Thankyou so much for acknowledging my existence. It is greatly appreciated. these are just some of my fave blogs for various reasons ^-^ (sorry if I’ve missed you out!)

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Someone suggested I do a follow forever to celebrate 200 followers! So here it is


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anonymous asked:

what givenchey stuff does dan have ?? He dresses so well I love him

that black t-shirt with the white numbers and stars on the shoulders is givenchy and his red checkered one with the black dogs on it is and i’m there’s a black t-shirt with the dogs on as well that is and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting! You probably think I sound like a crazy stalker but I only know this from the danisnotonfirestyle tumblr or whatever it’s called hahahaha i don’t make a habit of looking his stuff up!! 

anonymous asked:

Do you know which account find where you can buy dan's/phil's clothes?

Umm yeah try danisnotonfirestyle and amazingphilstyle. Sorry I can’t link you to them I’m on mobile