice mail it’ll just make things harder.


Dean fell to his knees holding his head in his hands .How could he let this happen let her leave like that .He hated himself for that .Dean felt guilty every muscle in his body felt worst .


Sam came running.

“She’s gone Sam.”

“Wow wait what .where she go?”

“She went on a hunt Sam without us she said she might be back.”

“Dean she just needs her space.”

“I think I gave her too much space in the beginning that’s why she left.”

“All we can do know is wait Dean two days pass.”

“Sam I need her in my life.”

“I know Dean I do too she’s like a sister to me.”


Y/n p.m0.v

You got a hit on a case .It seemed pretty risky but you were dying for one.it was the header of the newspaper .People dying from suicide witnesses say they have black eyes .You automatically thought Demonic possession .you investigated and cornered his next possible victim apparently this demon liked possessing cheaters preferably husbands that cheat on their wife’s .Thank god Dean wasn’t here hes not your husband but I doubt it’d bother the demon .You had set demon traps all over the house in hidden spots of course .Once you heard screaming you saw a women run out the house half naked .You made your way into the house seeing the husbands possessed body trapped over the bedroom carpet .

“You know you demons really are pretty stupid to be honest.”

“Funny y/n since you’ve been screwing around with the Winchesters .I always thought you were smarter than that .I mean aren’t you having relationship problems anyways.”

“Oh shut up let’s get this over with and send you back to hell where you belong.”

“Ouch that hurt.”

You started exorcising the demon.

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica…
…Ergo, draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica…

Before you could finish you saw the demon smile you felt a familiar presence behind you.

“Now darling we wouldn’t want to do that now would we.”

“You son of a bitch Crowley.”

You turned away from the demon to face crowley.

“You’ve been hanging around Dean too much .Didn’t expect to find you alone this will just make things easier.”

Before you could ask how you felt a shock of pain behind your head and then everything went black. You woke up later with the biggest headache in the world naked tied to a torture table with leather straps barely being able to cover you .you thought to yourself why Crowley why now .A few minutes later the demon came in the room with Crowley .

“Nice to see your up y/n “

“Why the hell am I here Crowley naked?”

“It helps with the torture no clothing for protection .To my estimates my dear demon friend here has 2 full days to torture you before we give your boy toy a call.”

“Crowley we have no beef together why?”

“You’ve killed a lot of demons y/n making us more and more extinct not only that but the fact you almost killed me.”

“But I didn’t “

“Only because Sam and Dean had to stop you.”

“Crowley next time I won’t hesitate.”

Crowley left the room with a smile. The days seemed to go on  forever the slashing and stabbing wouldn’t stop .you couldn’t take the pain anymore especially the acid .It was unbearable your would have to get a new anti-possession tattoo too from the looks of it .once Crowley came back to the room he had your phone and dialed Dean he had him on speaker .

“Hey y/n im sorry come home baby I miss you.”

You felt tears stream down missing him too .Crowley responded first.

“Aww how sweet, Y/n’s a little busy here Dean.”

“Crowley what the hell are you doing .I swear to God if you hurt her ill make you wish you were never born .Ill break every bone in your body and force you into a full tub of holy after you son of a bitch .”

“Not in your best interest if you want y/n back alive she’s in enough rough shape as it is.”

“What do you want?”

“Oh nothing just to make sure you do me a favor when the time comes.”

You screamed again when the demon slid the knife down your stomach.Your eyes filled with water the worst was after when she poured alcohol over the wound .You couldn’t stand anymore pain.

“Dean help please.”

“Y/n stay strong .fine Crowley I’ll do it.”

“OK you can stop now.”

The demon stopped on command.

“She’s in the mental asylum closest to you room 666.Oh and bring clothes.”

It took them a ½ hour to arrive .You heard the door swing open

“You saw Dean bring in a duffel

“Y/n oh my god they carved you.”

You both couldn’t help but tear up of course you had already been crying.

