danish comedy

I got some cool gifts for my birthday: A 2 meter(I don’t know how long it is in like, other measurement-scales, sorry) charching-cable for my iPhone and iPad, a New Nintendo 3DS Majora’s Mask-edition, the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate-game, the Fez at the Ørkenens Sønner-show(It’s a Danish comedy-group thing, translated it means sons of the desert) I’m going to in May, two books, another charging-cable for my 3DS, two movies and the box-set with Ørkenens sønner/ sons of the desert


So this was one of my favorite movies as a kid, no wonder Im so fucked up.. lol 

The danish version is much better tho.. But I’m posting the english trailer, so you can understand what they’re saying :D 

Hit Danish Comedy Series 'Klown' Coming to Hulu July 16th

While some of you may be acquainted with what many called the Danish comedy equivalent of The Hangover, Klown, many don’t know that it was actually adapted from a successful TV series, Klovn

Now, Hulu is bringing the TV series stateside for us to enjoy for free starting July 16th and here’s a trailer to give you an idea what we’re all about to be in for.


That time when a danish comedy show decided to make Sherlock Holmes sketches…

Review: Klown

A Danish gross-out comedy that takes it that step too far… which makes it all the better. Follow father-to-be Fred as he kidnaps his partner’s young nephew, Bo, and heads out on a “Tour de Pussy” with his awful, adulterous best friend Casper. If you like American Pie or The Hangover (this film comes complete with a photo montage of crude activity at the end) you are sure to enjoy this.

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