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A writer famous for fairy tales. He easily falls in love but his relationships always end up with breaking his heart. His fairy tales are based on his experiences so most of them end sadly. When he cries with broken heart and falls asleep, the characters from his story visits his dream to comfort him.

Hans Christian Andersen

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Name: Olivia
Age: 15
Country: Sweden

I’m a mostly happy high school sophomore from Sweden. I actually and a bit weirdly, like studying! Later, in college, I’d like to study either Art History, languages, law or design of some sort. I speak French and Swedish fluently (and maybe English too!). At the moment, I’m trying to learn Russian and Italian. As I speak Swedish, I’m also learning some Danish and Norwegian to be able to communicate with more Scandinavian people.

Other than that, some things I particularly like are : music, reading (books and magazines like Kinfolk or so), making videos (that i don’t even post), hanging out with my friends, photography, writing, sometimes watching Youtube and also discussing various topics. These topics can be things like feelings and psychology, existential questions, creative things, political ideas, art, what my favorite color is, spiritual things and how I eat cherry tomatoes. I like spending my time on Tumblr for langblrs, studyblrs and getting some extra inspiration.

I’ve wanted to have a pen pal for a pretty long time so I was happy to find a place made for that!

Have a nice day <3

Preferences: ages between 14 and 16

Language hotspots #1 Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein is a/(my home) bundesland in Germany and also the northernmost one. It has around 2.85 million inhabitants and an area of 15,763.18 km2 (6,086.20 sq mi). It borders on Denmark and is one the regions in Europe with the largest linguistic diversity. Historically, the North Frisians, Slavs, Danes, Jutes, Angles and Saxons (the last three peoples also migrated to England and formed the Anglosaxons) settled in Schleswig-Holstein.

Altogether, there are some 31 varieties (i. e. languages and dialects) spoken within the borders of Schleswig-Holstein.
If you count only distinct varieties where there is reason enough to speak of languages, there are about 10-12 languages.


is the official language of Germany and, thus, of Schleswig-Holstein, too. There are not really distinct dialects of German in Northern Germany as it is historically a Low Saxon, Frisian and Danish language area and German colonised this area rather lately, starting in the 15th century.

Low Saxon 

is my mother tongue, the second official language of Schleswig-Holstein and an endangered language spoken in most parts of Northern Germany. Schleswig-Holstein is part of the urheimat of the Saxons, that spoke Old Saxon, the ancestor of modern Low Saxon and partly of English, too. In the Middle Ages, it was the lingua franca of the Hanseatic League and spoken throughout whole Northern Europe as a trade language.
It has a lot of dialects of which the Nachrichtenplatt (the unofficial Koiné/Standard variety), Schleswigsch, Holsteinisch and Hamburgisch (the mother tongue of my maternal grandfather) are the most widespread. Other dialects in border areas to other bundesländer are Mecklenburgisch (the mother tongue of my paternal grandmother), Elb-Weser-Ländisch and Nord-Hannoveranisch

A special case is Plautdietsch which is historically a dialect of Low Saxon but was seperated from it for several centuries due to migration out of Germany and is, thus, viewed by some as an own language. Plautdietsch speakers are mostly Russian mennonites and many of them went back from the ex-Soviet Union in the 90s to Germany of which some settled in Schleswig-Holstein. They are seen as a migration group while speaking a language that has its roots in Germany. Thus, they are neither autochton nor allochthon. 

(This is a map of the Low Saxon dialects in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.)

The North Frisian language(s) 

are the second group of endangered varieties. They are only spoken in Schleswig-Holstein, by about 10,000 people. The varieties can be divided into mainland dialects and insular dialects. 

The first group consists of Wiedingharde Frisian (Wiringhiirder freesk), Bökingharde Frisian (Böökinghiirder frasch), Western- and Eastern-Mooring, Karrharde Frisian (Karrhiirderfreesch), Northern Goesharde Frisian, Central Goesharde Frisian, Southern Goesharde Frisian (Gooshiirder) and Halligen Frisian (Freesk). 
The insular dialects consist of Sylt Frisian (Söl’ring), Föhr Frisian (Fering), Amrum Frisian (Öömrang) and Heligolandic Frisian (Halunder). 

Some North Frisian varieties have died in recent times. The last speaker of Southern Goesharde Frisian (Gooshiirder) died in 1981. Due to the Burchadi flood in 1641, the Strand island, where Strand Frisian was spoken, was destroyed. Many speakers died or were displaced. The language only survived until the 18th century. The Eiderstedt Frisian was only spoken until 17th and 18th century and was displaced by German and Low Saxon. The same happened to the Wyk Frisian


is a minority language in Schleswig-Holstein. The border to Denmark is rather random and so on each side of it, there are German and Danish minorities. Danish is the teaching language in 46 schools, mainly in the Northern part (Schleswig) of Schleswig-Holstein. Between 50,000 and 79,000 people are assumed to belong to the Danish minority.  