“OH dean can you cut the straps then leave the clothes and turn around.”

“Yeah y/n anything “

You weren’t too comfortable ever being naked unless it was 100 percent in private .It didn’t matter anymore though the pain hurt more than your conscious.He turned around and you started to get dressed .you put your bra and underwear but felt too weak to do the rest.

“Never mind Dean please just help me.”

He turned around and you could see how sorry he was.

“This isn’t your fault Dean it’s more mine then yours.”

“Y/n I can’t help it this is what scares me I can’t bare losing you.”

“Dean stop it just help me these clothes are too tight on the cuts”

“Here “

He took off his flannel and you slipped it on it wasn’t tight on your wounds.

“Dean I love you and I need you in my life but you have to understand I am a hunter .This was caused because of my past  .It wasn’t because of you .I need to hunt Dean its my nature to do so .You have to understand that .”

“I do its just I wish I could keep you safe.”

“That’s not your job Winchester the only way you can protect me is by letting me hunt with you two .

“I know that your not leaving my sight “

You grabbed the sides of his face and brought him close and, put your foreheads together.

“One things first and we put this behind us.”

“Shoot “

“Why the hell did you smell like perfume the other night?”

He laughed

“I may have walked into a perfume store thinking it was a liquor store last night .FYI perfume taste discussing.”

You laughed at your dork.

“Dean lets go home and once you heal from the hangover and me from these wounds we start hunting the hell out of these demonic assholes.Oh and you should know I had the demon .Crowley was the only reason I didn’t walk away without a scratch”

“I know y/n you’re at our skill level and I agree with sending those asses back to the only place they deserve to go to hell.“

“One things for sure Winchester we need some one on one time first.”

“Then let’s get you home then no time to waist.”

“Slow your horses down Winchester.”

“Nope “

He lifted you up bridal style and started running. Sam was outside the door .Shocked at you two.


“Sammy catch up “you screamed laughing.

Once you all reached the car you laid in the back

“Guess what y/n “


“Sam won’t admit it but he missed you calling him Sammy.”

You looked at Sam catching him punching Dean in the arm

“Bitch “

“Jerk “

“I missed him too calling me shorty.”

“You hate when I say that to you y/n”

“I know because look at you Sammy you’re 6 foot 4.We aren’t all blessed with height. “

You all laughed and listened to music on the way back to the bunker.

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Mean drunk with the winchesters !

Authors note: guys I’m going to be honest I felt really mean in this imagine but it just kept going .I hope you like it and don’t forget to send in request .i’m writing a lot longer send in your feed back .

Word count: 2448

Warning: strong language little smut didn’t go too into detail at all.


You walked into the bar it was your sixth bar this month .you went straight in and sat on one of the bar stools .the bar was made of wood you were wearing your typical hunting gear your boots, jeans, tank top and your favorite leather jacket. the bar was semi-packed mostly men were in the bar some skanky women were there too you wouldn’t doubt at least some of them were prostitutes .you saw the bar tender he started to head to you he wasn’t that half bad but you weren’t in the mood if at all to put up with him. You had just lost your mom recently and it was affecting you badly.

“What can I get a pretty lady like you?”

“Why don’t you stop with the flirting and just do your danm job because I’m not in the mood if you couldn’t tell.”

“danm feisty I like that .”

“Get a hint why don’t you get me a beer and keep them coming till I say you can stop.”

“Alright I get the picture “

He brought you a beer you finished it in less than three sips

“Wow the lady can drink.”

“What don’t you get in you need to shut up and not talk to me for the rest of the night unless you want a black eye and broken arm.”

“Fine bitch suit yourself “

“Thankyou “

he brought you your next beer you weren’t feeling the buzz yet .it was going to take a lot more than a couple of beers to get you to the point you wanted to be at .you had practically become immune to the drink in the past month from so many bars .if you weren’t hunting you were probably at a bar drinking all of your sorrow away.

