Handmade- Door Table with Inlet
Whisky Ginger showcased it’s first 2nd Friday event. Couple days before, I realized we didn’t have a main table to use. So I built one out a random door and some reclaimed old growth wood. Added my own personal touch of creating an inlet area for a storage compartment within one of the door panels.

Handmade- Book Shelf
After sketching and mocking everything out, I had purchased some piping. Screwed the mounts to the wall and attached the piping to the mounts. Added some “u” pipe clamps to the ladder itself so it can easily slide onto the mounted pipes attached to the wall. This braces the ladder for a secure support. Then cut to size a piece of wood for the bottom half. The wood closes the open gap on the bottom half, as well as adds support against the wall and gives the books something to rest on. (BUY IT)