danish west coast


Chasing Sandstorms at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

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On a spontaneous and windy road trip to the Danish west coast, Thomas Nørremark (@thomasnoerremark) stopped to try to shoot the dramatic seascape against the eroding coastline. “The sand was blowing in the air and the cloud formations were amazing,” he recalls. “You could see all the small holes in the clouds from the sun making light spots on the ocean. I stayed for 30 minutes or so before I had to go back to the car due to the heavy sand blowing in the wind.” Thomas’ photo captures the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse on the Jutland peninsula, first lit in 1900 but abandoned in the ‘60s due to sand drift. It is expected the lighthouse will collapse into the sea in as few as 10 years. “There are so many great locations around Denmark,” says Thomas, who lives in the city of Aarhus on Jutland’s east coast. “People often travel far from home, hoping to get the right shot. I do it too from time to time, and must remind myself that there are often great hidden locations nearby. All it takes is trying to explore the unknown.”

He encourages people to look around themselves for inspiration. “Most people see the target, the destination, but not all the great things that happen on their way there. It could be the way the light falls, a shadow, a sign on a wall, people passing by,” he says.