“Hey bar tender can you get me something a little stronger whiskey or I don’t know a jack .he looked at you funny

 “Alright anything for the wicked bitch.”

“Thanks he brought you a cup with ice and whiskey from what you could tell.”

You were finally starting to feel the buzz when the two seats next to you to your left got occupied. From what you could tell the guy right next to you was really good looking dirty blonde hair tall and had a green emerald eyes with a great jaw line he ordered a beer .you choose to not look at him any longer because no way in hell were you in the mood to even see a person in the face. The bartender refilled your cup .the hot guy right next to you turned to you

“So how long have you been in the business.”

You looked at him confused

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not stupid I know a hunter when I see one and your shirts lifted a little on your hip so you can see your anti possession tattoo.”

You finished your drink

“Well why don’t you mind your own god dam business and look at one of the prostitutes body over there while you’re at it because you may be hunter but I don’t give a danm .”

The bar tender came again and refilled your cup

“Don’t be like that hunters stick together plus my brother right here’s a hunter too.

“Oh so that gives me all the reason to tell you my life story here let me right it down for you smart ass.  I don’t care if you’re a hunter or if your huge brother is. for all I care you can all go to hell .I just want to drink peacefully so please don’t talk to me ask me questions or look at me .thank you very much .”

“Fine but my names Dean this is Sam and I will leave you alone but just tell me your name.”

“oh wonderful the idiotic Winchester brothers .Dean the selfish  one who brought his brother back from the dead because he just couldn’t stand to be alone .what other mistakes have you made oh that’s right you both opened  the gates of hell and broke  the 67 seals .oh and Sam great job in choosing a demon over your brother props go to you .who can forget dean you’re doing a snappy job at protecting your little brother john would be so proud .oh wait that’s right you couldn’t save him from drinking demon blood and you made  a deal with a demon sending your ass to hell but now your back because that’s what Winchesters do right rise from the dead

“Ok you shut up right now Mrs. Perfect what’s your name.”

This was your fourth drink you finally felt the numb feeling overtaking you.”

“You don’t have to know Winchester and I’m sure as hell not telling you.”

The bartender came over

“Hey that’s the last drink I can give you your either going to have to leave or be taken out because my boss isn’t liking you in here.”

“Fine here you put down a 50 keep the change and tell your boss he can go fuck himself.”

you got down from the stool and almost fell but you caught yourself and started walking out you felt someone following you but you really didn’t care you just wanted to get more drunk .you walked down the street. you went into a liquor store and went in looking for a Jack Daniels once you found it you went to the cashier. He looked at you judging your state 

“I can’t sell you that if you’re drunk.”

“Why don’t we keep this between us and I’ll give you a hundred and I’ll make sure to stay quite.

“Fine lady it’s your funeral.”


You grabbed the bottle and went to the back ally you sat against a brick wall and started talking to yourself .you felt yourself breaking down.

“hey mom god its hard without you I miss you a lot .you would be so ashamed to see me right now you hated seeing me drunk .it’s just gotten really hard mom I feel so alone .I wake up every day since you’ve died asking myself why couldn’t It had been me why do I have to be the one still living. You would’ve of wanted me to be happy but it’s so hard to smile knowing you’re not with me anymore .you were the only person I could talk too and you would get me .you could even stand my craziness but now I have no one mom and I just can’t be the strong daughter you always taught me to be .look at me I’m talking to myself right now going insane .I miss you I know it’s  only been  a short time since you left but it still gets to me every day. I hope you’re in a good place mom.”

You started to drink the bottle again when you heard footsteps.

“Great it’s probably some creep or homeless person.”

You stood up to look and it was the Winchesters.


You wiped your tears away and started walking you weren’t able to walk in a straight line anymore and were knocking into everything you didn’t make it far before you fell.

“danm it”

You turned to see the Winchesters.

“You know you two are really tall, it must hurt to be tall and stupid.”

“Funny its better than being short and drunk.”

First I’m not short I’m average and second being drunk is going to wear off .you’re going to stay stupid .”

