dank and dapper

- [5-3-13] - teff // Valley of The Shadow of Earth. [II]

Note: When I began teaching my little brother, King his way around the Art of photography, I warned him that it was Spiritual. I am entirely certain that that statement was met with a side-eye and a half, as well as some questions regarding my mental stability. It wasn’t until this very day did those words rang true for him. See, he had been jittery and uneasy and complained incessantly about how cruel and brutal the cold had been. Mind you, this is the same 6’2, two-hundred-something pound kid that walks around in a T-shirt in the dead of winter, and may have even played a football game or two in it, complaining. Naturally, I knew the cause was his eagerness to leave the picture-taking for the dinner party — as previously agreed upon for the sake of even exchange.

The pictures kept coming out terrible, take after take. I urged him to calm down and breathe; the photograph, no matter how seemingly simple or frivolous, will only come out as good the person wielding the camera. After a while, he noticed a pattern — each time he paused and took a breath, it translated well in each photograph. Eventually, I watched him silently pinch his Spirit as he spoke words of assurance, urging me that I was in fact right.

Art is Spiritual. Art is emotional; do not expect anything less.