There are people of both, German and Danish origin, that speak Danish. In schools, they learn the Standard Danish (Rigsdansk). But due to contact with Low Saxon and German, the majority speaks the vernacular Southern Schleswig Danish (Sydslesvigdansk) that differs from Standard Danish in many features that it has borrowed from Low Saxon and German.
A third variety is South Jutlandic (Sønderjysk) which is spoken by only some Danish people in Schleswig-Holstein. Theories differ a lot, some say it is an own Scandinavian language, some say it is a dialect of the Jutlandic language, some say it is a direct dialect of Danish and some, however, say it is a mixed language between Low Saxon and Danish. It differs a lot from Danish, shown in the often recited, quirky sentence „A æ u å æ ø i æ å.“ (I am outside on the island on the meadow.) South Jutlandic itself has and had some own dialects:  Fjoldemål, Angeldanish (Angeldansk), Mellemslesvigsk and Vestligt Sønderjysk.


In Schleswig-Holstein are about 5,000 Sinti and Roma of which many speak the minority language Romani (in Germany often Romanes) which is Indo-Aryan and thus related to Sanskrit. They already live in Schleswig-Holstein since the 15th century and are, thus, by definition autochthon.


Before the genocide of the Jewish population, there were important West-Yiddish minorities in some Schleswig-Holsteinian cities. It is unknown how many of the current 2,000 people with Jewish belief still speak it.

Mixed languages

There are two widely accepted mixed languages in Schleswig-Holstein that are to be seen as independent languages. As mentioned above, some other varieties are debated cases of either dialects or mixed languages.
Missingsch is a mixed language between German and Low Saxon. It derived from the time where Low Saxon monolinguals were put into schools where Low Saxon was forbidden and German was the only language. They didn’t acquire German as a mother tongue and the mixed language Missingsch evolved. It has Low Saxon grammar, phonology, pragmatism and substrate with a German-based vocabulary. It is endangered because most people are now either monolingual German or bilingual with Low Saxon and German. 
The second mixed language is Petuh. It is only spoken by some people in Flensburg and highly endangered. It combines Low Saxon, Danish, Southern Schleswig Danish and South Jutlandic grammar, phonology and pragmatism with German vocabulary, plus a large substrate vocabulary from the other varieties. 

Sign Languages

The last two autochthon languages are the Sign Languages of Schleswig-Holstein. The most common one is the German Sign Language (DGS - Deutsche Gebärdensprache) that is spoken by around 5,000 people. The Danish Sign Language (Dansk Tegnsprog) is spoken by only 100 people in Schleswig-Holstein. 

Those are only the autochthon languages of Schleswig-Holstein. Over the time, as in every region of Germany, a lot of people immigrated. Of the 132,000 foreigners are 33,000 Turkish, 12,000 Polish, 7,000 Danish, 6,000 Russian, 4,000 Italian, 3,000 Greek, 3,000 Ukranian and about 3,000 Austrian, British and Iraqi. In addition to that, there are 363,000 more people in Schleswig-Holstein that have a German passport but a migration background. Many of them will speak the particular language of their origin/parents, too.

Germany subscribed and ratified the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and by that, it is responsible for the protection of the minority languages Danish, North Frisian, Romani, Sorbian, Saterland Frisian and the regional language Low Saxon. Other varieties and/or dialects are not yet defined under the EU-charter, sadly.

So, that is my first story of a linguistic hotspot, my very own. I will probably make this into a post-series where I will report about other interesting hotspots. If you think that’d be a good idea feel free to like and reblog my post. ;)

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Name: Alexa
Age: 16
Country: USA


My name is Alexa, but I go by the nickname Lex most of the time. Just as some random facts about me: I play the flute, I’m in my second year of high school, my favorite color is turquoise, I love cats (and all animals for that matter), I love Broadway musicals (my favorite is The Phantom of the Opera), and I really love talking to new people

When it comes to school, I enjoy anything science related, theatre related, or music related (like band). I’m not entirely sure on what I want to study in college yet, but I’m fairly certain it will either be cosmology or forensic science. Some of my idols are Stephen Hawking, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

Outside of school, I like to read, draw, and write. I am currently reading a great series called the Unwind Dystology. I also watch a lot of television shows and movies. Some of my favorite TV shows include Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Hannibal. My favorite movies include The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, and The Danish Girl.

I also enjoy anything Disney related (Star Wars and Marvel included, though more so Star Wars). My favorite Disney princesses are Ariel and Belle. Harry Potter is another favorite franchise of mine. Come to think of it, I’m honestly into a lot of different things.

I know this sounds very pompous of me to say, but I like to consider myself very mature for my age. I’ve been told many times that I act much more mature and I tend to get along with people older (though not much older) than me. However, that’s not to say I don’t get along with people my age or younger; I do occasionally.

Another thing I love is psychology. I don’t really study it in school, but I love reading books, such as The Lucifer Effect, to learn more about how the brain works and why we think the way we do.

