Phil’s Livestream // 9.25.16

He’s wearing a new Pokemon shirt that he got from Pokemon

Also wearing some unwashed bed hair

He had a sore tonsil and neck this week

New gaming video

He likes Slither.io more than Agar.io

Dan vs Phil Slither.io will probably be up tomorrow

Happy autumn 

He called Albert Simon smh phake

Albert cam

Albert is actually an Alberta 

He’s hatching more triops to see if he can bread Albert(a)

Happy birthday to Dil

Top fans got to spend some time with Alberta

He ships Aang and Katara from Avatar (which he finished)

He gives Avatar a 5/5

They may just film a bunch of Undertale at once and then possibly release all of the rest in the same week 

Spooky week will happen

Homesick advice with Phil

*in a Gollum voice* “my precious”

Between Death Note and Your Lie In April he would chose Death Note but Dan would definitely choose Your Lie In April

He washes his hair every day

They went to a nice buffet in Dubai 

He dabbed #pro

He often burns himself with his hair straightener

They started Food Wars again today

They just got their SITC book of the year award trophy

There will be 2 trailers coming out of Wednesday, one on each of their channels

(The one of Dan’s channel was a teaser trailer)

Every marriage proposal is a yes today

Carly the Calf

His favorite thing about his face are his eyes

He got an entire box of Moofias (he opened one)

They just got the final cover for DAPGO (it has fancy letters)

danandphilgooutside.com #promo

“It’s like the uneditied version of Phil! *jump* that was a jump cut *jump* that was another jump cut”

PINOF8 will be in November 

He found Bath and Body Works candles on Ebay so he finally has those fall scents (leaves, pumpkin pecan waffle, and a Halloween candle)

The candles are so strong his neighbor asked about the smell 

He would never get chickens in case you were wondering 

He doesn’t know what they’re doing for dinner tonight yet 

He wanted a minimal twitter so he deleted his bio and header

There may be a new header arriving with the trailer on Wednesday?

He thinks he would definitely be a water bender

He dreamt he was an air bender and he had to keep a troll out of their house

They finished the calendar shoot and did the shoot for the advent calendar 

The new houseplant is settling in 

He got 3 stars on every track up to 150 cc on Mario Kart and now he’s doing mirror mode

“No don’t leave I’ll give you some revision”

He’s going to watch Stranger Things next

AHS is confusing him 

He’s not wearing socks

He listened to the cancer cover and he thought it was good

He hasn’t taken the Patronus quiz yet (also he’s a Hufflepuff btw)

He needs something else to get addicted to because he’s kind of over Pokemon Go 

“This is far more educational than a chemistry lesson”


“I’ve had fun… I hope you’re doing well”

“I hope you’ve had a nice time. Goooodbye.”

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||

  • me: procrastinates with reading,writing and watching fictional universe's or just anything honestly
  • everyone: thinks I am a lazy shit and am just wasting my life
  • me: actually just doing it to get over stress, depression and anxiety since it makes me happy to know the fictional characters are happy and the world they live in isn't complete and utter shit.
Dan Howell Imagine

Not my gift BIG thank you to the creator of it :) CREDIT TO THEM

“Yeah London is great mom. There are so many shops here that I know you will love when you come visit.” Right now you were on a skype call with your parents. You started a management internship at BBC Radio 1 recently leading you to move from (your hometown) to London. Lucky for you though you had a friend and new boyfriend that you could move in with and split the expensive rent with. You were walking around the shared apartment showing your parents around. You made into the kitchen. “Yeah I really like it here. Dan is great.” You tell your father. “Actually I think he is in the kitchen.” You peek your head in with your laptop. “Dan say hello.” *gif* “DANIEL!!” you scream and shut your laptop. “What??” he laughs. “THAT WAS MY PARENTS!!” Dan drops his utensils and goes pale. “WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS PHIL THIS IS NOT OKAY (Y/L) THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE EVER SEEN ME!! I HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his panic. When you finally called your parents back to explain everything to them they were happy to know that you had finally found someone who could make you laugh. 

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This will change your life forever.