what’s up guys! i’m totally 100% enamored with Teenagers (written by the lovely @waveydnp and @alittledizzy) so i decided to draw a little comic about one of the CUTEST MOMENTS IN THE WHOLE STORY

(sowwy for spoilers!! also click for better quality)

read the wonderful fic here !

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Phil's gift for Dan's 27th birthday | 20.06.18
  • Dan: Phil got me something for my birthday and honestly, *softer voice* this is why Phil is my best friend.
  • Phil: Normally, I buy Dan, like, three things.
  • Dan: What is your - just think, ask yourself - dream birthday present? Is it like an X box, a mansion or is it like, I don't know, you know me, I'm a person of elephant - I mean, elegant and refined taste.
  • Phil: Elephant? *sweetest fond laughter* Elephant taste?
  • Dan: Phil got me-
  • Phil: Wait! So normally, I would get Dan, like, three presents but I saw this and I was like this is more expensive but he is going to appreciate it more. So I got him an fancy candle in a really fancy pot.
  • Dan: Literally the only thing I care about.
  • Phil: It's made out of concrete and tiles. It's like an art piece.
  • Dan *repeats*: Literally the only thing I care about.
  • Phil: And it smells freaking amazing.
  • Dan: Phil was like: I only got you one thing and I don't know if it's kinda crappy but I got you- And I was like, this is the only thing I want.
  • Phil: It's so heavy. You could kill someone with that.
  • Dan: It's literally the only thing I want.
  • Phil: Very fancy. I also got you some chocolate but we ate it.
  • Dan: You ate most of it.
  • Phil: I ate most of it.
  • Dan: But I nearly cried honestly.
  • Phil: This was a good gift. It's a beautiful candle.

“What'cha drinking there Dan?”
“Just an Americano… dark like my soul.”

A redraw of my quite famous first doodle of @danielhowell with a coffee that matches his personality.