The Torture of the Vestal Virgin. 1790. Henri Pierre Danloux. French 1753-1809. oil/canvas. Louvre.    http;//hadrian6.tumblr.com


It seems as though the artist sketched her as she daydreamed.

Bold outlines and sketchy curls highlight the exuberant energy of her youth. Her striped bodice and wreaths of ruffled collar are a brilliant focal point of what might have been a portrait of a dear family member.

Costume Profile: Pre-Revolutionary Beauty
Fabric: Silk & linen 
To be worn: In the intimacy of the home

Fashion Fridays explores art, history, and costume inspired by the exhibition Rococo to Revolution #NowOnView

Portrait of a Young Lady in Profile, about 1783-1785, Henri-Pierre Danloux. The J. Paul Getty Museum