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You might know that there has been talk of a ‘Rebecca’ remake for years. This got me thinking about who they could cast as Mrs Danvers. I probably won’t watch it or maybe I’ll hate-watch because I am protective of Mrs Danvers and I want whoever to do her justice. So to get to the point; who would you consider a worthy enough actress to portray the greatest lady loving housekeeper of all time? My suggestion under the cut 👀

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I know we’ve already been saying this the whole season but god dammit Tarjei and Henrik need the biggest fucking applause.. We all needed that clip “minutt for minutt”.. and Henrik is just amazing at portraying the inner conflict that Even is having. The whole season he’s been amazing at building up the character and hinting that things were off but making sure the audience wasn’t quite sure why.
I was anxiously waiting to see how he would be able to portray Even after Isak and the audience found out about his mental illness. But he has handled it with such delicacy and it’s not over dramatic. It’s realistic and his face and body expresses what his words does not. But at the same time Even finally verbally expresses his fears and thoughts. That’s major character development!
And of course Tarjei is doing once again a wonderful job at showing how much Isak cares and loves Even with out even saying the three little words. The gestures, the “you’re not alone” , the freaking “Even og Isak minutt for minutt” game…


1864 - Dramaserie Trailer - Premiere Oktober 2014 - DR1

Tailer for a Danish TV series about the 2nd Sleswig war in 1864, a war between Denmark and Prussia + Austria.

1864 is a Danish television series, depicting the Second Schleswig War fought between the Kingdom of Denmark and the German Confederation (Prussia and Austria), although in reality the German Confederation did not take part in the war and called the war illegitimate. The Second Schleswig War ended in 1864 with Denmark conceding around 25% of its territory to the Prussian and Austrian armies. This outcome had a profound effect on Denmark, setting the country’s course for its modern development. The series was the most expensive Danish TV series to date (2014).

I just finished watching the serie, not bad at all, perhaps too exaggerated characters, but the fight scenes are well taken, especially in the Seven chapter.