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I know we’ve already been saying this the whole season but god dammit Tarjei and Henrik need the biggest fucking applause.. We all needed that clip “minutt for minutt”.. and Henrik is just amazing at portraying the inner conflict that Even is having. The whole season he’s been amazing at building up the character and hinting that things were off but making sure the audience wasn’t quite sure why.
I was anxiously waiting to see how he would be able to portray Even after Isak and the audience found out about his mental illness. But he has handled it with such delicacy and it’s not over dramatic. It’s realistic and his face and body expresses what his words does not. But at the same time Even finally verbally expresses his fears and thoughts. That’s major character development!
And of course Tarjei is doing once again a wonderful job at showing how much Isak cares and loves Even with out even saying the three little words. The gestures, the “you’re not alone” , the freaking “Even og Isak minutt for minutt” game…


This is my first video edition, I hope you like it :3
The series is Rejseholdet, or Unit One, an internationally recognized Danish series that according to my opinion has very few videos inside on internet, so here I’m encouraging a little so that they know and enjoy it ;)
Why to say the closeness of Thomas and Allan :3

Danish - An introduction pt. 8

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It’s been some time since I last made one of these, but you know how they say; better late than never. This is the second last in the Danish - An Introduction series, and this time we’re focusing on

place (sted)
here - her
there - der
above - over · ovenover
over - over
below - under · nedenunder
under - under
in front - foran · forrest
behind - bagved
nearby - tæt på · nærliggende · i nærheden · nær
a long way away - langt væk
inside - indenfor · indeni · inde i
outside - udenfor
to the right - til høje · mod højre
to the left - til venstre · mod venstre
somewhere - et eller andet sted
anywhere - hvor som helst
everywhere - overalt · alle steder
nowhere - ingen steder · ingensteds (old-fashioned)
home - hjemme
upstairs - ovenpå
downstairs - nedenunder

time (tid)
now - nu
soon - snart
immediately - med det samme · straks
quickly - hurtigt
finally - endelig · langt om længe (stronger than endelig)
again - igen · endnu en gang
once - en gang (only once) · engang (once upon a time…)
for a long time - længe
today - i dag
yesterday - i går
the day before yesterday - i forgårs
tomorrow - i morgen
the day after tomorrow - i overmorgen
tonight - i aften
generally - generelt · overordnet
sometimes - nogle gange · af og til · sommetider
always - altid
often - ofte · tit
before - før · inden
after - efter · bag efter
early - tidligt
late - sent · for sent
never - aldrig
not yet - ikke endnu · endnu ikke
still - stadig · fortsat
already - allerede
then (at that time) - dengang · da · på daværende tidspunkt · på det tidspunkt
then (next) - så · derefter · herefter

quantifiers (kvantifikatorer)
a little - lidt · en smule
approximately - omkring · circa (almost always written ca.)
almost - næsten · tæt ved
at least - mindst (I need at least five pears) · i det mindste (at least he bought some pears)
completely - fuldstænding · helt · fuldt ud
very - meget
enough - nok
exactly - præcis · nøjagtig
just - bare · blot
not - ikke · ej (old-fashioned and used in some idioms)
too much - for meget
more - mere · flere (pl.)
less - mindre · færre (pl.)

manner (måde)
also - også · desuden
especially - især · i høj grad
gradually - gradvist
of course - selvfølgelig
only - kun · bare · blot
otherwise - ellers · modsat · i modsat fald
perhaps - måske · muligvis
probably - nok · sikkert · sandsynligvis
quite - rimelig · ganske · temmelig
so - så · sådan/således (is it so?)
then (therefore) - så · derfor
too (also) - også
unfortunately - uheldigvis · desværre
very much - meget · ret meget
well - godt

1864 is a Danish television series, depicting the Second Schleswig War fought between the Kingdom of Denmark and the German Confederation (Prussia and Austria), although in reality the German Confederation did not take part in the war and called the war illegitimate. The Second Schleswig War ended in 1864 with Denmark conceding around 25% of its territory to the Prussian and Austrian armies. This outcome had a profound effect on Denmark, setting the country’s course for its modern development. The series was the most expensive Danish TV series to date (2014).

I just finished watching the serie, not bad at all, perhaps too exaggerated characters, but the fight scenes are well taken, especially in the Seven chapter.