“Ok smart one come over here.”

“No sorry I like staying alive and I heard being near you two that usually doesn’t happen.”

“Dean why are we helping her again oh that’s right being the bigger person her right.”

“I don’t think you two need to get any bigger.”

“Dean went over to you and let you lean onto him he took you to his car you were barely even conscious when he put you in the back seat and started driving .Sam went In shot gun where are we taking her all she does is insult us why should we pity her .

“I don’t need your pity for all I care you can leave me back at that ally.”

You really need to be quite and tell us your name

Fine its y/n y/l/n

Dean slammed on the breaks and they both looked stunned.

“What’s the matter with you two other than the usual?”

They both looked back at you you’re the one who lost her mom a little while back and went insane hunting every creature in the book.

“Wow word gets around I hadn’t even told any hunters that.”

“Yeah we know we found out because some demon told us they were scared to even see you.”

“HA that’s pretty funny I made demons scared of me.”       

“See Sammy totally worth it.”

They took you to their hotel room an set you down on a bed Sam gave you water and you felt bad because you saw dean settling on the floor you didn’t have the energy and you didn’t want them to know you cared so you rolled off the bed onto the floor .

“What the hell y/n”

 Dean carried you back to the bed and you just rolled off again

“Jesus Christ y/n stay on the bed”

No dean Winchester don’t you dare touch me again or ill punch you were the sun don’t shine.

He looked at you confused

“Why “

“You ask me one more question and ill end your life now.”

“Fine, I guess since you won’t use it I will.

He laid down on the bed you knew you weren’t going to sleep so you just pretended to go to sleep on the floor .you kept on having nightmares about your mom so sleep never came easy .once you made sure they both went to sleep you walked out the room .you started to feel a little more normal and you started to wonder what they did with the bottle of jack you were drinking .you hated feeling vulnerable you went to check deans car you could see it in the back seat under the seat .you tried to think  where his key where you remember seeing them on the table in the room .you went back in and grabbed the keys you heard one of them shuffle and you froze .they stopped and neither of them woke up so you continued .once you were in the car you grabbed the bottle of jack .you took a moment before you twisted the cap off .before you could take a sip someone had grabbed you and dragged you out of the car .he had taken the bottle too .you looked at the person assaulting you and saw dean .

“Danm it dean you always have to ruin everything with your brother.”

“Cut he shit y/n stop with the insults and the shitty attitude.”

“Give me back my drink and I’ll leave .you don’t have to deal with me or see me anymore .Hell ill make sure you never see me again.”

He looked at you “you know I know where you come from I’ve been in your shoes I’ve lost everyone and I did the same thing you did I shut everyone out. I didn’t insult anyone though or made them feel like shit but I did my fair share.”

“I thought Sam was the sensitive one .I don’t need you to tell me your sob story dean I know it plus you got Sam back I lost everyone so I’m sorry but you don’t understand so just let me leave.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me

“you know you think you can handle yourself but you can’t and I refuse to let you leave .you’re not going to make it through this alone because you’re not strong enough and you need to face it I wasn’t strong enough .so don’t you dare think your stronger then me because you’re not .so let someone god danm in before you hurt yourself anymore y/n.”

You couldn’t take it so you just kissed him you needed to let someone in and that someone was Dean. He took all your attitude and insults and everything and he still cared enough to fight for you .you kissed him for a long time before you dragged him in the backset of the car you two stayed in the backseat for the next hour before you realized what you had just done with a Winchester .your clothes were everywhere and you saw dean. You stopped and panicked you thought to yourself really in a car .you realized you were going to be another one of Deans one night stand.

“Dean I have to go uhh.”

You started to get dressed really fast.

“Y/n wow wait what’s wrong was it something I did?”

“no dean I just feel like I was drunk and I’m sorry I just have to go .you found your Jack Daniels and took a sip before he could argue you got out of the car and started walking .he was still not dressed so you took a head start dropping the jack on the floor shattering it not caring for it anymore you didn’t get far before you passed out.”

