Mary’s wedding dress:

Mary’s mother-of-pearl white duchess satin dress was designed by Milan-based Danish designer Uffe Frank. It included lace that was almost 100 years old, which originates from nuns in Connaught, Ireland. Ten long panels of lace formed the skirt of the dress, with 31 meters of tulle finished with 100 meters of French chantilly lace used to hold the skirt’s form at the back.

The sleeves have been called calla sleeves by the designer, because they fold around the arms like a calla lily.

In a moving tribute to her late mother, Mary had her wedding ring stitched into the bodice of her wedding dress next to her heart.

The veil

The Crown Princess wore an Irish lace veil that has been worn by all the Danish-descended brides of the royal family since 1905. Originally a gift to Crown Princess Margret of Sweden, it was eventually passed down to her daughter, Princess Ingrid, upon her 1935 marriage in Stockholm. The veil has been worn by Prince Frederik’s mother, Queen Margrethe II, as well as his aunts, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie, and his cousins, Princess Alexandra zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Princess Alexia of Greece.

The bride’s bouquet

The bride’s homeland of Australia was honored in her bouquet, with snow gum and Australian eucalyptus with berries woven into the bouquet. The bouquet included scented white roses, antique roses, stephanotis, sweet-peas, rhododendrons and azaleas from Fredensborg Palace, orange-blossom, and green gloriosa lilies. The shaft is of plaited silk ribbon with a silver circlet at the top, on which the monogram of the royal couple and the date of their wedding has been engraved.

The bride’s handkerchief

The bride carried a handkerchief that was made especially for her wedding day by lace-making teacher Astrid Hansen. The pattern is known as “The Great Heart of Denmark.” Work started on the handkerchief on the day the royal couple’s engagement was announced, working six hours a day until Easter Monday 2005, when the handkerchief was completed and the pins finally removed.


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