Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

11. Favorite Danish Tiara

The Danish Emerald Parure Tiara

The parure was made by C.M. Weissshaupt in 1840.  It uses 26 emeralds King Christian VI gave to Queen Sophie Magdalene in 1723 and 41 emeralds that belonged to Princess Charlotte of Denmark. Queen Caroline Amalie left the parure to the Danish Crown Jewels which means that it cannot be taken outside of Denmark or be worn by anyone other than the queen.  In 1914, Queen Alexandrine had the Crown Jewels sent to Rosenborg Castle where they can still be viewed by the public.


Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 11: Favorite Danish Tiara

The Danish Ruby Parure Tiara and The Floral Aigrette Tiara

As I’ve already said, I LOVE the Danish Ruby Parure. I’m slightly obsessed with it…but I really like a lot of the Danish tiara’s. So since I’ve talked about my fav already, lets go with my second pick.

There’s something about the Floral Aigrette Tiara that just oozes class and sophistication. I love how it can wrap around the head, but is flexible enough to go with any hairstyle. Then you can use the flat pieces as brooches as well. I can’t wait to see Mary wear this tiara. 


The Baden Palmette Tiara of Denmark

Description:  The Baden Palmette tiara was made by Koch and showcases delicate diamond encrusted palmette motifs that resemble hearts.

The Baden Palmette tiara was given to Princess Luise of Prussia from her father, Kaiser Wilhelm I, on the occasion of her 1856 marriage to Grand Duke Frederick of Baden. Their daughter, Viktoria of Baden, later married Crown Prince Gustaf of Sweden (later King Gustaf V) and the tiara went with her to Stockholm. When Viktoria (later Queen Victoria of Sweden) died, her granddaughter Princess Ingrid inherited the tiara and later took it with her when she married Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Iceland (later King Frederick IX of Denmark). Queen Ingrid’s daughter, Queen Margrethe II, now wears it frequently.


  • Grand Duchess Luise of Baden (1856)
  • Queen Victoria of Sweden (inherited from her mother, 1923)
  • Queen Ingrid of Denmark (inherited from her grandmother, 1930)
  • Queen Margrethe II (inherited from her mother, 2000)

Notable occasions:

  • Queen Margrethe (2012 Danish Ruby Jubilee, gala performance)
  • Queen Margrethe (2001 Norwegian Royal Wedding)
  • Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Queen Margrethe’s 60th birthday celebrations, 2000)

Also worn by:

  • Princess Benedikte

Thank you to various royal jewel blogs for the information.


ClassicCatherine’s favorite crowns/tiaras (in no particular order);

The Swedish Aquamarine Bandeau, The Danish Midnight Tiara,

The Dutch Diamond Bandeau, The Swedish Cameo Tiara,

The Swedish Amethyst Tiara, The Spanish Floral Tiara,

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, Monaco’s Ocean Tiara


Day 9- Favourite Victoria moment(s)

Victoria with foreign royals

Princess Caroline of Monaco, wearing the Brunswick Tiara, Battends the Royal Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark at Copenhagen Cathedral (2004).