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Sommerdag ved Skagens Sønderstrand = Summer Day on South Beach at Skagen
Peder Severin Krøyer (Danish; 1851–1909)
Oil on canvas
© Den Hirschsprungske Samling, Copenhagen, Denmark

What we've learnt about Jillian Holtzmann

(From the extended cut and extras)

- Has 4 chinchilla babies
- Is a Virgo
- Raised a colony of voles (rodents)
- Enjoys gluten
- Class president amongst her homeschooled siblings
- Went to a Danish arts school
- Nicknamed Ghost Tits in middle school
- Plays competitive hide & seek
- Holtzbert is confirmed
- Enjoys puns. A lot.

- Is an avid skier

- Orders a new fire extinguisher every 2 days

- Can do accents

- Names 10 things in a room that will kill you and 9 of those things are her body parts.

- Accidentally killed a man… just kidding

- Was 100% jazzed to meet Erin
- Knows a man who can take you completely off the internet

- Has an IQ of 163

- Bought unlimited shower curtains

- Inspired by her 4th Grade teacher

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Hæ! Do you think it's easier for a Scandinavian person to learn Icelandic than a person who doesn't know a Scandinavian language? Isn't it similar to Danish and Norwegian?

ahh I’d think it would be a bit easier, yeah! esp with swedish or norwegian tbh, since all the scandinavian languages come from old norse and icelandic is p much the same as old norse haha


hello! i have been keen to learn danish for quite some time now, and i’ve decided to start today! i’m using memrise and duolingo, but i wanted to some human help as well! if you (or someone you know) can speak danish and english fluently, please leave me a message! i would love to get to know you and i would love your help!


8th April 2016 - 99/366

Did some Swedish in between my Czech and history revision. I haven’t done any new Swedish grammar for a very, very long time now so I decided to sum up the lessons I’ve been through on Duolingo and compare them to Danish. And then I did some new ones.

My boyfriend and I are planning on going to Sweden this summer and I want to get better by then. And since he’s lived in Sweden through his childhood years, his Swedish is what I aspire to have one day :D.

I think it is more difficult to learn other Scandinavian languages once you are fluent in one of them. Many words in Swedish are the same as in Danish, they are just pronounced differently, then there are others that look the same but mean different things. I get so frustrated, because I actually understand the overall meaning of a Swedish text (thanks, Danish and school German) but when it comes to saying the stuff out loud…

The Art School in Gothenburg (1843). Lars Hansen (Danish, 1813-1872). Oil on canvas. Bornholms Kunstmuseum.

Hansen was ahead of his time in many ways. He was a strong advocate of providing more educational opportunities for women; he created an art school for women in Gothenburg in 1841-1843. Three Hansen paintings, one being the portrait of Adam Oehlenschläger, are on the walls of the atelier.