You woke up to dean starring at you .you stood up and looked at him confused with a huge migraine. the migraine was killer but you didn’t show your pain.

“Hey y/n you ok you had I worried.”

“Yeah uhhh so last night did happen “

“Yeah it did” he smiled

“Great” you smiled a fake smile it was a blur if you had used protection but you thought we couldn’t have been that dumb not too right.

Hey where’s Sam?

“Getting breakfast why.”

“I just wanted to say sorry to both of you if I really said what I thought I said I didn’t mean it .everyone has those rough spots and I’m no one to judge or point out”

“Yeah I forgive you how can I not I’ve done the same thing. Hey y/n I was wondering if you wanted to work on this case with us”

“Yeah sure why not.”

A couple days after you weren’t feeling yourself and had started getting morning sickness and weird cravings .you went to the doctor to see what was wrong.

“Well congrats y/n you’re pregnant “

“You were shocked dean was the only that could be the father .how the hell were you going to tell him and what the hell were you going to do .”

Quite Around The Winchesters

Authors note: ok so I liked this request a lot and I wanted to make a part 2 where maybe demon dean steps in and, it gets a little hectic for the reader maybe she actually does runs away and her depression hits hard. I don’t know tell me if you like the idea. I hope you all enjoy .tell me if you like the gifs .

1.      Request: anonymous asked:

Hi. Could you please do an imagine for me where the reader has been unusually quiet the past couple of weeks and Sam and Dean question her about it and she admits she’s been depressed and didn’t want to admit it (because of the way people tend to view those with depression)? If you want to pair the reader with someone either could work, though it doesn’t have to be romantic one. Sorry if it’s oddly specific. And thank you so much if you do write it!


Word count: 1368

You had barely started shutting your eyes when you heard someone calling your name.

“Y/n, Y/n wake up.”

You shot straight up you saw Dean hovering over you. You realized you were in the library of the bunker sleeping at one of the dark wood desk .You were there because you couldn’t fall asleep.

“Y/n why’d you sleep here?”

“ohh uh I was getting really into this book I guess .”

You didn’t know what to tell Dean so you lied to him .you hadn’t had efficient sleep for the past couple of days. It wasn’t about a book either you just knew you couldn’t tell Dean why you couldn’t sleep. How were you going to tell the person who’s gone through hell and back that you suffer from depression .What kind of excuse was that?

“Oh you should probably tell Sammy about that book he’d probably be interested in it.”

“Yeah I probably should, well I’m going to my room Dean to get dressed for the day.”

“Y/n is everything ok I mean you seem distant you barely talk to us and you’re not around as much as before. You haven’t been eating either. It’s been going on for weeks too”

His statement aggravated you .why can’t Dean just drop it. You didn’t want to tell him couldn’t he just accept that. You decided to just ignore his question and leave keeping quite  .You saw Deans worried face and it killed you a little inside . you turned around Sam was standing right behind you .you felt horrible ignoring them .You knew you couldn’t tell them though they’d probably end up thinking your weak and kickyou out .You couldn’t let them see your depression because even how hard it was to keep it in you had too .You couldn’t let them stereotype you like every other person has before.

“Y/n you have me to talk to and Sam’s here too.”

You heard dean say .You put on a fake smile showing them trying to sell your lie .They both looked at you hurt .you could tell they knew you were lying. You left the room feeling more guilty than ever before .They both seemed suspicious .You ran to your room and locked the door behind you .You slid down the door slowly till you were sitting down on the floor .You started crying silently trying to make sure Dean and Sam couldn’t hear you .When you grabbed the little strength you had .you started to pack your things in a duffel over your bed .you got dressed in black leggings and an oversized sweatshirt .You felt that there was no way in hell you were worth staying with the Winchesters if you were depressed  .you felt like worthless baggage to them .you packed the rest of your duffel and you laid in your bed not bothering to open the door .you heard a knock at the door .

