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The Slaying of the Dun Cow
9x12, pencil and digital

Guy of Warwick was a celebrated hero who, along with king Arthur, numbered among the Nine Worthies and was said to have lived in the reign of the Saxon king, Athelstan. Already by the 1600s, the line between the historical Guy and the legendary traditions that had sprung up around him were thoroughly confused. A saying, “ He is the black Bear of Arden,” referred to him, and connotes someone who was an object of terror. The allusion was partly to the Warwick crest - a bear and a ragged staff - and partly to his character, said to be “Grim of Person and Surly of resolution.” He was a poor boy, the son of a steward who made good, and embarked on chivalric adventures to win the hand of a woman far above his station. In his travels, he battled many monsters, the most celebrated of which was the Dun Cow.

The fable holds that the Dun Cow of Dunsmore belonged to a giant or a fairy, and freely produced milk that would supply exactly the pail that was brought to it. One day, an old woman or a witch sought to fill a sieve with milk, and thus was able to milk the magical cow dry. Now cursed, it rampaged across the countryside until Guy dispatched it. Isaac Taylor, in his Words and Places (1864), claims that the Dun Cow is a corruption of “Dena Gau” meaning “Danish Settlement” which was erected outside Warwick. If this explanation is correct, the defeat of the cursed beast was an allegorical victory over the Danish and their removal from the area.

Various bones, including elephant tusks and whale ribs, have been attributed to multiple dun cows.


Hedeby, modern day Germany (Denmark prior)

For most of the Viking age, Hedeby was Scandinavia’s largest town. The settlement at Hedeby was greatly enriched when King Godfred settled a colony of merchants there in 808, helping to develop the town into an international market center. There was a mint there, considered now to be the first town in Scandinavia to have a mint, as well as the remains of what may have been a toll station. Overall, little information is known as to how the town was administrated, but there existed a wide range of manufacturing activities including: metal, bone, amber and glass working, pottery, and ship repair. Definitely a lot more to their development than simply raiding barbarians.


The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings, John Haywood. Part II: Scandinavia in the Viking Age, page 42 and 43. 


Disney Princesses Countries

Reasoning and clarification can be found below. I would like to note that not all princesses were given a specific country (ariel, rapunzel, aroura) and some where only hinted (jasmine, cinderella). I based most countries of origin, on either architecture, names, nature, accents or in some cases the author of the source material served as inspiration. Honourable Mentions, are characters that aren’t official princesses or that are upcoming. Not all of these are accurate, they are just my personal opinions.If you have any corrections or suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell my in always-open ask box! 



Rapunzel (Corona) - Confirmed to be set in central Europe. Original story is German, names are German, architecture is German and clothing is German. (She was born in Corona, thus being of Corona nationality) 

Snow White - Confirmed. 


Mulan - Confirmed

Norway (Arendelle):

Anna and Elsa - Confirmed. (They were born in Arendelle, thus being of Arendelle nationality) 

Scotland (Dunbroch):

Merida - Confirmed. 

The USA:

Tiana (New Orleans) - Confirmed. (She is most likely from African descent) 

Pocahontas (James Town) - Confirmed. (She Native and Powhatan) 


Cinderella - Architecture, names and author is French.

Aurora - Architecture and author is french. (Could possibly be in England as well)

Belle - Confirmed. 

Jamaica (Atlantica):

Ariel - There is a calypso music style, and a tropical location with palm trees. Sebastian is Jamaican, and there could possibly be a french/danish settlement in the Caribbean. (She was born in Atlantica, thus being of Atlantica nationality)

Arabia (Agrabah):

Jasmine - Generally confirmed to take place in the Arabian dessert. (She was born in Agrabah thus being from Agrabah nationality) 


Lilo and Moana- Hawaii 

Megara - Greece

Jane Porter - English African Explorer 

Honey Lemon and Go Go Tomago - San Fransokyo (Tokyo Influence)

Esmerelda - French Gypsie

Kida - Atlantian (Greek and Mediterranean Influence) 

Vanellope - Japanese (Chibi Influence)