I’m pretty shy in real life as well as online. That said, if I receive a message from someone, rest assured, I will talk to you. My online shyness only really lasts through introductions. What can I say? I am an introvert after all.

Now, I feel as if this has gone on way too long. There are a thousand more things I want to say, but I either can’t think of them right now or I can’t think of the words to express them. I hope one of you will message me and maybe I’ll think of all these things I wanted to say by then.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Preferences: I can be contacted via Tumblr, Instagram, or e-mail. People who can speak English fluently or at least pretty well are preferred. I would also prefer people 16-19 years of age (I can bend the rules a bit and go with 20 years old, but I think that is more of a decision based on if any 20 year old would want to talk to me). I’m sorry to anyone that cuts out. I also would like anyone who can be both serious or goofy when times call for it. Patience and understanding is another huge thing I admire. I think that’s about it though. I hope to hear from one or many of you soon!

Sommerdag ved Skagens Sønderstrand = Summer Day on South Beach at Skagen
Peder Severin Krøyer (Danish; 1851–1909)
Oil on canvas
© Den Hirschsprungske Samling, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Name: Anja
Age: 19
Country: Denmark

Hello! I am a 19-year-old kid from Denmark looking for a pen pal! I am graduating from (the Danish equivalent of) high school and I would love to spend my gap-year/s learning about myself and other people. I like cooking (though I am not very good at it), gardening, plants and being creative, but I also spend a lot of time on Netflix. I am an optimist through-and-through and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my life - and I think pen pals could be that!
I want to explore more of my creativity and get back into drawing, writing and art journaling, so
so someone who would like to read some of my writing/share artsy letters would be a great fit, though I am open to anyone!
I also love having open-minded discussions about politics, odd dilemmas and spiritual/religious beliefs, but I would also love to have more in-depth personal conversations about the thoughts that are sometimes hard to share with people you know in real life. I try very hard to be a good listener and hope you will be too.

Preferences: I am bisexual and non-binary (they/them) and religious/spiritual, so it’s very important to me that you are accepting of that! I am open to both email and snail mail in Danish or English, from all over the world, 16-17+

Renegade | Phandom Big Bang

Renegade | MASTERPOST | Phandom Big Bang

Author: awesomesockes
Beta: realityisnoplacetolive
Artist: project-library | ART: X | X

Summary: It’s World War 2. Phil, a young German soldier, is stationed in Denmark. There he meets Dan - a rebellious Danish school boy who is intent on making his job hell. But before long, they realise they have more in common than they’d have thought. How do you hide a friendship when you come from two different sides of a war?

A/N: Jesus fucking christ this fic has been a problem child.. Like seriously. So I really, really hope you like it! ^^ omg
Also I didn’t live in the 1940’s.. This is pure fiction.
 Fluff, angst, forbidden love, relationship development.
War, violence, death, alcohol.
Rating: PG-13/R.
 20.187 + epilogue.
 Point of view changes from chapter to chapter.

Chapter I | Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V | Chapter VI Chapter VII
What people have been saying about Renegade


Hvíl í friði, Niels Ryberg Finsen.  Born in the Faroe Islands to Icelandic parents, despite being called “a boy of good heart but low skills and energy” by his Danish boarding school principal, Finsen went on to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1903 for his contributions to the treatment of diseases using concentrated light radiation.  His own health was never robust, however, and he died on this date in 1904 at the age of 43.

Stamp details:
Stamp on top:
Issued on: June 6, 1983
From: Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
MC #84

Stamp on bottom:
Issued on: August 1, 1960
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
MC #384


Crown Princess Mary’s foreign visits → Bangladesh, 2017

For her first foreign visit of 2017, Crown Princess Mary made a top secret journey to Bangladesh which wasn’t announced until she was already in the country due to security concerns. The future Queen was making the journey in her capacity as an advocate for women’s rights. She has visited countries across the globe to fight for female empowerment but this was her first time in Bangladesh. During her time in the country, she visited a number of projects which promote women and are funded by Danish groups. She took in Farmer Field School, a Danish supported initiative which aims to improve women’s knowledge of farming techniques and the Jaago Foundation which runs schools in vulnerable areas, including slums. She also took in the Auto-Tex textile factory which employs a number of women. Mary’s warmth and compassion immediately won over the crowds of people who came to visit her and she relished the opportunity to learn more about the local context. She particularly focused on the impact of climate change on women as rural areas in the country have been severely affected by flooding, storms and high water levels. Listening to the local women’s stories was a profound experience which clearly left a deep impression on the Crown Princess. 

(TW) Angst Masterlist

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Renegade by awesomesockes

Summary: It’s World War 2. Phil, a young German soldier, is stationed in Denmark. There he meets Dan - a rebellious Danish school boy who is intent on making his job hell. But before long, they realise they have more in common than they’d have thought. How do you hide a friendship when you come from two different sides of a war?

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We’re Okay by daeguk

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You’re Happy Now, So That’s Okay by insertyoutuberquotehere

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