“Y/n it’s me and Sam here. We want you to come to dinner “

You wiped your tears away and you composed your voice before you answered.

“Uh I’m not hungry guys I’ll probably grab a snack later.”

“Y/n if you don’t come I’m picking this lock and forcing you. It’s like the fourth time this week you’ve missed dinner “

“I’m just not hungry guys but maybe later.”

“Y/n its Sam I want you to come to dinner we got your favorite we’re getting worried.”

“Stop worrying I’m just not hungry “

“You did this to yourself y/n”

You thought to yourself what that was supposed to mean? You heard your door lock being picked so you panicked you ran to your bathroom and locked it .you heard them walk in.

“Where’d she go and why is her duffel packed?”

They both seemed startled

“She’s in the bathroom”

 Before you knew it you heard your door flying across your bathroom.

“Holy shit.”

You saw Sam and Dean Step in the bathroom you were on the floor .They rushed over to you Dean grabbed you by the ankles and Sam by the wrist and carried you out the bathroom.

“What are you two thinking?”

They carried you to a chair ignoring your question and sat you down.

“How about you tell us why your duffel is packed and why you’ve decided to shut us out?”

“you stayed quit maybe “

“You hear that Sammy yeah neither did I  “

“Y/n you’ve decided to shut us out you haven’t eaten dinner for I don’t know how long and you haven’t even talked to us unless you really need to. Oh and on hunts it almost seem as if you don’t care if you get hurt and you’re always willing to set yourself as bait .Yet you still have the nerve to say not to worry.”

“Sam’s right y/n we’re not idiots .We know when somethings wrong and we know when to start worrying and we’re worried .we miss the y/n that’s always here to settle our fights and the person we love. We want that y/n back and we want her to tell us what’s wrong. Going into that room and seeing your duffel packed like you were going to leave scared me and Sam more than anything.so please just tell us y/n.”

You started to let tears escape your eyes.

“It’s just it’s hard to explain to two hunters that have been through hell and back  without worrying about you two judging me .I just don’t want you to think I’m weak or unstable .It’s something I’ve suffered with  all my life and I hope that I won’t lose you two after I tell you .”

“Y/n I don’t want you to think that we’ll judge you .Me and Sam here have made a lot of mistakes, and we’ve been through a lot but, we’re in no positon to judge anyone especially you y/n. I’m sorry if we’ve ever made you feel like you can’t talk to us because that’s on us .I want you to know that you’re a part of this family now and there’s no stepping out on any of our parts .So we help each other out no matter what .Now tell us what’s wrong so we can help .”

“Ok, I’ll tell you I suffer from depression. I’ve had It throughout my whole life .It gets to points when it’s really bad and I have trouble thinking if I should still keeping going on or just give up .It hits hard and these days have been hard .I know you probably think it’s just because m trying to get attention or bullshitting but I’m not .It’s ok if you think I should just go because it won’t be the first time I’ve had to leave .I just want you to know the best moments of my life was feeling like a part of a family with you two.”

You saw Sam and Dean Get teary eyed .

External image

Dean stood up and threw a lamp across the room .You started to get scared .you stood up and started to leave when Dean stopped you.

“That’s not because of you Y/n it’s because of me for not letting you know how danm important you are to the both of us .I’m going to help you so you can fight against it if it’s the last thing I do .”

“It’s not your fault Dean it’s my personal issue “

You started to see how much he actually cared for you. You didn’t want him blaming himself though. Sam got up and hugged you.

“So you don’t think I’m weak or unstable then?”

“If we ever thought that you would have been gone a long time ago .you’re a kick ass d hunter id be afraid to be hunted by you y/n nothing’s going to change that. Having depression is something we will never hold against you or judge you for.”

“Thanks guys, it’s really tough but it nice to know I have you two .Now who’s going to buy me a new bathroom door?”

“We’ll fix it eventually Sam here was maintenance man for a motel once.”

“Oh you have to tell me that story.”

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